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    1. It was decades old and at least two years away, down in the Gengee somewhere

    2. It will be at least ten times closer to the Yakhan, or else in the Gengee

    3. At least not at first

    4. Or at the very least, blood-to-blood isn’t the only way

    5. “At least a third of Europe’s population

    6. They knew because he had been over to Raltain's at least once in each of those weeks since Venna disappeared and told many who asked for her

    7. He would try keeping quiet until she had at least taken him to a political event, he thought

    8. The gallery was safe for at least another year

    9. Once he pulled that one off, he thought, he could relax and be ‘exclusive’ for at least two or three years

    10. She had at least, given up the corset wearing this time, and was back in the usual scruffy outfits he was more familiar with

    11. This was a week to let the garden take care of itself and it was going to be at least another hour before the snow melted anyway

    12. least that is what they say]

    13. “Well, at least your dad’s worried about you

    14. A huge study that tracked thousands of nurses found that those who ate just an ounce of nuts or peanut butter five times a week lowered their risk of Type 2 diabetes by at least 20%

    15. They're about the size of a large house cat, they're called mindunes and there were at least a dozen on the building, including the one on this railing wanting its chin scratched

    16. At least that’s what Johnny thought they meant

    17. He was at least half Elf, the least dimorphous of the races on this planet

    18. The crowd of spectators had a moment to look on in horror before Bob plowed right into them, knocking at least a dozen students to the ground and managing to land on a good number of them

    19. Third was pretty industrial along here only two and a half miles north of the Kassikan, but there were still at least thirty floors of residences above each side of the canal

    20. Women appear to be way ahead in at least one undesirable category

    21. When Gordon's Lamp left Earth, any vessel such as his would have been impounded on sight, at least in North America

    22. Sasha's hand reached for the door handle, though she wasn't sure what she'd do with it—the car was going at least 60 or 70 miles an hour on the freeway

    23. “At least he wasn’t mad,” said Johnny

    24. At least Herndon had never been with Tdeshi, unlike other recent lovers in her life

    25. It was also clear that there was probably no one alive who could follow his line of thought, at least not very well

    26. This was still the inhabited part, this cove was a small area of wilds in a thickly settled region at least as large as Asia

    27. While group singing of 'bhajans' can be done in a suitable place like a temple or a hall in a manner and time that least disturbance is caused to those not involved in it, the individual prayer is necessarily a communion with God best performed in a quiet corner of the house

    28. The least you could do is lend us a couple of agents in a nice show of cooperation

    29. "I have been lead to believe that you have not been outside the region that the natives call 'The Highlands' if you have not been at least a thousand miles beyond the lake

    30. "Yes!" with excitement, "A real one! At least he found a rich friend who took it!" She wasn't a good enough judge of expressions to be sure that her excitement was genuine

    31. The barn, at least, looked like it had been painted recently, but it was so flimsy-looking, they probably should have just gotten a new barn instead

    32. At least none that Evan knew of

    33. You should be on my side, you've gone over to the natives, I'm trying to at least retain peaceful contact with them, not wall ourselves in some enclave or set out on a vain mission to rescue the motherland

    34. ‘Correct me if I’m wrong, but what you are saying is that you couldn’t stop it hurting but at least if they were happy, it would be a positive outcome

    35. ‘Okay, so I didn’t fight over Dan, but I at least kept my self-respect

    36. The TV, which is wedded to sensationalism, is least bother about the influence of the story on young mind or the frustration of intellectuals in being helpless to correct the situation

    37. at least, I think it was the garden … that’s what the Inspector said, wasn’t it? I can't remember

    38. Unfortunately we are least concerned about the deterioration that is taking place in these three pillars of environment

    39. The foundation should be raised or the earth lowered at least 6 inches preferably 12-18 inches

    40. I suggest that you use builder’s sand around the base of any wooden structures at least 2 feet out and two feet deep

    41. Even with considerable research the managers of Mutual Funds are not always able to take correct decisions about entering or exiting a particular script as the share price movements usually defy all logics at least in the short run

    42. A keda might have a mind of its own, but at least it had a mind

    43. They were at least a hundred and fifty miles from what she called the faintest approximation of civilization

    44. It was at least an hour, but they might have covered a sixth of the distance back to habitation when her mount went down

    45. Once she got a blaze going that was large enough to see by, she thought she should find something to use to defend herself from small predators at least

    46. One should avoid new funds and restrict your selection to those funds that have been around for at least three or more years

    47. Your lawn will benefit by having a thin layer of aged (at least 6 months old) horse manure spread over it (using a manure spreader), and then watered well

    48. A quick look outside told her that there was no one covering that side of the house, at least she hoped there wasn’t

    49. At least that was as clear as he could get without having seen either of them

    50. But at least he wouldn’t surrender the Chip; he couldn’t

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    least to the lowest degree unimportant slightest trivial niggling finical smallest tiniest minute infinitesimal microscopic most inferior lowest bottom minimal