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    make up

    1. That was ten days ago and there had been several in-car make up sessions since then

    2. Ava was really getting a chance to make up for what she thought this man did to her sister on the real Herndon and not just his cherub

    3. The fact that there were now seventy children being raised Brazilian didn't make up for her loss

    4. I withdraw into the shadows to allow them a little privacy as they make up for the time he has been away

    5. We find in Revelation 22:4 that those who make up the New Jerusalem shall rule and reign with Christ forever

    6. even without the traces of make up

    7. ’ He invited, almost as though trying to make up for his lack of care during the morning ride

    8. ‘I know,’ She laughed, ‘But he has other assets which make up for this unfortunate tendency

    9. However, later they will make up, with hugs, presents or kind

    10. Thom was afraid that the time was coming when they were going to make up a lie just to calm the frustration of the top brass

    11. atoms that make up those molecules

    12. make up those atoms- the electrons, the protons, the

    13. They have done her make up as well – not too much but just enough to make her look beautiful

    14. With the bias against females still a part of their psychological make up, many were amazed that the females could have gotten as far as they did

    15. He encouraged me to make up stories and to work out why things were as they were

    16. Not bothering with make up, she walked out of the room

    17. When I was little Mum and I used to make up stories about people in the park

    18. She wears no make up and has skimmed her hair with the brush

    19. “I would try my best to make up for his loss if you like?” Kulai said

    20. The club is strangely silent, as if the scaffolding and the industrial ephemera that make up its skin are being sloughed-off by the reptile within

    21. It was a big question and the young man should make up his own mind, after all this was his journey to make or not

    22. She had spoken of Jorma only as a sex partner hadn’t she? Kulai was just trying to make up for the collateral damage he caused

    23. Maybe she was getting a bit more healed, maybe it was the delight Kulai had given her to make up for scaring off Jorma

    24. He would have to call on that other oik – Keith or Kevin or whatever – and offer to make up any expenses Chas had left him with

    25. ‘That’s ‘Richards’ with an ‘s’’, I said, horribly aware that my hair’s unwashed, my face devoid of make up and that my jeans have seen better days, not to mention that my jumper’s very much on the practical side of sartorial and my comfy, old jacket’s more old than anything else

    26. twenty-five with the make up and all, but Heather had the single greatest passport

    27. There were those nights that she would be willing to make up, but Mike didn't always recover that fast

    28. “They make up trips in the Yakhan,” Desa told her

    29. I have plenty of tapes I will make up a new one and send it to you soon

    30. It wasn’t her hair or make up

    31. Nine islands make up the fourth smal est country in the world

    32. These three parts seem either immediately or ultimately to make up the whole price of corn

    33. He was convinced that this was Desa, but she had denied that, maybe he could learn something by getting her to make up something about herself

    34. the ordinary profits of stock, not only to make up for all occasional losses, but to afford a

    35. profits of their different employers, make up the whole of what is gained upon both

    36. This opinion they seem to have been led into, partly by the observations which they had occasion to make upon the prices both of corn and of some other parts of the rude produce of land, and partly by the popular notion, that as the quantity of silver naturally increases in every country with the increase of wealth, so its value diminishes as it quantity increases

    37. ‘Let’s make up the beds

    38. Fizzicist on discovering that Sam stuttered and offered to make up a mixture that was almost sure not to cure it

    39. That I’d have to make up myself there:

    40. She wore her usual make up that

    41. explosion and the wild bull race, my mind had make up that it was

    42. It is probable that it was partly upon account of this advantage, and partly upon account of the encroachments which the sovereigns, always jealous of the great lords, gradually encouraged their villains to make upon their authority, and which seem, at least, to have been such as rendered this species of servitude altogether inconvenient, that tenure in villanage gradually wore out through the greater part of Europe

    43. Interpretations should be fairly easy – just make up something that sounds plausible

    44. The price of the receipt, and the price of the bank money, compound or make up between them the full value or price of the bullion

    45. The bounty is given in order to make up this loss, and to encourage him to continue, or, perhaps, to begin a trade, of which the expense is supposed to be greater than the returns, of which every operation eats up a part of the capital employed in it, and which is of such a nature, that if all other trades resembled it, there would soon be no capital left in the country

    46. “Make up your mind then

    47. But if forty-four guineas and a-half, containing their full standard weight, a pound weight of gold, could purchase very little more than a pound weight of uncoined gold; forty-four guineas and a-half, wanting a part of their weight, could not purchase a pound weight, and something was to be added, in order to make up the deficiency

    48. I could never make up for that, but at least I could end this for Becky

    49. But, though he make up the loss of his correspondent, he cannot make up that of Great Britain

    50. vibrations that make up the physical universe interplay

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