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Frasi con layer (in inglese)

  1. So if top of layer.
  2. Making it a double layer.
  4. Top with a layer of yogurt.
  5. Pour over the caramel layer.

  6. Coated by a thick layer of.
  7. There was a thick layer of.
  8. Here again, a layer of dirt.
  9. Only a thin layer of cotton.
  10. The Token Ring Physical Layer.
  11. This layer should be about 6.
  12. Put in a thin layer of crumbs.
  13. One layer is more than enough.
  14. Everything had a layer of dust.
  15. This layer is called the Adapter.

  16. He would need every single layer.
  17. Another layer of staying ahead.
  18. A thick layer of dust covered two.
  19. The fireplace had a layer of thick.
  20. You need to look to the second layer.
  21. The rest was a thin charcoaled layer.
  22. Spread a layer of meringue on the pie.
  23. Place a layer of lettuce on the wrap.
  24. This layer can use TCP or UDP as well.
  25. Cover with another layer of thin paste.

  26. Add two more tortillas and layer again.
  27. I layer on tomato, lettuce, and pickles.
  28. Then you create an additional layer.
  29. There’s frost on the ground, a layer.
  30. Finally they reached Terminal Layer Zero.
  31. He took only the layer of dust off here.
  32. You can view this layer as an aspect of.
  33. The second layer is where the guests’.
  34. Second tier means it is the second layer.
  35. I could feel each layer of skin burn away.
  36. The physical layer options defined in 802.
  37. We strip away one layer and find ten more.
  38. These three physical layer options in 802.
  39. Hark ye yet again—the little lower layer.
  40. A sneeze caused by the thick layer of dust.
  41. A layer of moisture covers me from head to.
  42. Grains and then powder, only a surface layer.
  43. Over this give a layer of soil and farmyard.
  44. Sprinkle thin layer over lawn and water well.
  45. So the next layer of the pyramid is knowledge.
  46. Spread on a layer of peanut butter and roll up.
  47. This is followed by a normal layer of frosting.
  48. Layer ingredients on bread to create sandwich!.
  49. She had a very thick layer of emotional skin.
  50. Over this put a generous layer of chopped apple.
  51. My shovel had hit a layer of clay-like material.
  52. I call it the visualization layer because this.
  53. The sun had fallen behind a thin layer of clouds.
  54. An arm is not protected by a thick layer of bone.
  55. A layer of grey cloud covered the straights and.
  56. When fragmenting frames at the MAC layer, an 802.
  57. Layer by layer the bricks were laid and cemented.
  58. She had taken the single layer for granted at her.
  59. He said his eyes bright with a thin layer of tears.
  60. The stairs were covered with a thin layer of ash.
  61. This will help ensure a very thin layer is applied.
  62. A thick layer of mud covered their dull, gray skin.
  63. Single-hull ships have just one layer of protection.
  64. A thin layer of fog funneled in through the cracked.
  65. Its sweeping walls had been coated with a layer of.
  66. Place a layer of colored chocolate candy on the top.
  67. An inch-deep layer of water covered the tiled floor.
  68. Peel it back with a knife to reveal the inner layer.
  69. Layer 4 slices of the cheese, the meat mixture, the.
  70. A pasty layer of sun block was smeared over his nose.
  71. Remove the thick layer of caked grease as described.
  72. His sweat turned to steam under the layer of hot ash.
  73. She is coated with quite a considerable layer of fat.
  74. It also follows that the time flow at this layer is.
  75. The purpose of this extra layer of criminality.
  76. Place the second layer on top and ice the entire cake.
  77. Instead you will hang on for dear life to this layer.
  78. You can place the hyacinth bulbs on a layer of coarse.
  79. Place a layer of the red onions on top of the potatoes.
  80. Spread the first layer with half the mascarpone filling.
  81. Slice a new butter layer over the contents of the form.
  82. Spread mulch across the area in a two inch thick layer.
  83. The three physical layer cable options are as follows:.
  84. In a square, flat pan a half-inch layer of aspic is laid.
  85. Put a layer of sponge cake at the bottom of a glass dish.
  86. At the end of the corridor he saw a layer of silver mist.
  87. We’ll call it the layer of philosophical thought and.
  88. Both volcanoes added a layer of ash to the air that was.
