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    1. At a check-point… just before she pulled the string that would have exploded the belt wrapped around her midriff

    2. She then wrapped her arms around his midriff and pulled her self to him as he took off

    3. The fingers of the bouncer's right hand are reaching for the lapel of Alex's jacket and his left hand, balled into a fist, is drawing back to deliver a blow to the midriff

    4. Jock has the porch door open and is raising the club, ready to swing it into his assailant's midriff

    5. It was a cute outfit, which was the only reason why I had made an exception to my midriff rule

    6. The midriff looked cuter; because she had her naval pierced with a filigree black rose hanging from a small white gold chain

    7. He was a couple of years older than Chris, powerfully built but beginning to get a little flabby and had more weight around his midriff than he liked

    8. The Man, however, stopped laughing the moment Longleaf’s right fist connected with the scallywag’s midriff, prompting him to expel all the air in his lungs and collapse to the ground

    9. Larkey delivered a ferocious punch to his midriff, causing him to expel all the air in his lungs and bend over like a paper doll

    10. She fidgeted with her sweater, which had crept up to her midriff with her arm movements

    11. the monster's midriff, launching it into the cliff face

    12. She was uncovered up to her midriff

    13. The merwoman gazed at the Innkeeper’s ample midriff

    14. her swelling midriff and my Father had that stunned but proud look on his

    15. While she cooed coyly, as if on cue, he fondled her at her midriff

    16. Her sword darted past a blade that sought to parry, and sheathed six inches of its point in a leather-guarded midriff

    17. She held her small handbag in both her hands, folding them daintily across her thin midriff

    18. midriff and into her moist breasts

    19. It was quite funny how he pushed the lapel of his navy blue jacket with brass buttons back in order to latch his right hand thumb under his red suspenders that struggled to keep his trousers positioned just beneath his corpulent midriff; he looked calm and relaxed as if there was not a worry in the world or a problem that could not be solved, just as he had appeared the previous night even with the gravity of Faye’s situation

    20. Her 110 pound frame filled a skimpy orange skirt, with a matching tube top, that revealed her tight midriff

    21. rippling over his abs, around the shaft of his midriff and to his back

    22. holding his midriff with one hand and in obvious discomfort, whilst carrying a

    23. The snake slapped its midriff against the floor

    24. “Hey what the hell is that!?” she muttered, her fingers pointing to Ben’s extended midriff

    25. Then she stepped out of it and Comben slipped his hands around her midriff

    26. Galvanized by her acquiescence, he laced her from behind and caressed her midriff that sent her into a rapturous trance

    27. Goaded by his desire to feel his love on her body, he gained her midriff left uncovered by her sari

    28. When his attack was directed at her midriff to untie the ribbon, she agreed to obey and sent him away

    29. After stooping to her feet in passion, having conquered her heart with love, he found his way back on her silken slopes with the labial support, and rested his head on the slab of her midriff

    30. Hunter frowned, then struggled to sit up, noticing the thick bandaging around his midriff and the odd, pain-free, sensation-free feeling

    31. Another of the men came towards her and she plunged her dagger to the hilt in his midriff, she twisted it and pulled, it came free with a squelching sound and blood poured from the wound

    32. (around the midriff, thigh section, upper body,

    33. Hal stood on tiptoes, feeling his shirt riding up and exposing his midriff to the cold air

    34. Modesty and disquiet compelled her to choose the one-piece over a bikini but it was a striking black number, with a lace effect around the neck and midriff that allowed a veiled glimpse of both cleavage and waistline

    35. In spite of being sweaty and dirty, she still looked hot in plaid shorts and a black shirt that showed off her tan midriff and navel piercing

    36. As Melvin averted his attention from Danny’s attack, the boy connected with a blow to the midriff

    37. Mary choked, “But where are your-” she waved her hand toward Petra’s midriff

    38. And Schmidt, the third time the boots landed in his midriff,

    39. And neither did my heart rise up into my mouth because my rotund midriff was exerting a severe downward pull upon the rest of my body

    40. In the doing of that he kept the revolver pointed directly at Olin's midriff

    41. Denice Newton, would allow my seven year old to wear large hoop earrings, midriff tops, tight stretch pants with the word “bootylicious” running across her butt, and a long weave pontytail

    42. A brightly multi-colored sleeveless waistcoat over a white silk shirt; bare midriff and white silk loose pantaloons tightening at the ankles

    43. She found a white tie-knot midriff top, which she fastened under her bust

    44. A shot caught Simla in the midriff but the

    45. Smith felt like he had been hit in the midriff with a sledgehammer

    46. He countered the attack, stuck an elbow in Smith’s midriff and neatly flipped him over on to one of the couches

    47. It was a halter top, cropped short, exposing her midriff, and the top

    48. His midriff yearned then upward, sank within him, yearned more longly,

    49. All the same, Wulfric bent forward, his face twisted in agony, both hands going to his midriff; whereupon Ralph hit him full in the face with his right fist, catching him high on the cheekbone

    50. Her tee-shirt’s cut short to bare a strip of midriff; over it she wears a man’s blazer, sleeves rolled and safety-pinned

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