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Frasi con marginal (in inglese)

  1. And the only true marginal.
  2. We had marginal benefits as.
  3. This was a Marginal for sure.
  4. The marginal benefits function will.
  5. In the marginal cold tomb of oblivion.

  6. If it is marginal, I probably wouldn’t.
  7. When the marginal tax benefits equal the marginal.
  8. He confided that he was only marginal with the bow.
  9. Universe, even though you occupied only a marginal and.
  10. Catching the Swings on a Marginal Basis Impracticable.
  11. In effect, we form a ratio between the marginal benefits of.
  12. On the other hand, the marginal benefits function anticipates.
  13. The truth is that the most of what we do, give marginal results.
  14. He had seen thousands of examples in notes and marginal comments.
  15. In a year to year comparison, the marginal benefits equation will.

  16. If t is the smallest marginal, there are a total of possible tables.
  17. The marginal tax rate will vary a bit, but that's not a huge factor.
  18. Th e main feature of marginal subcultures is that they help to form a.
  19. The tax rate is just applied on the "marginal" dollars in that bracket.
  20. For detailed information, see the chapter on marginal benefits analysis.
  21. Pension income is taxed as income at the owner’s highest marginal rate.
  22. His was a marginal seat that he’d won with a majority of only 144 votes.
  23. It prompts you to drop marginal plans and not chase borderline trade ideas.
  24. The result is a higher marginal benefits equation, and movement toward an.
  25. The full ratio to be maximized, marginal interest benefits / marginal debt.

