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Frasi con laboured (in inglese)

The sound of laboured breathing.
She heard his laboured breathing.
Stroke by stroke they laboured on.
Who laboured with great industry.
For seven years he laboured mightily.
In a laboured voice the old man continued.
She noticed how he laboured in his breathing.

Only a gentle hiss came from laboured breathing.
He had his excuses and watched on as I laboured.
She could hear laboured breathing from the far room.
At the same time he laboured slowly at his pictures.
The laboured breathing of creatures unknown hunting.
There was no other sound save for her laboured breath.
They climbed higher but progress was slow and laboured.
While Edgar and I laboured, Alwyn interviewed new recruits.
Judging from his scent and laboured breathing he was obese.
She could hear August’s laboured breathing in the kitchen.
Others have laboured and you have entered into their labour.
There followed a painfully laboured half-hour of conversation.
The hotel attendant put on a laboured smiled then he shocked me.
Tailors laboured over the creation of a wardrobe such had never.
He emitted a laboured breath, as if the scene were getting rather.
His breathing was laboured; he did not know where he was standing.
Indeed, he had laboured to throw off his authority, having despised his.
His breathing was so laboured now that every lungful shook his whole body.
A sort of slurping noise followed by laboured, dot-and-carry-one footsteps.
As predicted, the hollow where they had laboured so hard had filled with water.
While I admired and they laboured, dusk grew on, and with it returned the master.
While I admired and they laboured, dusk drew on, and with it returned the master.
You know yourself how earnestly, in the last months of the last year, I laboured.
By degrees, in the pauses of his quick and laboured breathing, he was heard to say:.
The view-cam showed the strain in his eyes as he laboured over an entry in his video diary.
Soffen indicated the badger that Slikit had so valiantly laboured to drag back to the burrow.
Neither could gain the upper hand as their breathing became laboured but still they fought on.
His breathing is becoming laboured and he can feel his body slowly but inexorably shutting down.
He had laboured at the detailed plans, wrestled with measurements to scale, until his eyes ached.
Her breathing was laboured and her hands clung to Joe's jacket sleeves as he helped her to sit up.
As we laboured along at a walking pace the greyness of the sky grew denser, and it began to rain.
Jess laboured under his pack, which felt like the weight of an extra person clinging to his spine.
Hardly out of breath himself, he could hear the youngster’s laboured gasps as he closed behind him.

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