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Frasi con materialization (in inglese)

  1. This time it was materialization of my.
  2. For materialization, purity of belief is necessary.
  3. It may have been materialization, as Jesus Christ materialized the.
  4. That everything which exists is a materialization of this One Power.
  5. They involve the materialization of spontaneous constructions which.

  6. The moment the materialization process was complete, and the energy around.
  7. Most materialization occurs during a séance where a physical medium is working.
  8. The materialization of the prayer will take place when the time is ripe and not a day sooner.
  9. The Suitors are also a metaphor and an external materialization of the internal fetal I of both Ulysses and Penelope.
  10. How are the necessary conditions for bringing about the materialization of your ideal in the objective world secured?
  11. On His materialization in the centre of the circle all the Adepts and Initiates bow gravely towards Him, and another verse is chanted.
  12. And they have a soul because the artists that created them went through a painful and creative process of materialization and dematerialization.
  13. The ultimate goal of human progress is the reverent recognition of the fatherhood of God and the loving materialization of the brotherhood of man.
  14. Thought will lead to action, action will develop methods, methods will develop friends, and friends will bring about circumstances, and finally, the third step, or Materialization, will have been accomplished.
  15. Murderer! the voice persisted though it had a more mortal sound, undoubtedly due to the spirit’s materialization on the verandah where rain splattered against the brick outside and wood floor just inside the room.

  16. No matter which of these parties may triumph, it will be compelled, for the materialization of its tenets, as well as for the maintenance of its power, not only to make use of all the existing means of violence, but also to invent new ones.
  17. Elizabeth Bascomb remained seated though she immediately turned her head in the direction of the door from which the disturbance had originated and seemed to smile sinisterly at the disruption, perhaps sensing the materialization of the spirit with whom she had made contact.
  18. As members of a collective health that is drained by the monopolies of power, fame, and wealth, we should repulse these crushing gravities that trivialize us, rather than increasing their oppressive materialization through our entranced worship that obsessively promotes them.
  19. There was a long minute of dead silence, during which even the hurricane seemed to subside in respect for the proceedings, as they all remained seated at the table with their eyes closed while they relaxed their bodies and minds in hopes of creating an atmosphere conducive to the materialization of the spirits from the next world.
  20. You see in front of you only this glass — a final Form of the creative realization of many Proto-Forms of other types of Collective Intelligences, but you cannot see behind it its own subjective Reality; you see the napkin, but you don’t know how it appeared, who and how participated in the process of making it, how happened the materialization of every molecule of each of these objects.
  21. Others again, who do not recognize Christ as God, think that the salvation of men will come through a slow, gradual progress, when the foundations of the pagan life will slowly give way to the foundations of liberty, equality, fraternity, that is, to Christian principles; others again, who preach a social transformation, think that the salvation will come when men by a violent revolution shall be compelled to adopt community of possession, absence of government, and collective, not individual, labour, that is, the materialization of one of the sides of the Christian teaching.
  22. We, too, look with ardent love and profound respect upon France, and we do so, because we see in it a great nation, which formerly used to appear before the whole world as the herald and proclaimer of great ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity; and which was also the first in the matter of bold endeavour for the materialization of these great ideals,—and the best part of the Russian youth has always been ready to welcome France as the leading champion for the best future of humanity; but we do not consider such festivities as those of Kronstadt and Toulon a suitable occasion for such civilities.

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