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    1. Always try to still the stream of circling thought and these gentle exercises will give you a manifold reward

    2. After we received our Golf Gti’s a rumour started that a small hole drilled in the inlet manifold (or something) would increase the air mixture of the fuel injection and thus more performance

    3. Adriano acted on intuition, yet solitude was the better choice manifold

    4. brought you up out of Egypt, and had brought great provocations; 19 Yet you in your manifold mercies forsook them not in the

    5. them from Heaven; and according to your manifold mercies you gave them saviours, who saved them out of the hand of their

    6. ready to devour me, and out of the hands of such as sought after my life, and from the manifold afflictions which I had;

    7. 1 But when the merciful God saw that Satan wished to kill Adam with his manifold devices, and saw that Adam was meek and without guile, God spoke to Satan in a loud voice, and cursed him

    8. And now I swear to you, to the wise and to the foolish; For you shall have manifold experiences on the Earth; For you men shall put on more adornments than a woman; And coloured garments more than a virgin in royalty and in grandeur and in power, and in silver and in gold and in purple, and in splendour and in food they shall be poured out as water

    9. and so, the owner of the body, in manifold relations with other

    10. manifold pattern of streaks and colours, so does the subtle

    11. of the manifold, and words, these impotent little creatures, are the lifeless carriers of meaning

    12. 1 But when the merciful God saw that Satan wished to kill Adam with his manifold devices and saw that Adam was meek and without guile God spoke to Satan in a loud voice and cursed him

    13. once, becoming aware of the manifold of relationships that exist between thoughts

    14. And now I swear to you to the wise and to the foolish; For you shall have manifold experiences on the Earth; For you men shall put on more adornments than a woman; And coloured garments more than a virgin in royalty and in grandeur and in power and in silver and in gold and in purple and in splendour and in food they shall be poured out as water

    15. The Jews of Babylon send the book of Baruch with money to Jerusalem requesting their brethren there to offer sacrifice and to pray for the king and for them acknowledging their manifold sins;

    16. 11 And think it not wonderful that reasoning bore rule over those men in their torments when even a woman's mind despised more manifold pains

    17. For the Lord knowing the heart and foreknowing all things knew the weakness of men and the manifold wiles of the devil that he would inflict some evil on the servants of God and would act wickedly towards them

    18. Those who have faith in Christ enter into the manifold provision

    19. There are probably many valid semblances (such as Zechariah and Haggai, or my favourite, Elijah and Elisha), but even these ultimately only exist to highlight the manifold attributes of Jesus Christ

    20. I should break it up for firewood rather than burden a true mariner with its manifold faults

    21. The Manifold Nature of His Love

    22. It says in the Bible in multiple places that God’s nature is manifold

    23. What does this mean? The truth that God’s nature is manifold means that it is multi-leveled, multi-faceted, multi-attributive, and multi-dimensional (and more) in all that God is and does

    24. There is not a single manifestation of God that is not manifold

    25. “As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God

    26. “to the intent that now the manifold wisdom of God might be made known by the church to the principalities and powers in the heavenly places,”

    27. But hopefully by the end of this book you will at least be able to begin to understand the multi-dimensional, multi-attributive, multi-leveled, and perfectly unified manifold nature of God’s love!!! c

    28. Einstein displaced the theory of the ether with his 1905 Special Theory (of Relativity) and then resurrected the concept with the idea of a spacetime manifold in his 1915 General Theory (of Relativity)

    29. Based on a modern interpretation (and a simple substitution of terms) the Akashic records would be said to be written on this spacetime manifold

    30. Psychometry, or the ability to know about the history of a person, thing or place using touch, is based on the metaphysical belief that every thought, action, and event that has ever occurred since the beginning of time leaves an impression on the ‘ether’ (now interpreted as Einstein’s spacetime manifold or the zero point field)

    31. Carbon is a byproduct from running fossil fuels that builds up in your engine, (not as bad as it once did) so to get things back to normal, this service goes through and cleans the throttle plate, idle air control valve, intake manifold, backs of the valves, tops of the pistons, O2 sensor and the front of the catalytic converter

    32. MMC - Manifold Mounted Converter

    33. It is a symbol filled with manifold

    34. observation of manifold rites and ceremonies-- are help and no more; that the

    35. Whatever may be these manifold

    36. 4 Jesus learned much about men while in Rome, but the most valuable of all the manifold experiences of his six months' sojourn in that city was his contact with, and influence upon, the religious leaders of the empire's capital

    37. Now, oftentimes, men and women become confused in their efforts to understand themselves and to grapple with the manifold difficulties of making a living in a world so largely dominated by selfishness and sin

    38. At his baptism he heard the unmistakable call of his Father, the final summons to be about his Father's business, and he went away into private seclusion for forty days to think over these manifold problems

    39. But Jesus was not concerned merely with this world and its creatures; he was living a life designed to instruct and inspire the manifold creatures of a far-flung universe

    40. 4 "Nathaniel, it is our mission to help men solve their spiritual problems and in this way to quicken their minds so that they may be the better prepared and inspired to go about solving their manifold material problems

    41. It requires the lure of a great ideal to drive man on in the pursuit of a goal which is beset with difficult material problems and manifold intellectual hazards

    42. 11 I am deeply impressed with the custom of Jesus in going apart by himself to engage in these seasons of solitary survey of the problems of living; to seek for new stores of wisdom and energy for meeting the manifold demands of social service; to quicken and deepen the supreme purpose of living by actually subjecting the total personality to the consciousness of contacting with divinity; to grasp for possession of new and better methods of adjusting oneself to the ever-changing situations of living existence; to effect those vital reconstructions and readjustments of one's personal attitudes which are so essential to enhanced insight into everything worth while and real; and to do all of this with an eye single to the glory of God -- to breathe in sincerity your Master's favorite prayer, "Not my will, but yours, be done

    43. Marriage, with its manifold relations, is best designed to draw forth those precious impulses and those higher motives which are indispensable to the development of a strong character

    44. This pitiful subdivision of Christian believers results from failure to discern in the Master's manifold teachings the divine oneness of his matchless life

    45. Eventually, staying in the fictitious state is more comfortable than facing the manifold fears, chastisements and uncertainties which rise up when you question the realness of your Ego

    46. “Could we arrange a manifold with several pumps to accomplish the same task?”

    47. containers and force the water through a manifold?”

    48. He built flexible extenders for the flanges so that if the manifold and jacket made the assembly too large for the space available, they could extend the entire contraption outside the reactor cowling

    49. During the steady climb, the pilot was increasingly concerned with the lack of power, over-rich fuel mixture and higher than normal manifold vacuum

    50. The object of meeting was to make organization more functional invigorate it manifold and embrace more and more people into its folds who could save Zulimistan from ever growing hatred against it the world over

    1. manifolds closed and retracted into the hull, the automated systems began alerting the crew of

    2. geometry of Banach manifolds

    3. give you love, give it love and it shall return to thee in great manifolds

    4. would bounce manifolds and you would remain positive, stay

    5. components such as rack manifolds that can be sanitized with heat using rack-washers

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