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Frasi con interlock (in inglese)

  1. His hands come through the bars and interlock with hers.
  2. The rovers are made to interlock so one can tow the other.
  3. For beginners, it is best to do it with the interlock grip.
  4. The safety interlock should never be used as a starting device.
  5. Leave a wee notch on each of the ends so that the cardboard dividers can interlock.

  6. Two saplings are notched to interlock when bent towards each other over the game trail.
  7. The Interlock ring has prevented the bullet from disintegration, but it got separated.
  8. The Interlock got cracked, but was able to keep the core in one piece, so it didn't disintegrate.
  9. The split stems, laid alternately to interlock with one another, form efficient and waterproof pantiles.
  10. In general, there are actually three types of grips, and they are called 10 finger, interlock, and overlap.
  11. Many times in the Bible, God will match up a personal dream with His dream, so they interlock with one another.
  12. My license is gone for a year to be followed by another year driving with the Interlock device hooked up and high risk car insurance to boot.
  13. Lawrence and the Mississippi interlock in a number of places, and the great Disposer of Human Events intended those two rivers should belong to the same people.
  14. These representative species often meet and interlock; and as the one becomes rarer and rarer, the other becomes more and more frequent, till the one replaces the other.
  1. Focusing more on the interlocking.
  2. This wisdom and the interlocking and.
  3. Its layers of interlocking symbologies.
  4. Backs, as it were—the interlocking of machine.
  5. Interlocking dial systems connected every town on Mars.
  6. Onyx clutches his interlocking fingers and firmly presses.
  7. This whole wing was built of rough-cut interlocking stone blocks.
  8. Leif extended the interlocking brass tubes and removed the lens cap.
  9. Perched on interlocking levels, the unique City was carved atop and.
  10. When the entire world is structured around an interlocking series of.
  11. They got there before the two interlocking cars had actually stopped moving.
  12. He stretched his arms out interlocking his fingers and resting his hands on his stomach.
  13. Interlocking fields of fire were established as were pillboxes, mines and beach obstacles.
  14. Tiny pieces of the interlocking armor began to fall off, scaring Lov and causing him to stop.
  15. They are great! All that you need is a rubber mallet to hammer the interlocking pieces together.
  16. Behind the walls, supporting the gate, were two thick, steel, interlocking walls that ran on tracks.
  17. The powerful Leader of the Vampires grasped the base of the interlocking grid of rusted, iron strips.
  18. Peter had a team working on clearly defining the company structure and its interlocking business interests.
  19. The surface has been constructed of an interlocking thick iron web-like pattern that covers the entire moon.
  20. There is a chest plate, and some interlocking horizontal strips about the width of a finger that fall to his belt.
  21. There are more plates around his legs and arms, between them more of the interlocking finger-width pieces of metal.
  22. A whole interlocking system of highways, climbing over and under each other and snaking around each other in four-leaf clover loop-de-loops.
  23. This wisdom and the interlocking and tightly synchronized structure of the symbolism of the Philosophers’ Stone serve to verify the truth.
  24. She hardly felt it when the man tugged her silver hair aside brutally in order to strap two interlocking pieces of cold metal around her delicate neck.
  25. The numerical structure is only one level of a number of interlocking levels of design, which are also incorporated within the same text, interdependent on each other.
  26. So was a Captain Pete Hawkins, who had formally escorted Carroll from the visitor’s pickup desk, back through the dizzying grid of tightly interlocking Pentagon corridors.
  27. All of them were always so tardy to meetings that they often had to hold them during sleeps and the interlocking positions let them hold two or three meetings at once to catch up.
  28. Covering their chests were dark breastplates molded to illustrate the skeletal framework of a human torso; a swelling ribcage, breastbone and the many interlocking sections of ones spinal cord.
  29. As he thought of this new tool box, he looked at a box of building blocks that he kept for his niece to play with when she visited; they were the interlocking kind that you could build things with.
  30. The inner surface was smoothly polished, but the outside was carved with an interlocking design of bold squares and diagonals, executed with pleasing precision: Godwyn could see why Lady Philippa was fond of it.
  31. I crossed the road to the Flea Market in Avissinias square and wandered around, snatching occasional glimpses of the awesome floodlit Acropolis at the end of narrow interlocking streets but it was too early to visit.
