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Frasi con lea (in inglese)

  1. It is all over, Lea.
  2. He knows I wanted Lea.
  3. Lea is obsessed by sex.
  4. I was just looking at Lea.
  5. I was about to see Lea again.
  6. Im dying to hear about Lea.
  7. I saw Lea laughing next to me.
  8. I'm glad Lea isn't one of them.
  9. Panos thought of Lea constantly.
  10. He had his hands full with Lea.
  11. He better not be looking up Lea.
  12. You were in love with Lea?
  13. When he saw Lea, his face lit up.
  14. Lea rolled over and embraced him.
  15. On top of that Lea was now coming.
  16. For Lea, painting was life itself.
  17. Lea looked at him intently and smiled.
  18. But Lea was a very special person.
  19. After eating all the food Lea brought.
  20. Lea house and when it was time for me.
  21. Lea asked about Helen and the children.
  22. This is where we met, Lea explained.
  23. She smiled in an obvious imitation of Lea.
  24. Lea was the link that held them together.
  25. The fact remains that Lea did love him.
  26. As they were leaving, Lea started crying.
  27. Lea was the deepest sleeper I've ever met.
  28. Lea seemed completely lost at the funeral.
  29. Our big stumbling block, however, was Lea.
  30. And how do you know Jason? asked Lea.
  31. Lea had just crossed the threshold of fifty.
  32. Jesus Lea! I never thought you could be so.
  33. On the other hand, I could not abandon Lea.
  34. But, Lea, is that what really happened?
  35. Alex, what’s in the bags? asked Lea.
  36. He did not regret what had occurred with Lea.
  37. Tommy this is your Auntie Lea Joseph said.
  38. Where did all that love go? he asked Lea.
  39. Please Lea, it wasn’t what it looked like.
  40. But she didn't make eye contact with Lea once.
  41. That was close I said turning back to Lea.
  42. Largely, it was Lea that helped me get over you.
  43. God Ben was right; I can't share not Lea anyway.
  44. Lea was enthusiastic and happy with her two men.
  45. When I was with Lea, I had eyes for no one else.
  46. I spent the last several months in Ash Lea house.
  47. He was under the impression that Lea hated Makis.
  48. I knew she knew about Lea by the look on her face.
  49. I looked back over at Lea whose mouth had dropped.
  50. You still haven’t told Lea yet? Chris asked.
  51. There were no greetings between the family and Lea.
  52. As soon as they entered the house, Lea started crying.
  53. Lea neither encouraged nor discouraged this tendency.
  54. She wasn't anything compared to Lea and never would be.
  55. Stratos often told me Lea gave him a new lease on life.
  56. Something was up because she was smiling at me and Lea.
  57. It was silent for a moment before Lea broke the silence.
  58. On the road again and my eyes kept twitching over at Lea.
  59. When they returned some years later, Lea called me up.
  60. Panos and Lea found themselves increasingly on their own.
  61. Oh I love that film! Lea shouted out of excitement.
  62. About a year after Lea left, Helen joined the faculty.
  63. You know, Lea, the urge is coming stronger than ever.
  64. Alex sat in the driver’s seat and Lea sat next to him.
  65. What?! Lea she nearly destroyed us! he said angrily.
  66. Reluctantly they climbed back up the stairs, lea ving the.
  67. If she wants to threaten me and Lea then I'll do the same.
  68. Then Alex and Lea walked to the cockpit and Lucy followed.
  69. I looked at Lea who looked a bit sad at what was just said.
  70. Still on the phone with Lea, I heard Jessica get in the car.
  71. Did you find out where the Vampire Lord is? Asked Lea.
  72. Lea and Stratos walked up to them and introduced themselves.
  73. Lea asked to hold Iason and helped disengage him from Ceres.
  74. My name is Alex and this here is Lea and thanks for asking.
  75. Lea quickly turned round and hugged Alex and gave him a smile.
  76. I remembered you liked that Lea said holding it up to her.
  77. So Lea what's it like working for are Christian here?
  78. The question he had asked Lea about Ceres also applied to him.
  79. I didn’t want her on me Lea, you’re the only one I want.
  80. Lea, often but half-heartedly, told Panos that it was not normal.
  81. Lilly was with Lea? In a nursery, what where they doing there?
  82. He appeared relaxed and was talkative and affectionate with Lea.
  83. What made things hard, literally were the sounds, Lea was making.
  84. I started to rest as soon as Lea looked up at me with her big eyes.
  85. I would visit Lea in the mornings and would write in the evenings.
  86. I could see all my friends and family having fun but I saw no Lea.
  87. I looked at Lea from my mirror but she seemed to just brush it off.
  88. Lea is he said drinking his drink and sitting back in his chair.
  89. So by the time you go th rou gh Step 1, you would ha ve lea rned a.
  90. He was aware that Lea often wanted him and he was unable to respond.
  91. In it, he found reports and medical prescriptions for Lea Menandros.
  92. I was very lucky I had Stratos and Lea and I attached myself to them.
  93. He was aging and Lea seemed as passionate and in need of sex as ever.
  94. When he did not, Lea called him at home and he answered the telephone.
  95. Lea and Stratos called at the camp the next day and asked to see Panos.
  96. Ever since they came back to Athens, Lea and Stratos were inseparable.
  97. I needed some air and then I needed to find Lea and see if she was ok.
  98. Slow and subtle changes were taking place in Lea and Stratoss marriage.
  99. Panos could not imagine how he would have coped without Lea and Stratos.
  100. That’s when I finally told myself that I would never able to have Lea.

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