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    1. of middle managers mimic the movement,

    2. we mimic calls across the void

    3. It was the parallel nature of those loops that allowed them to mimic a condensate in some way that Darryl's equations understood, but none of the rest of them did

    4. his best to mimic the movements of the others, with

    5. fermented liquid dried it would mimic the attributes of super glue and that I would

    6. She looked at him, trying to mimic his expression, which caused him to attempt a smile

    7. She tried to mimic what she saw other sessions doing

    8. But can you imagine if we humans started doing some plastic surgery stuff so we could mimic Bob the Buho’s great abilities for audible fixating! From what I’ve gathered, those delicate medical operations are done for just the opposite reason—to make us more symmetrical and to correct those unsightly, off-balance, or inappropriately shaped features that we were blessed with but are not appreciative of

    9. mimic the way that living things evolve through

    10. Many brands have developed special “natural bend” features that mimic the way real grass moves

    11. She was attempting to modify the ship's main computer to artificially mimic human brain activity in REM-state

    12. that mimic the smell of real food): Ethoxyquin, BHA and BHT are chemical additives

    13. They mimic the behavior of adult goats

    14. She began to mimic a beleaguered Kevin bent over in the saddle to where the horn was punching his stomach clear through to his backbone while trying to get a good grip around the stallion’s neck

    15. They mimic the archer's pose and sing the songs that tell their tales

    16. Then the metal egg or machine, whatever it was, bobbed slightly as if trying to mimic a human’s bow

    17. The inclination of his body coupled with the strange tone of its voice somehow led Hilderich to believe it was trying to mimic a haughty, stiff manservant of a noble:

    18. - Mimic the prospective buyer in every way

    19. ” My cheeks get hot again and mimic my heartbeat

    20. “I think the easiest way for you to learn would be to mimic me,” I say to Caleb

    21. Not wishing to be emperor, he tried to mimic the style of Augustus but was seen as insincere

    22. It was an extremely effective tactic that many tried to mimic, but without the nearly instant jump recovery of the Dark Knights, no one could pull it off

    23. with those they mimic

    24. I would have to say it was the first time I’d seen TJ smile, or at least mimic a pathetic excuse for a grin, her electrifying eyes beaming in anticipation

    25. ” It is a change to mimic the European concept of a “social market economy

    26. that a surround video could mimic anything as closely as being

    27. he was, a fucking mimic

    28. But not a complete mimic of terrorists

    29. intended to mimic the moral perfection of molecules

    30. mimic our perceptions of the world

    31. I attempted to mimic her, because I knew that she was acting how everyone would expect

    32. A moment later, he sees these objects do not come from the land, though they mimic the forms that can be found throughout their countries

    33. mimic the thing that is most often seen on the road, guards and prisoners that is

    34. modified its shape to mimic that of the barn roof

    35. to mimic the life of Christ in action and deed

    36. Marcus stopped, delighted at the sound, swinging around, and apparently entertained by Athene’s actions, he cocked his head slightly to one side and began to mimic her crying, his mock tears eventually giving way to deep laughter

    37. Read the enneagram book for a deeper understanding of what drives them, then visit your perfectionist friend to get an idea of what to wear and what mannerisms to mimic

    38. I am not my mother and I will no longer try to mimic her actions in an effort to steal her glory

    39. They sit rocking back and forth, Jane eyes you from her corner, your skin stretched wide in grin, you mimic the stance of the rest of the guests here, hold your tongue, sobs leap from your chest in amusement at the recounting of that week’s horror story

    40. He decided to mimic it in one part of the green

    41. Patrick got it into his head to mimic her Irish accent

    42. Part of a sexual – sadist profile is the ability to mimic honesty and sincerity

    43. But no art could mimic the perfection of the figure that lay before him

    44. Photuris had spent hours perfecting her blinking to mimic that of Ms

    45. “It was an asteroid chosen for its size and shape to mimic a real battleship

    46. If I was an alien—a Stargazer—then how was I an anomaly too? Yes, I spoke English, but as they said, Stargazers could mimic human speech

    47. They mimic well, but if one were to observe them for any length of time, it would become apparent that they are acting

    48. The sun shone over the misty mountains and hills, birds sung out of tune, which Gulab tried to mimic just to annoy the others

    49. the feature that allowed Torvalds' machine to mimic a uni-

    50. Their skin had horizontal, thin bands running around the body and even the neck, arms and legs that could change to mimic any color by pigment manipulation

    1. Huff mimicked Matt’s actions and stuck out his

    2. example, mimicked closely those they had received earlier, with the

    3. Angela mimicked his face, her mouth and

    4. ' She mimicked him

    5. I swear Prinz would leap up in the air with all four paws stretched wide, his mouth fully open, and spit an abbreviated mewrt that mimicked Dad’s “boo!”