  32. Bivalve shells are made to open and shut, but on what a number of patterns is the hinge constructed, from the long row of neatly interlocking teeth in a Nucula to the simple ligament of a Mussel! Seeds are disseminated by their minuteness, by their capsule being converted into a light balloon-like envelope, by being embedded in pulp or flesh, formed of the most diverse parts, and rendered nutritious, as well as conspicuously coloured, so as to attract and be devoured by birds, by having hooks and grapnels of many kinds and serrated awns, so as to adhere to the fur of quadrupeds, and by being furnished with wings and plumes, as different in shape as they are elegant in structure, so as to be wafted by every breeze.
  1. Interlocked fibers prevent shedding.
  2. Tom interlocked his hands behind his head.
  3. Tears slid down her face and our hands interlocked.
  4. He sat up, interlocked his fingers, and placed them.
  5. I interlocked my fingers on the table in front of me, Yes.
  6. Darek knelt down, his hands interlocked behind his head, but.
  7. Darek interlocked his hands and rested them on the back of his.
  8. Butterfield sat erect, looking hesitant with his fingers interlocked.
  9. Ellis interlocked his fingers and tilted his head forward, as if to give.
  10. The interlocked treehouses stood out of place this far from the Playground.
  11. His eyes gently closed, the lashes softly interlocked like clasped fingers.
  12. He pulled out a pair of rubber surgical gloves and interlocked his fingers.
  13. In other words parallel worlds that are interlocked or connected together.
  14. Everyone, all screams and clashes, were interlocked in the greater pattern of the battle.
  15. Gently, he pressed his cheek against hers and sobbed; they remained on the ground, interlocked and motionless.
  16. But rubbing my eyes, all I could see was a blur of multi-coloured geometric shapes all interlocked and swirling around.
  17. It is constructed of two equally sized, interlocked tetrahedral of light, with one right side up, and the other upside down.
  18. I pointed to his tattoo, solid black, with curves that ended in points and interlocked in complex patterns and abstract designs.
  19. My lucidity must have seemed awful, but the charming creatures who were victims of it, passing and repassing in their interlocked.
  20. Each Aristrian soldier protecting the other with interlocked shields and well-drilled precision, it was proving difficult to breach.
  21. Tall, interlocked branches cut out most of the dying light and the only glimmer came from the silver carvings on the top of the cane.
  22. Suddenly, and acutely, aware of the events of last night, as well as their interlocked arms, John could only stammer, W…Wha?
  23. Once John, Venarya and the dogs exited the courtyard of Rheus’s building, John found Venarya’s arm suddenly interlocked with his own.
  24. I didn’t get to see the inside of the castle, they frog-marched me through the courtyard, which was paved with interlocked stones in colors and design.
  25. You must have some questions, well, what are they? he asked, somewhat impatiently, as he sat back in his chair, his hands interlocked behind his head.
  26. Once home I lay down to meditate and when I opened my eyes giant interlocked translucent molecular-like globes with 3-D Stars of David were moving through the room.
  27. This was one of those moments in the earth career of Jesus in which divine wisdom and human compassion were so interlocked in the judgment of the Son of Man that he sought refuge in appeal to his Father's will.
  28. Although these principles are numerous, overlapped, interlocked and lead to each other, we will only refer to four principles or rules of them to represent the golden foundation of the case of sufficient sustenance, whereas the fifth principle is in fact the result.
  29. All of these corrupt, unchecked, interlocked and mangled factions of law enforcement and bureaucracy has led the hyper oppressed and victimized civilians and visitors of Kroonum to retaliate in violent backlashes in the form of Civilian Organized Militia’s For The Restoration of Peace, Order and Civility to the Kroonum System.
  30. Almost she tripped over their carelessly-flung-out and forgotten feet, and greatly startled and embarrassed, besides being really sorry to have disturbed what was, after all, one of the most interesting moments of life, she stammered something apologetic, and with bowed head and eyes discreetly lowered was hastening on, when the two made the mistake rabbits make, and instead of remaining motionless and interlocked, hurriedly disentangled themselves; and one of them was Dwight.
  1. There were a lot in life support that she could ignore, as long as she had enough to fool the interlocks, the others could be ignored.
  2. It was a long process, repairing everything that had to be repaired to get life support working so the hard-wired interlocks would let the main controls be operated.

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