  89. That gives an added layer of information to the investor.
  90. Outer power predominantly in the outer layer of the brain.
  91. Sift through a sieve with a double layer of filter cloth.
  92. Really, the second layer is where there are millions of.
  93. This layer then represents a third level of understanding.
  94. The sealant dried swiftly, and I painted layer over layer.
  95. The layer of the thatch should not go beyond half an inch.
  96. Start with a layer 15 centimeters high of chopped branches.
  97. Yet when he peeled back the outer layer, it appeared there.
  98. Place the top layer of the cake carefully on top of the jam.
  99. You almost ripped a hole in your atmosphere and ozone layer.
  100. The layer of dust was thin even though the clutter was high.
  1. You may have heard of the term air layering.
  2. Layering is the key to proper camping attire.
  3. Repeat layering until all ingredients are used.
  4. This concept of layering is central to the approach we recommend to investors.
  5. I suggest that you can compost the kitchen wastes by layering into your compost.
  6. Music is made: by undead filth auras layering and overdubbing their undead auras over living people.
  7. Silas went around patching where the soft cushion of newspaper layering the bottom of the nest was torn.
  8. This exponential layering, intermeshing of dualities and trialities does not stop at the molecular level.
  9. This describes the process of layering paint on the canvas while creating the illusion of depth and detail.
  10. A: “Staggering” or layering is a concept we recommend to “smooth out” the equity curve for investors.
  11. As a crazed, progressively more insane, more warped, layering of undead intelligences… for billions of years.
  12. Mine and his and more importantly he’s making real-time decisions that are spread over multiple platforms of layering.
  13. But why go through the servants instead of directly to God? It sounds like an unnecessary bit of layering between God and us.
  14. You may take weeks or months to establish this position, staggering or layering options at what you feel are opportune times.
  15. Layering is the practice of selling different options in different markets with expiration dates about four to six weeks apart.
  16. When I had broken through this protective layering I lied about its contents and said to my audience around the breakfast table.
  17. The scribe closes his eyes as Isabella mutters a blessing—of sorts—over her efforts and begins layering the leaves across each other to make a poultice.
  18. The surface of Lincra is actually a myriad of surfaces stacked on top of each other, a gradual layering upon layering created for the purpose of maximizing spacial problems.
  19. Perhaps this was the reason the workmen could not succeed in layering the stones upon each other again, and perhaps only the old tales could bind its walls together once more.
  20. His heart nearly stopped as he entered the room, noticing first the soft glow of the candles, the delicate layering of fabrics bringing simple elegance to hand-carved furniture.
  21. Maggie with her paradise hair, the darling of the bar, restless, moving around the terrace like chiffon in a breeze casually peeling off the layers and layering them over a chair.
  22. Staggering or layering options throughout different contract months not only provides diversification but also allows an investor to experience option expirations nearly every month (conceding, of course, that she will have to cover a few of them).
  23. Ever since the upwardly mobile middle-class of consumers was invented: they have been layering themselves, insulating themselves, isolating themselves, protecting themselves: in countless consumer ways, cultural ways, physical ways, moral ways, ethical ways, abstract ways, etc.
  24. A “layering” technique can also be used by “peeling off” and covering portions of the position as the stock rallies against you a series of specified percentage thresholds, such as covering 1/3 at 3 percent, another 1/3 at 5 percent, and the final 1/3 at 7 percent, or any other permutations.
  25. If you find that short positions are breaking closer to 15-20 percent before rallying and wiping out your profits, then you can adjust this, or again use a layering technique where you cover ½ the position when it is showing a 15-20 percent profit and the remainder when it is showing a 20-30 percent profit.