    6. “This way please,” she mimicked her mother

    7. From his desk in the Cloud, comfortable and safe, Trevor watched the three move around, their actions mimicked perfectly the process of preparing morning coffee

    8. During the reign of the Meiji in the late 1800s, the Japanese mingled with and mimicked the ways of the West

    9. Poor, stupid, Jesse, duped by the first man she goes out with,” she mimicked his imagined thoughts crossly

    10. “Is this okay?” Yania asked as she mimicked her friend

    11. "�Oh, it's down there in Saigon,�" he mimicked

    12. And what's your point?" she inaccurately mimicked

    13. "Father, Father, Father," Zoe mimicked Father Haralambos sarcastically

    14. From my perch on the wall, I mimicked every move of the swordsmen, and in time learned the way of the guard

    15. more he laughed and mimicked about him

    16. He was mimicked my move and Daniel only stirred a bit, but then he went to sleep again

    17. The elder gesticulated in an excited manner as he mimicked the rowing of the devil’s ferry

    18. “Difficulty?" Carol mimicked sarcastically

    19. If the decoy, say a painted asteroid, gave off the easily mimicked appropriate radiation and electronic readings to fool the invaders’ sensors and if defending scouts were placed where they could ambush and pick off the invaders as they approached what they believed to be the backside of a capital ship, the attacking scouts thus deployed could easily be intercepted and destroyed

    20. Two had the clear shape of a man’s body with eyes that glowed white, the other a woman with a mist of honoi blowing of her head that mimicked hair

    21. Joey mimicked her with his hand and rolled his eyes

    22. “What the hell is Project X?” Rick mimicked, his blond, spiked hair trembling on his head as he paced back and forth in his black suit, a file tucked under one arm

    23. "I thought they just sort of mimicked each other," interjected

    24. The small, almost-unnoticeable mannerisms of Terence, an observation often neglected by the majority, further indicated his grief and misery, for the tired and hollow look in the eyes and the taut muscles in the face could only be mimicked by the most talented actor

    25. ―decrease of time‖ is mimicked by acceleration

    26. closest genetic ancestors ate and mimicked that to our diet as close as

    27. The co-founder of the earth, mimicked many of the perfect qualities of his Father, since He

    28. For example, if she stood in front of a red brick wall, or a green leafy bush, the suit perfectly mimicked the bricks or leaves, making her appear to melt into the background

    29. warning and the symptoms mimicked the others born from a

    30. She mimicked the movies to act

    31. increasingly mimicked by everyday church goers

    32. Many recent markets have mimicked that “winner takes all’ scenario

    33. Its skin was actually a thick multi-layered fabric that mimicked horse skin and that was proof against blade weapons and low velocity projectiles

    34. And she mimicked him, searching his mortal body, knowing its strengths and failings

    35. He mimicked his friend’s counting cadence and ran

    36. “Ooooh, he almost kissed you!” Cali mimicked, grinning

    37. Tatyana smiled and said, “You guys, I’m ashamed to say, will come soon to primitive man,” and she mimicked them in a funny way

    38. time stood still; the antique clock in her kitchen mimicked, by its

    39. mimicked, mocking the wispy voice of the miniature flute player

    40. He looked so happy and I mimicked him

    41. Observing those who liked his mimicked expressions Scott kept score

    42. The woman pointed to the rifle, shook her head, then mimicked raising the gun

    43. It’s scary,” he mimicked

    44. They both laughed quietly when Don mimicked the look on Melvin’s face as the knife plunged into the table between his legs

    45. “This lady says this place is a danger to your lives,” I mimicked and then said,

    46. The class mimicked his words once again

    47. The undulating surface of the Polish country roads physically mimicked the emotional turbulence that I felt

    48. Deal?” he mimicked

    49. “Who is speaking?” Tyler mimicked the robot again

    50. Tyler mimicked his friend and yanked the fabric from the box, holding it at arm’s length

    1. It was then they started taking photographs and mimicking her every time she cursed her burned fingers or spat on the ground

    2. Then he set them round with three bands of iron rod, roughly mimicking the the contour of the base, and proceeded to stand the numbered staves around its perimeter

