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    1. Many of the legends found in the literature of other civilizations can be excavated in the ruins here

    2. Bronner’s soap, “The most incredible piece of literature I’ve ever seen printed on a six-by-six piece of paper,” and “The power of word over design

    3. Tonya is scatty, lectures locally on something esoteric … can never remember what it is exactly, but it is something to do with the literature of the fifteenth century, I believe

    4. It is hardly high drama and definitely not great literature, but it is entertaining – at least we hope it will be – and should go down well in the village

    5. His name is George and he works as a literature master, he said

    6. He is either pulling my leg or a penniless Albanian; he is certainly not a literature master, I thought but suppressed that suspicion at once

    7. ’ Kara agreed, grinning at the reference – one of the things she and Joris had shared was a love for Earth literature, poetry in particular

    8. in literature from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1972

    9. "Something similar would have been in the scientific literature

    10. She did make it to the Kassikan, comatose and without the coupon, just some of the literature that came with it

    11. Two of them had Roman in their British Literature class second hour

    12. You have, by the way thoroughly impressed our literature and composition professors

    13. In Western literature, Homer is known as the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey, and is said to be the greatest ancient Greek poet

    14. These epics (histories) lie at the beginning of the most Western literature, and have had an enormous influence in the past and up until today

    15. The most advanced form of languages is in literature,

    16. with an affirmation like: literature less the

    17. - Where you can see that the literature for

    18. literature for children should not be

    19. of universal literature, it is

    20. After a long time of talking to other acid heads/meditation heads and reading a lot of psychedelicized literature I plunged in with a mate

    21. Sadly, there is much, much more in traditional theological literature which has

    22. He’d employed tutors in literature, geography,

    23. To provide more detail and insight into the attributes hidden in this passage: Imagine you were asked by a client to write a work of literature in such a way that it would meet very specific requirements and conform to his detailed design specifications

    24. Consider this for a moment: Have you ever encountered a piece of literature that you can read in one direction and get a meaningful sentence and then read the same piece backwards and get meaningful words and a sentence giving a different message relating to the same subject, making use of the letters in the reversed order?

    25. From a human perspective it would be impossible to write a piece of literature and include a hidden message within that literature about a person who will be living in the future, who would become famous in the future and to be intimately familiar with what that person would do during his lifetime and then include this information in a coded message of more than 600 characters long

    26. They may not have met the standards of great literature, both yesteryear and today, but they sure outsold Henry James"s „The Golden Bowl

    27. Her eyes skimmed over the bookcases filled with classical literature

    28. For those of you given neither to literature nor history, it"s here, just a bit late

    29. That certain ethnic or racial groups have historically outperformed others in a variety of different fields including sports, medicine, arts and sciences, literature or education in general, should not astonish critics skeptical of the underlying differences owing to cultural and (natural) agents that predispose achievement

    30. During the Renaissance, the revival of classical art and literature was considered the highest intellectual and (moral) achievement

    31. There are several things that could potentially happen but I’d rather refer you to literature than have you sit here while I explain, as I’m sure you won’t remember any of it by the time I leave the room anyway

    32. Prepare yourself with some of the literature listed in the Appendix

    33. Two were military commanders in the field, including Otis, and the commission's head, Jacob Schurman, was an English literature and philosophy professor

    34. Multi-Culturalism should not be confused with Inter-Culturalism that otherwise suggests a mutual exchanging and/or assimilating of the higher (Arts & Sciences, Music, Literature and Architecture) and lower (Cuisine, Fashions and Sports) cultures whose synthesis finds its ultimate expression within an overlapping culture that oftentimes acquires its own unique standing over time

    35. Until his death, he liked to read Polish literature and watch Polish television via satellite

    36. While Greek and Latin literature may have some bearing on life, they’re not much preparation for war

    37. and not literature because being a banker promised to be more

    38. “Wounds my soul with a monotonous languor,” came a voice in the background as someone patiently worked on a translation of a bad French poem by a bad French poet, writing in a particularly bad era of French literature, which was bad at the best of times, which weren’t many

    39. She graduated with the class of 1943, receiving a bachelor’s degree in European literature, with dual minors in Polish and German

    40. pebbles of literature and preserve them in the cabinet

    41. James Mill pointed out that magazine literature must

    42. Women have been prolific writers of hymns and devotional literature

    43. The Midrash, as indicated below, “is a genre of rabbinic literature that includes the nonliteral elaborations of biblical texts

    44. ; blank membership cards in the same organization; Milwaukee Daily Worker stationery; a bundle of propaganda leaflets supporting Germany in its war against Imperialist Britain, obviously printed before June of 1941; and other Communist Party literature extolling the virtues of the people’s party

    45. The Supreme Being referred to as the Brahm in Vedic literature, is

    46. During his stay in Burma, Crown Prince Naresuan was trained by the Burmese King Bayinnaung in martial arts, literature and military strategies, and was reared as one of the princes in the Burmese Palace

    47. “The name of a many-sided movement in the 1st and 2nd centuries of the Christian era which combined the mythology and symbolism of several pagan religions with the teachings of Christ…had two characteristic features: a metaphysical dualism of matter and spirit whose origins are to be found in the physical dualism of darkness and light in the Parsic (or Persian) religion; and a doctrine of redemption, by which those who devote themselves to gnosis, or a higher knowledge, may proceed from the former to the latter realm…Much of Gnostic literature was falsely ascribed to such authors as the disciples of Jesus, Jewish prophets, heroes of antiquity, or imaginary personages…With the decline of the pagan religions around the time of Christ, a conscious movement to syncretize (attempt to smoothly unite) all religions was in progress…In the early years of Christianity, only loose boundaries were formed between the Church and contemporary cults; the syncretic movement did not exclude the new faith, nor did Christianity fail to absorb elements of foreign beliefs

    48. Or, had this been an ongoing project, to render into written literature the oral history recitations, whose beginnings had been lost in the mists of a time so immemorial as to dwarf all of the time ascribed to written history? How far back might a time traveler have to journey to discover the beginnings of a culture’s Genesis story?

    49. The lectures I attended, the books I read on English Literature and History – my majors for teaching high school; French Literature ( I was already fluent in French), Latin (continued from high school), seminars on the history of Western thought, and optional subjects like Anthropology and Philosophy – these explorations of mind and imagination thrilled me

    50. The Self-Justifying Criminal in Literature, for instance, tip the scales of order and logic toward oblivion? Does useless and abysmal inversion of the rich matter of literature serve any educational purpose, Mother? These are questions worth asking, as Ms

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