  1. The clouds sit, layered upon one.
  2. They’re all layered up on the bed.
  3. Mick layered several pairs of his thick.
  4. This presents a layered image to deliver.
  5. Which was layered on top of the real photo.
  6. This onionlike layered structure, comprising of.
  7. Hair texture and colour: Smooth, layered and brown.
  8. Their blood now layered his armor in crimson streaks.
  9. Copy the flowing, layered garments of the Arab world.
  10. They kept the idea of white, and layered black over it.
  11. The older man was hidden behind a pile of layered folders.
  12. The large black cauldron, layered in spider webs, was boiling.
  13. The short layered blond hair complements his golden skin tone.
  14. I’m far more layered and complex than they’ll ever know.
  15. My suit was thick and layered with insulation but I still felt it.
  16. The planets are also layered according to atomic density, although.
  17. When the earth first began to form, it would have been layered ac-.
  18. The voice he heard was layered, sweet, and golden, with an unreal harmony.
  19. Layered Type Clothes, Jump Suits, Jeans, T-Shirts (shorts are not typical).
  20. It had been swallowed by the green, and the green was layered with shadows.
  21. Her hair was heavy and layered, quite clean, even by 22nd century mortal standards.
  22. With this thought, the layered images dissolved into a familiar fountain in a square.
  23. The end result of this conceptual framework, formed through layered, synchronized and.
  24. The Philosophers’ Stone gets its amazing functionality through the layered and tightly.
  25. We like it layered because it keeps the chicken tender - always moist and never dried out.
  26. Anything that is layered over something else… hiding what is underneath… whitewashing it.
  27. It is easy to withdraw from reality, layered in clothing and with the head wrapped in a hood.
  28. Hair as white as snow grazed shoulders in an attractive and yet slightly messy, layered style.
  29. But the actions had been conducted by Imorbis’ will alone, all part of his many layered plan.
  30. Hazel, face wreathed in smiling wrinkles and bearing a huge, layered, chocolate-and-cream cake.
  31. The older a human undead entity filth is: the more of a composite, layered personality they have.
  32. She settled for a straightened blowout, a classic that always looked good with her layered hair.
  33. This was done many times over and the blade becomes intricately layered and almost indestructible.
  34. The separation and segmentation of people became piled up into layered strata of class distinction.
  35. For those who don’t believe the world is a mysterious and deeply layered place, brood on that awhile.
  36. Their cultures have since morphed into a layered maze of old wealth, old power, new wealth, new power.
  37. Her arms and legs, layered with swags of slimy-skin, were fastened to the walls with huge, iron shackles.
  38. He layered his clothing and lay beneath the blankets on his back in the dirt and breathed the unsoiled air.
  39. The more human energy they have managed to suck into their layered, false, composite, reflective aural bodies.
  40. He whistled happily as he scooped and layered another ten loads, each richer in Marilium than the load before.
  41. It was a desperate cry, layered in dragon triumph and frustration, the primal, alien heart that Aesa knew so well.
  42. Kurt looked back down again and he caught a brief glimpse of the layered home over the stream at a far away angle.
  43. The queen looked down at Mathion, her thoughts resonating with power, layered like the fading peals of a ringing bell.
  44. Remember that up until this point, the earth has just layered together, formed an atmosphere, and its surface is water.
  45. Whatever the specific style chosen, your hair will probably be cut in one of two basic styles: blunt cut or layered cut.
  46. To ensure this it is recommended that prior to being seated clean tissues, double layered, be affixed to the toilet seat.
  47. A Diane Von Furstenburg Esperanza silk-chiffon top was perfectly layered with about six pounds of jet-black bead necklaces.
  48. Corn on the cob, several things to drink, and a big, fat triple layered chocolate cake smack dab in the middle of the table.
  49. Our present Western European Capitalist Consumer culture and civilization: is a layered accumulation of our entire cultural past.
  50. The holy altar was layered with holly and mistletoe, green leaves on the bottom, and their red and white berries interspersed on top.
  51. Hanging naked limbs of oaks, pines and assorted vegetation, all blended into a protective cocoon that curled around the layered structure.
  52. She was lying on a thick mat layered with quilts and blankets, trying to breathe normally and praying that the person over there was Jeff.
  53. As we climbed the familiar stones to get a little higher, I noticed, probably for the first time, the way the earth was layered between rocks.
  54. The patterns formed by the carvings on the walls back in the Great Chamber were interconnected in a circular pattern, layered one on the other.
  55. He could not see the small houses clearly as the dark river layered his eyes, but he had the impression it was after the war had devastated them.
  56. Some parts of the S-Em had multiple strata, Cordus’s document had said, layered versions of a single landscape, as reshaped by different workers.
  57. I stiffened, sensing the watchful tenseness that flickered over her thoughts, layered with a cold pleasure, almost like she was silently scheming.
  58. Crunching down the freshly fallen snow along a path through an arch of trees, white layered branches hanging heavy as the flakes fell in abundance.
  59. Using the layered architecture shown in Figure 17-2, the I/O Manager enables each driver to utilize the services of the drivers in the lower layers.
  60. The memory of the outreaching decks and layered stone in the dense woods of the mountains, with water running constantly underneath it, was remarkable.
  61. As she ran across the cobbled stones layered with snow, the icy wind pummelling her face, she heard the sound of the snow-raven crying out over her head.
  62. Layered on top of the hoop were petticoats; my first layer was made of white cotton, accented with crochet and ribbon on the bottom third of the garment.
  63. I said the three of you will remain in the car, Barrons says, and his voice resonates in the confines of the vehicle like a thousand layered voices.
  64. In fact, the TCP/IP protocols have their own layered model, which is similar to the OSI model in several ways but uses only four layers (see Figure 2-2).