    3. mimicking the dismount of a gymnast

    4. her neck, mimicking the look of a zipper

    5. Mimicking them was one thing but this device seemed to have decoded their meaning and was making its own

    6. Our modern day medicine is mainly derived from nature and scientists have spent years mimicking the active elements found in herbs

    7. When Amaranthe leaned over the railing, her light reflected off exposed ice, mimicking dozens of yellow eyes staring at her

    8. He was running as fast as his legs would carry him, his style mimicking a modern-day track sprinter, unaware that a gunman inside the house was carefully taking aim at his back

    9. This might be more easily understood as children learn by watching others and mirroring or mimicking them (words and actions) rather than by listening to the verbal instructions of others

    10. “More specifically,” Jeanine says, and this time she does smile at me, broadly, forcing creases into her cheeks, “someone with many, strong mirror neurons could have a flexible personality—capable of mimicking others as the situation calls for it rather than remaining constant

    11. "AND the doctor's son!" said Anne, mimicking Miss Cornelia's tone

    12. She raises hers, too, mimicking me

    13. type of Christianity while mimicking Christ with a

    14. They take turns mimicking my outstanding and or embarrassing high school moments

    15. "The ocean's bounty," she added, mimicking his occasional high-flown mode of expression

    16. She and Trask kept on till nearly midnight, replaying parts of the conversation, mimicking Carl's talk and gestures, predicting the actions to be played out at lunch

    17. haunches, mimicking his movements

    18. Looking at the teaching process in spiritual groups, we see the reverse happening where they are mimicking the effects of awakening instead of doing the causes of it

    19. Behind her, some of the girls coughed into their fists, mimicking Walt

    20. Reflecting the appearance of the fighters, the underground creatures positioned their nuclei within their head-like extensions, thus mimicking the eyes of the troll folk

    21. The Dangler’s eyes widened and he stopped whistling; it was several moments before Jai or Ceder realized that the wind was mimicking the same song the fisherman had been piping, even now that he was silent

    22. In a theatrical voice mimicking the one his brother had used, he asked, “Would M’Lady like to dance?”

    23. “Out of which, one is an adulterer,” added Suraj mimicking the tone in an attempt to lighten the mood

    24. The offspring will also associate with it and will appear to have genetically inherited this trait, but it is simply the offspring mimicking and continuing behavior that has been perpetuated

    25. It also emitted electronic noise mimicking the electronic signatures of a stealthed combat group

    26. mimicking ideas and concepts that create problems for the coachee,

    27. Mimicking physical gestures and

    28. Lazhinian blood not only healed lazhinians, but was also adaptive, mimicking the cells of another organism’s body by fusing with it, replicating itself so it could survive as that new organism

    29. “Coupla-things you need to embrace,” Bonnie said, mimicking my poor grammar to loosen me up

    30. “I told you so,” Bonnie said, mimicking the childlike manipulation I had tried on her

    31. During this time, I worked as a psychic, dishwasher, convenience store clerk, call center agent, and managed a retail chocolate store, all the while mimicking Bonnie’s teaching techniques in my home life

    32. “Coupla-things you need to embrace,” Bonnie said, mimicking my poor grammar

    33. 'Mother Slimebag-of-Ecstasy', shuffling past, on her way to the next appointment, wheezes at them, mimicking their gutter accents

    34. The ocean churned, sending enormous white caps crashing onto the deserted beach that even the gulls had abandoned, and had turned a shadowy grey colour as if mimicking the somber mood of Mother Nature as she wreaked her temper on the coast

    35. influence, thereby mimicking space and matter to

    36. Entering the quarters of Fazza Viyatu (as Jozef referred to him mimicking the local Hehe pronunciation) the scouts silenced the sleeping saint by careful anaesthesia, using a rag soaked in ether, and then went to sleep around him on the floor, posting one look-out to sit in turn by the door

    37. Star threw him Anna’s usual cheeky greeting, mimicking her voice and actions to perfection

    38. Errors in mimicking Anna’s voice would be less noticeable in this position, close to his ear

    39. Sharon turned up the volume and she began to dance to the music on the porn channel with her friends and they were mimicking the sounds of the porn stars having sex

    40. In some instances, the impostor will handle situations the personality they are mimicking cannot

    41. “People have been asking that long before computers were even capable of mimicking intelligence,”

    42. “We come in peace, shoot to kill,” he said, mimicking Kirk’s voice

    43. The selections need to have a beat of sixty to eighty beats per minute, mimicking the normal heart range, at rest

    44. We both tried to follow the various kicking and punching and jumping that the instructor threw at us, but we didn’t come close to mimicking her movements, and instead appeared to come off as a couple of slow Stanleys headed for the short bus

