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Frasi con jaundice (in inglese)

1. He was afraid that he had jaundice.
2. Dark yellow, the colour of jaundice.
3. Another disease that can be caused by smoking is jaundice.
4. Excessive doses of synthetic Vitamin K (mendione) can produce haemolytic anemia and jaundice in infants.
5. AFTER THREE DAYS the whites of her eyes turned the colour of mustard, and Sister Oonagh said she had the yellow jaundice.
6. While there was jaundice and some other complications, they were able to get control of the infections that had made her sick.
7. While there was jaundice and some other complications, they were able to get control of the infections that had made her sick.

8. Monygham, sent for in haste "to the mountain," who came galloping three leagues in the dark, saved Don Jose from a dangerous attack of jaundice.
9. This patient has obstruction of common bile duct by the pancreatic mass that is causing dilatation of the common bile duct and jaundice to occur.
10. This patient’s symptoms of decreased appetite, mid-epigastric pain, weight loss, jaundice, and pruritus are concerning for pancreatic carcinoma.
11. When I first saw her I thought the light in the room was casting colour onto her but it was her skin itself that was a kind of yellow colour like she had jaundice.
12. Plants such as scarlet pimpernel and burdock, used to clear the blood, are mainly red; those that treat jaundice, including agrimony, hawkweed and dandelion, are yellow.
13. They never will permit the people of this country to look at them and their political opponents, free of that jaundice with which they have carefully imbued the vision of their own partisans.
14. Full in this rapid wake, and many fathoms in the rear, swam a huge, humped old bull, which by his comparatively slow progress, as well as by the unusual yellowish incrustations overgrowing him, seemed afflicted with the jaundice, or some other infirmity.
15. Ah, Jealousy is, of all Human Vices, the most vicious! ’Tis truly, as Dryden says, “the Jaundice of the Soul”; and as Shakespeare says, it assuredly “doth mock the Meat it feeds on!” Jealousy can make Enemies of Friends and Friends of Enemies (when they envy a former Friend in common!).
16. She came in with Jaundice, dehydrated,.

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1. Wa gave him a jaundiced look.
2. It was a needlessly jaundiced view.
3. Our own opinion is sceptical, perhaps jaundiced.
4. But that’s just me being jaundiced again, I suppose.
5. James closed his jaundiced eyes, perhaps for the last time.
6. A few stood back and surveyed the scene with a jaundiced eyes.
7. Raymond gave the priest a jaundiced look, clearly displeased at him.
8. His rickety, jaundiced, eighty-five-year-old wife was trying to strangle him!.
9. Bill: Hooray!) Like the French, you see Bush through the jaundiced eyes of hate.
10. Ingrid gave him a jaundiced look, not intimidated one bit by the irascible admiral.
11. A tiny speck of color appeared in his jaundiced cheeks and he began to move his fingers.
12. The pile of ash fell off his fag onto his knee, and he brushed it onto the floor with jaundiced fingers.
13. I do not care to look at it through a sick creature's jaundiced eyes and shudder with him at what he sees.
14. This is really only a tack for sophisticated investors who have watched this sector long and hard with a jaundiced eye.
15. Jane, who lacked her mother’s impressive prow, looked hot and uncomfortable in a yellow dress that gave her a jaundiced appearance.
16. It was rather a cursory overview of each tribe as it had been found with some rather presumptuous and even jaundiced interpretations of them.
17. Far above, massive carved wooden trusses leaped effortlessly across the shadowy gulf - a sight to render contemplative even the most jaundiced eye.
18. With a full warehouse, the insiders now need to start moving the price higher, to encourage the somewhat nervous and jaundiced buyers back into the market.
19. She must have been mildly jaundiced which suggested metastasis to her liver and sent her for CAT scans before putting her through the monthly hell (three very toxic chemicals).
20. Doubtless some critical souls will call the story flat, but to such people we can only say that there is a lot of harmless fun in the book that will act as an efficient corrective for jaundiced views of life.
21. Turner gave her a jaundiced look as he returned her salute: her youth was obscene in his mind in view of her rank of major and he secretly wondered if MacArthur had not promoted her for reasons other than her combat performance.
22. My friends say I should have slurped up his liquefied remains a long time ago, but marriage should last forever, shouldn’t it? But now, looking at him wave around that big jaundiced hourglass on his backside, I’m not so sure.
23. The first night that the group visited that greenhouse of illusions the splen-did and taciturn old woman who guarded the entrance in a wicker rocking chair felt that time was turning back to its earliest origins when among the five who were arriving she saw a bony, jaundiced man with Tartar cheekbones, marked forever and from the begin-ning of the world with the pox of solitude.

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