  65. On the feared glacier called Nis, which covered the mountains between Fjordane and Sogn, cold wind bit at scarf-covered faces and gnawed into layered wool clothes.
  66. She sat me down in a living room that seemed stuffed: chairs, sofa, rug, pillows, curtains, everything was plump and round and then layered with even more material.
  67. Diondra, of course, had to wear them super big and layered with stuff underneath: a T-shirt hanging down, then some sort of tank top, and a bright striped collar-shirt.
  68. My penance for barely being present in the world, not the world between the pages of books, or the layered atmosphere of my own mind, but the world that is real to others.
  69. From the boat, the armies of the sea appeared no larger than grains of sand on a beach, for they were just as small—compared to the giant wyrm—and layered just as deeply.
  70. The MENORA shows this layered effect of undead shit dead sadistic scum by the candelabra effect of the candles of the menorah reaching out as super-imposed auras all shining together.
  71. There are counter-measures, of course, said Stevens, and we are constantly devising new methods of encryption and layered defences to combat increasingly sophisticated threats.
  72. Why is modern religion so patently insane? Because none of the insane sick, gibbering psychotic spirits that were used in the makeup of these layered energy-fields were sane to begin with.
  73. The materials used were a tough combination of sand and carbon reinforced plastic, arranged as a hollow, multi layered construction which was compartmentalised and filled with the loose sand.
  74. There were neat shelves layered with tools, hatboxes covered in shelf paper, racks of clothing hanging according to color, and, surprisingly, an expensive new television set, battery-operated.
  75. I am Wendy the Way, and as I said, my one and only appointed mission is to help those who are lost to clear their minds of that thick, layered, stubborn grease that has clogged their thought processes.
  76. As was customary when she, Saa-ra, or Kha-lib, explained anything, Bonnie’s comprehensive reply assumed my understanding of basic concepts, but she otherwise took little for granted as she layered her reply.
  77. Gulab looked deliciously cute in her little black dress, which wasn't as tight as she imaged, it hung off certain areas and stuck to other areas, showing off her fine curvy figure, her layered long hair had springs at the end.
  78. I fall in love with a dress in pale green … full length and layered with an underskirt of a deep green silk with a sort of shimmery, floaty heavyweight pale green chiffon over the top with embroidered flowers round the edges.
  79. The sky to the west glowed several layered shades of blue, while the eastern horizon resembled the backdrop on a Broad-way stage; a backlit silhouette of the mountains sliced through the top quarter of a bright, slowly-rising full moon.
  80. He got out Arial’s bag of medicines, and with Medraut watching, he layered on the salve, gently smoothing it over the wounds, and as he did, I closed my eyes against the prick of tears I now felt, for the memory of the beating was not healing.
  81. The history of human food is the layered accumulation of poison, the layered accumulation of more and more artificial processes to make the food deader and deader… as the species as it killed more and more, and became deader and deader, and sicker and sicker.
  82. And for an instant a picture of his present inside flashed before her--an inside full of mouths, all turning down at the corners; and she wondered whether it hadn't really always been full of them, only they weren't visible because they were layered over by love.
  83. Unpressurized, it was not much more than a flat metallic backpack to which was attached a flabby suit made of layered fabrics and polymer, the whole thing crowned by a detachable and transparent helmet wide enough to let a person slip into the suit via the opened helmet.
  84. Even cultural doctrines, Powerpoint layered one upon another to impress upon us graphic visions of our statistical possibilities, trend fashions of belief to be worn as alter-incarnations in metaphysical mazes where one searches for meaning in the green screen fog of our CG caves.
  85. At what level-degree is each of these two survival adaptations functioning at each point in this process? How much are they connected, or related to each other? In what way? The human brain is a layered organism: a large experiential processing center wrapped around a small primitive instinctual core.
  86. Its layered definitions spoke directly to my life and also struck a poetic chord: to wander from the proper path, to deviate from the direct course, to be lost, to become wild, to be without a mother or father, to be without a home, to move about aimlessly in search of something, to diverge or digress.
  87. Twenty-five miles east of town, going up into the mountains towards Butte, a mining company had dammed the Clark Fork River with the result that huge amounts of toxic sediments from the closed mines were not only on the river bottom, but they layered the dam which was set to burst at any moment poisoning the water downstream including Missoula’s.