    45. starts to rise, mimicking the speed of his hand

    46. thought nothing of it, that Tammas was just mimicking the pattern, except that Tam

    47. mimicking Professor Xerx so well that even Chandra found it difficult not to laugh with them

    48. He tried to ignore her, but when he glanced over his shoulder she was going the Mexican Wave thing again, and the men opposite started mimicking her, calling out his name as they did so

    49. "That this place is old," Gowr said, mimicking Tammas

    50. pirates they are mimicking

    1. It mimics the properties of the surrounding cloak and of its immediate surroundings

    2. “Rubbing crotches like this is not so stimulating for two women, but as it mimics the heterosexual act we hope the master is considering, it is appropriate for this purpose

    3. Then as he got into his background in Artificial Intelligence and the computer modeling program known, as I style it, “Factory Efficiency” and how some of it mimics the mechanics of physical evolution, I began to feel that the latter understanding was probably the better

    4. Their roar mimics the roar of the water

    5. Now the blob, black and gray and slightly shiny, mimics the shape of a mouth with its

    6. As previously mentioned, a Board of Twelve member who is known as Mishaka or 9 in 8’s dimension and as Tanner in his earthly manifestation, is a pure energy being who can assume any form and mimics a Native American

    7. The particles in magma exhibit collective behavior and magma mimics the

    8. The erect sword visually mimics the number one, meaning new projects, ideas, thoughts or relationships are on the horizon

    9. Teacher mimics the sound of horses’ hooves by slapping his/her knees alternately in

    10. where the style now mimics the back of the seat I was

    11. It mimics the old display in that if you move your head, it tracks what you should be seeing and gives it to you

    12. asked, “who is this stranger that mimics my movements?”

    13. continues (and acceleration mimics this)

    14. that in the long run, mimics the cost of bankruptcy curve as creditors charge more interest

    15. mimics an early recovery and yet interest rates are too high for another expansion

    16. It is a good time to learn gestures and mimics accepted in the target society

    17. around him gravitates into his orbit and mimics his

    18. groovy ruin mimics dark shadows and reflections in a majorly radical way, thriving

    19. Your incessant economic struggle for greater inequality allegorically mimics the Immortal War for Immortality

    20. create a sort of quagmire that mimics increased mass

    21. It is interesting to see that the electronic book mimics the traditional book asmuch as possible except that the paper page is replaced by a screen

    22. It literally mimics the exact function of a wheel

    23. The second an adult tries to teach a child something they themselves are not really interested in; the child smells it instantly, and follows the teacher’s example and unconsciously ‘apes’ or mimics the teacher in all ways; until they end up having the same attitude, or way of seeing or thinking or acting as their peers do

    24. This mimics the biblical story of Cain killing Abel: the younger brother who threatened to grow too fast and too well and outstrip Cain: so he lured able out into the fields and killed him

    25. Sheltered thus under religious zeal, the hearts of men become congealed and settled into a condition of mimics, rejecting all ideas

    26. of men become congealed and settled into a condition of mimics, rejecting al ideas not in harmony with that of their

    27. Sheltered thus under religious zeal, the hearts of men become congealed and settled into a condition of mimics, rejecting all ideas not in harmony with that of their own teacher

    28. Occasionally called the lipless crank bait, this lure mimics the motion of a cranked small fish with all the commotion

    29. Dry fly-This fly mimics an insect floating on top of the water

    30. I believe one of the easiest ways to understand this is by studying options on an inverse ETF, such as a bear ETF that mimics the opposite behavior of the general market

    31. So instead of buying all the stocks individually, or trying to pick the next highflyer, you can diversify and own a piece of all 500 top stocks simply by investing in a low-cost index fund that tracks or mimics the index

    32. • Since this recipe loosely mimics mean variance optimization, it shares any shortcomings of the mean variance framework, such as ignoring liquidity considerations

    33. That was true: he had spent a year selling subscriptions to bring the Cortot-Casals-Thibaud trio to the Dramatic Theater, and there was no one in the government who even knew who they were, while this very month there were no seats left for the Ramón Caralt company that performed detective dramas, for the Operetta and Zarzuela Company of Don Manolo de la Presa, for the Santanelas, ineffable mimics, illusionists, and artistes, who could change their clothes on stage in the wink of an eye, for Danyse D’Altaine, advertised as a former dancer with the Folies-Bergère, and even for the abominable Ursus, a Basque madman who took on a fighting bull all by himself

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