  26. Why was Integrated a marginal company? The 1986 10K and proxy held the clues.
  27. Moreover, use of a comparative marginal benefits function is eliminated from.
  28. Masters has observed instances of both marginal and free central placentation.
  29. On their marginal street the West Indian Negroes were singing Saturday psalms.
  30. When marginal revenue equals marginal cost, the slopes are the same, and the.
  31. Not all categories should be expected to produce greater than marginal results.
  32. The slight changes in marginal benefits, economic profit, and the market price of.
  33. In other words, I hoped I’d get lucky and pick-up something of marginal interest.
  34. I initialed most of these, made corrections in some, added marginal notes to others.
  35. Tables with appropriate marginal means are often the best method of presenting results.
  36. Scan the introductions, subheads, italicized sentences, marginal notes, and conclusion.
  37. They are still distinct tribes: with only a marginal cooperation going on between them.
  38. Assume that you are in the 36% marginal federal bracket and your state imposes a 5% income tax.
  39. It is also defined as what someone will pay for the most recent item produced (marginal price).
  40. The white-haired troll woman and the daemon took my services into their employ for a marginal fee.
  41. Consumption-based asset-pricing models link high marginal utility to slow or negative consumption growth.
  42. Many people will try to escape the discomfort by doing something, like getting into a marginal trade.
  43. Five long days later we pulled up under the light cover of a marginal patch of forest as the rain continued.
  44. Likewise, a fall will crush a marginal mine while leaving a rich mine much less affected by the gold price fall.
  45. Put in economic terms, the marginal value of time spent studying a small company far exceeds that spent on a large one.
  46. Away from the coast, Palestine was still a hard land of marginal fertility between wealthier, more powerful territories.
  47. His vessel was parked just inside the border of an unmapped area of the Empire, and several Marginal planets were nearby.
  48. This model says that the conditional and marginal probability distributions of an independent random variable are identical.
  49. Category 4 cable provided a marginal increase in performance over Category 3 and was, for a time, used in Token Ring networks.
  50. This especially refers to the purposeful influence at deviations from the plan and in actual practice that exceed planned marginal values.
  51. Their object was to develop an inexpensive but sensitive biochemical test for mutagenicity that would be able to detect even marginal effects.
  52. The worst of all presidents on war and peace tend to be those who have marginal military experience, and thus kid themselves they understand war.
  53. Are there bizarre arguments that could be made and won concerning marginal, invalid, abnormal occurrences of supposed Christian faith? Of course.
  54. In the marginal benefits equation, a smaller probability of default allows more debt funding, more shares, or some combination of both - capital.
  55. Remember that most people who try to trade will fail, or trading will remain a marginal hobby that has no real financial impact on their net worth.
  56. My one qualm is that it is hard to see how this poor clientele could include the marginal investor who sets the market price in any given situation.
  57. Moreover, we can also test the marginal benefits of interest in the same function and use the result as the numerator in an immediate benefits ratio.
  58. Investors set prices so that the marginal cost of an asset (its price) equals its expected marginal benefit (its expected discounted future payoff):(5.
  59. The marginal company, on the other hand, has shaky financials, bad management, and a history of aggressive but often poorly executed business strategies.
  60. However, the weekly chart shows a pattern that we know well: several marginal new lows on slackening momentum followed by a sharp reversal off those lows.
  61. In contrast to the standalone inflation risk stories above, theoretically kosher stories relate the BRP to the covariance of inflation with marginal utility.
  62. Recall the general idea that required risk premia reflect the way that asset returns covary with the marginal utility of an extra dollar of investor wealth.
  63. To be able to climb the highest and to do it fastest, or to be the last still capable of soaring on a marginal day, those were the qualities of a master pilot.
  64. Build-A-Bear was near its saturation point in terms of possible locations that met its requirements, indicating growth from new stores would be marginal at best.
  65. After an extended uptrend, this market ran into resistance, made multiple marginal highs, and eventually rolled over into a trading range at the beginning of 2011.
  66. It may well be that in many instances the value of an item would be the same (or nearly the same) under either the surplus value theory or the marginal value theory.
  67. If we find a great business, the only way it becomes a great investment is if management directs the marginal dollar of free cash flow to its highest-return purpose.
  68. The quest to find and kill a fry cook with a few marginal psychic talents that he couldn’t fully control might not be a war to them, might be instead a pleasant game.
  69. Though interest income from bonds, savings accounts, and GICs is taxed at your full marginal rate, with low interest rates the total tax you have to pay is not very high.
  70. In academic models, different risk factors may each have a different market price of risk (λj), reflecting their different covariances with marginal utility (bad times).
  71. It may be interesting to follow the Islamic fate of those unfortunate untouchables and other marginal caste groups of Aryavarta that embraced the bigoted faith of Muhammad.
  72. As noted earlier, the IRP may reflect standalone inflation risk (potential capital losses on long-duration bonds) or covariance of inflation with marginal utility (bad times).
  73. He was still on a budget, it was over $5,000 per day, and he still had to save for major purchases; the Connie had always been a marginal expense that hounded his accountants.
  74. Krugman seems to have missed the point that these banks were not insolvent since they seemed to have the ability, however marginal, to meet their obligations as they became due.
  75. We must be prepared, therefore, to find marginal cases where the classification (as between Group I and Group II) will depend on the personal viewpoint of the analyst or investor.
  76. Trying to match up dates on two separate price charts, while certainly not impossible, doesn’t add anything to the learning experience other than a marginal level of frustration.
  77. When a fundamental change occurs in the business environment, there are two strategies to follow for the short seller: short the marginal company or short the institutional favorite.
  78. If you had $10,000 more to invest than you could shelter in your TFSA and RRSP, and if your marginal tax rate was 33%, then making 3% in a bond fund or GIC would lead to a tax bill of $99.
  79. The proprietor was Rudy Vitale, an obese man with thick glasses and thin hair, a marginal fence who used the pawnshop as his office while making his real deals in cars and bars, anywhere but here.
  80. Ditto ‘What if we accelerated the austerity measures?’ Ditto ‘What if we allowed a limited default on the indebtedness?’ I suspect these variables are all too marginal to make a difference.
  81. It is also the ratio of the covariance of an asset with the market to the variance of the market itself, and under CAPM assumptions it measures the asset’s marginal contribution to portfolio risk.
  82. Sir Bartyn Sahmyrsyt, the heretic commander, had phrased his written message with at least marginal courtesy, but the iron fist inside the rather threadbare silk glove had been there for any to see.
  83. A great mine with a low cost of gold will actually act more like a gold bar than a marginal mine because a rise in gold will have less effect on its profits than one hanging on with razor thin margins.
  84. Standard asset-pricing models indicate that required risk premia reflect covariances with marginal utility (which is, perhaps, proxied by major systematic factors capturing economic or market conditions).
  85. Ten years later, they have been reduced to marginal players—intellectual hubris and an unwillingness to adapt to a changing India have made the left parties almost irrelevant to the national discourse.
  86. The finance ministers of the world are meeting next week to carve up the last marginal remains of the free world economy left after Bretton Woods—that which they have not already savagely consumed.
  87. It also tells, by comparison, what the company does relative to other companies in the same industry and whether a company earns more than its average and marginal cost of debt, currently and historically.
  88. After reaching a certain level of attendance, where a theme park achieves its break-even point, every new customer’s ticket revenue drops straight to the bottom line which contributes to high marginal profit.
  89. The shorts shorted Pinnacle West but underestimated the marginal stupidity of the government and its propensity to bail out anything that looked like it had anything to do with taxpayers or a regulated industry.
  90. As time passes and your diary lengthens, you will get better at selecting the stories that are really helpful for assessing the state of an investment crowd and at ignoring the ones that are of only marginal use.
  91. Inflation occurs when the (marginal) increase in consumer spending (Demand) exceeds the (marginal) increase in the production of goods and services (Supply); that is to say, more dollars chasing fewer goods and services.
  92. First, of the three possibilities (failure inside, precisely at, or beyond the setup leg’s extreme), the one that actually trades beyond the previous pivot to make a marginal new high or low before failing is the most treacherous.
  93. The elusive marginal investor (often a smart arbitrageur) sets asset prices when new information arrives and modest, if any, new positions are needed to move the asset price to a new equilibrium that incorporates the new information.
  94. These features would require a further break-even spread for actively trading taxable investors but if the marginal investor in corporate bonds is a passive non-taxed institution, taxes, or costs should have no impact on market spreads.
  95. For example, the difference between a great base, a good base, a marginal base, and all the degrees in between, is contextual, and programming a computer to see the subtle differences would be quite the challenge if not impossible.
  96. The IRP may reflect standalone inflation risk (a reward for sheer uncertainty about inflation that varies with inflation level) or more theoretically kosher risk explanations: inflation’s covariance with marginal utility (bad times).
  97. Institutional favorites crash more quickly than marginal companies because large numbers of portfolio managers rush to dump the stock of the favorites when the analysts are finally convinced that the industry has been dealt an irreparable blow.
  98. Note that that the real-life situation is more complicated than this, for instance this does not include the Ontario Health Premium or Ontario surtax, which would make the marginal rate on incomes over about $88,000 exceed 43%, vs the 37% shown.
  99. The speculative or marginal position may arise from any cause that reduces the percentage of gross available for the common to a subnormal figure and that therefore serves to create a subnormal value for the common stock in relation to the volume of business.
  100. The market then approaches the floor again, where buyers enter, seeing an opportunity to join the bullish trend, and take the market back to the ceiling again, where the second wave of weak traders sell out, and exit with either a small loss or marginal profits.

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