  1. But we had four layers.
  2. Of egg layers and horses.
  3. That shed layers of frills.
  4. The air is made up of layers.
  5. Clouds in high wispy layers.
  6. Layers and layers of evil….
  7. She was dressed in layers of.
  8. Money and the many layers of.
  9. These layers are as follows:.
  10. Things grew upon him in layers.
  11. Because of the many layers or.
  12. Not one of the good layers, mind.
  13. Hers was many thousands of layers.
  14. Put in the jar in alternate layers.
  15. The ivories fell in layers to the.
  16. It revealed deeper layers of magic.
  17. Got dirt an’ two layers a skin.
  18. The Four Layers of Mutual Fund Costs.
  19. UV-B makes the skin's top layers to.
  20. She cut through the layers of webbing.
  21. He who created seven heavens in layers.
  22. We tend to look at valuation in layers.
  23. Stress is stored in our body in layers.
  24. Its layers of interlocking symbologies.
  25. The cover had several layers of meaning.
  26. His jaws open, revealing layers of fangs.
  27. He peeled back even larger layers of the.
  28. Sometimes you would peel off a few layers.
  29. I stagger through layers of shifting white.
  30. There are many layers to forgiveness from.
  31. The earth’s layers heaved, cracked, and.
  32. It was like peeling layers of an onion to.
  33. Make alternate layers of crumbs and liquid.
  34. There were so many layers of protection here.
  35. Layers of colorful rugs had been scattered.
  36. You showed me the layers of a face in a dream.
  37. It was cream with different layers and puffy.
  38. Once the cake is cold, cut it into two layers.
  39. Layers of this silica form and do not degrade.
  40. Perfect investments have three layers of return.
  41. You shed some layers to become a more.
  42. It is possible to have multiple layers of cache.
  43. The superficial layers of skin are removed by.
  44. I can just turn off the heater and wear layers.
  45. I admit I'm vain; it's one of the layers of my.
  46. Fat layers are yellow, what we cast off is brown.
  47. Repeat layers, reserving one-third of wafers to.
  48. This is where I found layers of my own ego, one.
  49. There are layers and layers of crystals in there.
  50. Most signs typically have many layers of meaning.
  51. He’d noted that specific layers of the clouds.
  52. This has many layers and level of hidden meanings.
  53. Fun Fact(s): Can traverse all layers of Earth’s.
  54. It wil almost instantaneously melt away layers of.
  55. These layers of identity had made up for years of.
  56. The stack is traditionally split into seven layers.
  57. Blood started seeping through his layers of fabric.
  58. As the layers of patronage shrank: secrets piled up.
  59. Consequently, they were encrypted behind layers of.
  60. They are all layers of subconscious guilt and shame.
  61. A homeless guy in intricate layers of stinking rags.
  62. She couldn’t shift the layers of clingfilm though.
  63. There were surrounding layers of protection made up.
  64. I was unrecognizable under many layers of yellow mud.
  65. I was planning on two layers of stitching since the.
  66. The checker looked them over, dug down several layers.
  67. Probably two stitches on the outer and deeper layers.
  68. He preferred to think of his outer layers of fat as.
  69. I will focus our energies toward the Layers of Order.
  70. If not, I prefer the depths of the layers to be equal.
  71. Store in refrigerator with waxed paper between layers.
  72. Slovenian affinity for putting on surplus layers of fat.
  73. Either on the outside, or wapped within the layers of.
  74. Once you peel back a few layers it gets pretty painful.
  75. Improve insulation and increase warmth by adding layers.
  76. Under layers should trap air to provide heat insulation.
  77. Break up the heath bars and sprinkle them between layers.
  78. Dress them as you would yourself, in appropriate layers.
  79. Figure 2-1 The OSI reference model with its seven layers.
  80. But in the deeper layers of the ocean there are no waves.
  81. He's already shown us he can get into the hardware layers.
  82. They all have countless layers of immaculate outer images.
  83. End layers with two tortillas and cheese covering the top.
  84. The layers of grey clouds, some of them marbled with dark.
  85. Using language patterns that have layers of phrases that.
  86. It does so by stripping away the damaged outer layers of.
  87. As a huge heavy box of hidden layers that crushes him flat.
  88. However, you may still need to wear layers of winter dress.
  89. Then how come you don’t have to wear three layers?
  90. Above are 5 layers of media that you can use in your videos.
  91. People, I have discovered, are layers and layers of secrets.
  92. Would you like a few layers of blunth this morning?
  93. All signs presented to us contain layers of symbolism that.
  94. In the process you will be able to let go of the layers of.
  95. As I explained previously, there are several layers to real.
  96. I bundle up in three layers of clothes and head out the door.
  97. The layers of frustration would take weeks to build up again.
  98. Think of the analogy of an onion or pearl built up in layers.
  99. Giving space and time to explore the higher embedded layers.
  100. And, with the heater off, I’ll wear three layers of clothes.

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