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Frasi con insouciant (in inglese)

  1. I tried to sound insouciant.
  2. I could not be gay and insouciant, I was gloomy and silent.
  3. He has, quite rightly, decided to adopt a more insouciant stance.
  4. And that damned insouciant beast’s the only one to pay us the least attention!.
  5. The likelihood of a bad outcome from this insouciant attitude toward overexpansion should have been apparent.

  6. His right hand, the one adorned with the Holy Diadems, was scratching his chin in a rather detached and insouciant way, in stark contrast to his earlier searing demeanor.
  7. After all, she hoped never to reach the Place de la Concorde—never to traverse the Pont Royal and leave for the Latin Quarter and the other side of the river—the insouciant world of the Bois and American Paris.
  8. When the gravity that holds a star is insouciant to keep a star bonded then that would imply that gravity is about cooling the star which enables the star to maintain structural integrity and when the balance it heat goes beyond the control of gravity the star overheats and it explodes.

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