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    1. and they continue to not live up to those expectations, how long are you going to put up with those inconsistencies in your life? How long are you going to put up with broken expectations from someone else in your life?

    2. The Larvae can live up to 6 months the pupae can live to a year until the conditions are right

    3. Cockroaches belong to the order Blattoidea (family Blattidae), and can live up to a year

    4. ” That’s a big responsibility to live up to and I hate it

    5. I think Maggie is under the impression I have done this sort of thing before …… I try to live up to her illusions

    6. pocket's limits, there are 101 ways to live up to all your partner's romantic dreams and give him or her all they have wished for in a dream-date

    7. ’ We are not expected to live up to that ideal

    8. I hope that I live up to your, and your family's expectations

    9. She worried that Anon erred in choosing her, and that she couldn’t possibly live up to the purity of these elves

    10. Without death, there is no hope; humans could live up to 80, 90 or 100 years in a relative state of health and forever in a state of unimaginable despair

    11. I have to hope I can live up to your expectations

    12. A mortal wielder could live for hundreds of years with teron to preserve his flesh; mortal Alit’aren were recorded to live up to six hundred years or more

    13. Throughout the entire voyage of the Shenandoah, he had been able to live up to that commitment

    14. “She had a responsibility, and she refused to live up to it

    15. Nathan was yet again humbled by this man’s very hidden but huge capacity for love and friendship, and hoped he could live up to his promise

    16. Somewhere along the line another fat politician will try to live up to his politically correct god and reduce the SAPS to a “civilian service”

    17. As I said before, us Afrikaners are somewhat direct in our ways and quite willing to live up to that viewpoint

    18. Many, however, have become sadly disillusioned by rhetorical assurances that seldom seem to live up to their promises

    19. Such upheavals sought to impose impractical standards and designs that many of their offspring have been unable, had they been so inclined, to live up to

    20. O‘Connor for failing to live up to his (O‘Connor‘s) politically correct standards of how an African American sports celebrity aught to behave; that is to say, by setting a proper ―example‖

    21. If that is you, why be a partisan party follower? Why makes excuses for wrongs done by those you once voted for? Why devote yourself to any political party, except to hold its feet to the fire and live up to higher principle? Why would any such person of good heart and intentions focus on fluff and ephemera like “leadership qualities” and supposed statesmanship? Why focus on anything but whether people will live or die because of wars threatened or prolonged or avoided or ended, or policies or politics that inflict or relieve human suffering? Why care about anything but these concerns?

    22. In response to public opinion at home, and in order to live up to its own press releases, the Army had shipped thousands of turkeys and tons of food to provide traditional Christmas dinners to its troops in Europe, out-doing even its Thanksgiving efforts

    23. The boys who committed suicide were usually sensitive souls who were unable to live up to their parents’ expectations

    24. Rome really did live up to its reputation in terms of its history and architecture

    25. she can live up to her sister’s standards

    26. I am happy your company selected me over the other candidates, and I will do my best to live up to the expectations which have been designed for me

    27. those that do not live up to our a priori expectations are called illusions

    28. pattern alone, did not live up to your expectations about holographic apple theory, which was

    29. ’That’s a lot to live up to,’ she said, soberly

    30. to live up to the commitments he made when he hired me

    31. But now, let’s see that you live up to it! that now-familiar voice spoke again to his mind as he rode along at an easy pace

    32. What you are going through partly happened because you have tried to live up to your mother’s impossible expectations

    33. But now, let's see that you live up to it! that now-familiar voice spoke again to his mind as he

    34. because you don’t live up to their rules or traditions

    35. These values are basic to us here in the United States, but seem to be difficult for many foreign men to live up to

    36. Always trying to live up to his legend

    37. to live up to what

    38. Often the stories sound great in concept, but never live up to their potential on the page

    39. Jai cleared his throat, intending to say a word on Why’s behalf, but he could not think what to say that would live up to everyone’s satisfaction

    40. the persona he was trying to live up to

    41. Western media and culture has instilled firm ideals on how women should look, and if your partner has a disability she could feel unattractive or less worthy of a sexual relationship because she may not be able to live up to the idealised image

    42. See that you live up to the level which you have attained

    43. I am sorry for my lack of self-control, and I promise to try to live up to my former pledge to one of your brothers who taught me the better way many years ago

    44. such a boy became a delinquent? He was given a reputation to live up to, and

    45. While his wife thought he was foolhardy, Vidya felt he had the guts to live up to his principles

    46. He exhorted the apostles at least to live up to the ideas of the prophet of old and expressed the hope that they would progress far beyond even the ideals of Isaiah and the older prophets

    47. He never exhorted his followers patiently to bear their obligations but rather with energy and enthusiasm to live up to the full measure of their human responsibilities and divine privileges in the kingdom of God

    48. 5 Although Jesus did not offer new mandates governing marriage and divorce, he did urge the Jews to live up to their own laws and higher teachings

    49. Not until Jesus looked upon him, did he realize that he had failed to live up to his privileges as an ambassador of the kingdom

    50. American ­researchers have also found animals can live up to twice as long when their food intake is reduced by up to a third

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