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Frasi con keepsake (in inglese)

  1. It's a grave and charming face out of an English keepsake.
  2. He used one of the old man’s boning knives, and he took several Polaroid shots as a keepsake.
  3. But he never succeeded in getting a rhyme for the second verse; and at last ended by copying a sonnet in a Keepsake.
  4. It all looked so bad, and it was all so innocent! Her mother gave those to me as a keepsake, when they cleared out her things.
  5. I had a single little pearl ornament which Miss Temple gave me as a parting keepsake: I put it on, and then we went downstairs.

  6. As Brightness slept, she began to toss and turn in a restless way, causing the keepsake Darkburst had hung about her neck to sway back and forth across her chest.
  7. Ned smiled nervously, while Lydgate, drawing the "Keepsake" towards him and opening it, gave a short scornful laugh and tossed up his chill, as if in wonderment at human folly.
  8. We watched as the younger kids walked up and picked up their eight by eleven frame worthy "diploma" that their parents would hang up for a short while and then toss into some photo album for a keepsake.
  9. She loved to read poetry and when she got a keepsake from Bertha Supple of that lovely confession album with the coralpink cover to write her thoughts in she laid it in the drawer of her toilettable which, though it did not err on the side of luxury, was scrupulously neat and clean.
  10. He had brought the last "Keepsake," the gorgeous watered-silk publication which marked modern progress at that time; and he considered himself very fortunate that he could be the first to look over it with her, dwelling on the ladies and gentlemen with shiny copper-plate cheeks and copper-plate smiles, and pointing to comic verses as capital and sentimental stories as interesting.
  11. The fond memories of My Pretty Lotus are in her photo for keepsake and will never part,.

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