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    1. Whatever dimensional membrane made up the walls of the transit echoed with the detonation, rippling with waves so violent, the walls of that great vein seemed to reverberate against each other before they tore

    2. The membrane ripped and came apart in a hundred places at once and receded from all points simultaneously

    3. There was a membrane closing off the tunnel entrance, beyond which only darkness could be seen

    4. The other dolphin then pushed Danny’s head through the plastic-like membrane which felt like it was an inch or so thick

    5. The dolphins pushed him through the tunnel membrane up to his ankles and promptly let go

    6. The finish thickness of this vinyl membrane is

    7. grabbed the membrane, which felt dry and flat as a rubber band

    8. Otherwise the Cloud’s whole membrane structure would have collapsed

    9. Using my strongest voice, knowing that I needed to reach the tympanic membrane of an old woman holding a barking monster in the rain I let out a, “Rrrrrroooouuuuwww,” sound that cats make when they’re cornered and have to fight

    10. bounded by a three-layered membrane which acts as a protective

    11. splitting the thin membrane that separated the noxious belching of

    12. Klimek used his laser to burn off a membrane which had grown over the left plastic lens that he had inserted fall 1996 when he removed cataracts from both eyes

    13. They covered the open end with a weather-proof plastic membrane

    14. But such an act would tear the membrane of his mind, and already Simon could tell by the wild roughness of the sky and the bite of the sand that the man was unschooled in any meditation technique that could heal him

    15. When they left the kingdom of the snow-ravens, the sound of the hawks and that one wild scream echoing in his heart, the four of them—Carthen clinging like a kitten to Isabella’s waist—leapt through a membrane of soft feathers which roared like a winter storm and the land behind them snapped shut

    16. A second set of tubing led to the placental exchange membrane in the top of each incubator

    17. This membrane was the real secret of the clinic's success

    18. The natural placenta of the foetus was attached to this membrane during implantation in the incubator resulting in an artificial womb environment for the growing foetus

    19. membrane or electrified sheath of the ovoid

    20. ejected from the body through its skin and the magma bubble’s membrane

    21. cists report that the ovoid magma bodies are wrapped by a membrane or

    22. a sheath This membrane has been called an ‘auric shell ’ Metaphysicist,

    23. Thirdly, there is a thick electrified sheath or membrane over the magma

    24. the nucleus and the membrane, there is a large fluid-filled space called the

    25. membrane in the nose

    26. was heavily lidded and covered with some kind of membrane

    27. It had a serpentine head with long fangs and thin bony spikes connected by a thin membrane to form a fin along its long neck

    28. A thin membrane of love parts me and the sea

    29. The rat was covered by a layer of transparent membrane, and through this skin you could see all the organs and muscles forming, which looked like someone had skinned the poor creature

    30. Our wings were more vulnerable – made of thin membrane so that they could catch the wind’s lift, they were the only part not covered by scales and quite delicate

    31. In the process he discovered that the brain of a cell is not in the nucleus (which is what I was taught in school), but in the membrane – the outer surface, or skin of the cell

    32. His research at Stanford University‘s School of Medicine, between 1987 and 1992, revealed that the environment, operating though the membrane, controlled the behaviour and physiology of the cell

    33. The animal’s hands had four fingers, even with a thumb, but two fingers were grouped and fused together by a membrane of skin

    34. With a gentleness that belied the size of his hands, he plucked a piece of thread-like membrane from the leaf and placed it on the table before her

    35. (or membrane) and a neighbouring one

    36. They may also cause food poisoning as some of the enzymes secreted by the microbes have a high ability to resist heat and pass through the mucous membrane of the stomach

    37. Incorporated in the material and running down the arms, across the shoulders, down the back, over the buttocks and down the back of the legs were panels of gravity membrane called sails

    38. And just as Johnny’s best little runner squiggled his head through the membrane of

    39. dimensions, the membrane theory, collision as creation, all that metaphor for a

    40. history, while all we other humans in the thin membrane around the rock of our world

    41. “A peripheral membrane protein,” I noted, trying to stave off her line of inquiry, “we are looking for something more integral

    42. appeared to be another room, separated by a thin membrane of water

    43. There was a tinkling of chimes amidst the chaos like the spilling of sand across a membrane

    44. to the role that Phosphatidylserine plays within the nerve cell membrane, aiding the conduction of nerve impulses and

    45. membrane and found only a slight tingling sensation and a slight suction suggesting a pressure gradient on the other side

    46. He disengaged the wormhole and the luminescent membrane snapped off like a monitor that had had its power disconnected

    47. Without the proper amount of sodium in our diet, the nutrients are unable to pass through the cellular membrane and we literally starve from malnutrition

    48. very hazy membrane that allowed preliterate humans to slip between the two in

    49. membrane separating their conscious and unconscious minds

    50. I realized then that you would be a great leader as well as great shaman, but I also knew that the membrane between this world and the Other World would thicken for you

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