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Frasi con mortification (in inglese)

1. Much to the mortification of some vil-.
2. Holmes was grey with anger and mortification.
3. Holmes was gray with anger and mortification.
4. It made my own mortification seem like nothing at all.
5. That had to be gross! I wailed out softly in mortification.
6. It’s hard to describe the mortification that I felt that night.
7. He may have been married already, and her cruel mortification may have been.

8. Their shadows on the walls look like tools for the mortification of the flesh.
9. But under his mortification a dreadful realization presently made itself felt.
10. Haven could only stare in sheer mortification as the rest of the class snickered.
11. Rosamond's cheeks by this time were persistently burning, and she felt much mortification.
12. When the spell had passed, she put her head in her hands and cried from sheer mortification.
13. Was she thinking of his failure of the night before? Glyn’s heart quivered with mortification.
14. However he soon gave a rebuff, that laid us all on our backs in a state of the greatest mortification.
15. Many times I've seen in your face as it were a look of mortification that I love Alexey more than you.
16. He began to introduce her to the bride and groom and all the family as in frenzy, much to her mortification.
17. Now you know why that was so, but I love you too, know that, and many times I grieved at your mortification.
18. But apart from her mortification there was another circumstance deterring her of which I could have no suspicion.
19. He suspected he had been born with a sense of unworthiness that could only be assuaged by regular self mortification.
20. Oh, the mortification, the humiliation, of it all! She would have given a week out of her life to have been back home.
21. Mother’s cheeks were pink with badly suppressed mortification, her eyes sparkled, her lips were on the quivering point.
22. She quailed a little as she thought how white with mortification Ellen would would forgive her when she saw her happiness.
23. The mortification and hurt pride that she had suffered in the library with Ashley and with Rhett Butler were pin pricks to this.
24. Of those who were present, such as knew the prince listened to his outburst in a state of alarm, some with a feeling of mortification.
25. The tips of three fingers had gone, gangrene had set in and the mortification of the flesh possessed a foul smell of terror and death.
26. She was proud, and her pride was useful just then, for it helped her hide her mortification, anger, and disgust at what she had just heard.
27. She can no longer conceal her anger and mortification; it is a wail of indignation, tears, and curses, with hands outstretched to Providence.
28. Hareton's chest heaved in silence a minute: he laboured under a severe sense of mortification and wrath, which it was no easy task to suppress.
29. Hareton’s chest heaved in silence a minute: he laboured under a severe sense of mortification and wrath, which it was no easy task to suppress.
30. Because if he had taken the money, in an hour after getting home, he would be crying with mortification, that's just what would have happened.
31. To the housekeeper's great mortification, she called the child Heidi, remarking to Miss Rottenmeier: If somebody's name is Heidi, I call her so.
32. Not with pleasure, though I was bound to him by so many ties; no; with considerable disturbance, some mortification, and a keen sense of incongruity.
33. When at length the collapse was explained to him, a sullen mortification, not usual with Durbeyfield, overpowered the influence of the cheering glass.
34. I tried both ways, and when it came to a sniff or utter mortification and woe, he just threw the grammar on to the floor and marched out of the room.
35. It was therefore no small mortification to him to have visited most of the principal cities in Italy without having excited the most trifling observation.
36. But the scornful expression of the young man's eye admitted of so many constructions, that the worthy scout was spared the mortification of such a discovery.
37. Casaubon; he was only shocked that Dorothea was under a melancholy illusion, and his mortification lost some of its bitterness by being mingled with compassion.
38. Just when she thought she couldn’t be humiliated even further, this had to happen! With a deep, long-suffering sigh, which was full of mortification, Kathy replied.
39. Miss Crawford was silenced, and with some feelings of resentment and mortification, moved her chair considerably nearer the tea-table, and gave all her attention to Mrs.
40. She selected, from her wide repertoire, the words that more mortification throw on the inflated self-esteem of the pretentious Beatrice and declared without mufflers:.
41. If I were slighted and hurt, I withdrew in my mortification and at once said to myself, Ah, I'm humiliated, but still I have my idea, and they know nothing about that.
42. He knew, she realized with mortification, that she was in love with him, and he was refusing her offer of help because he did not want to encourage her hopeless passion.
43. I heard the gentleman with pain and mortification, I repeat it, with pain and mortification I heard him declare that nations like individuals should pocket their honor for money.
44. Well, anything else that is found will also be examined at the morgue and afterwards, it will be released to you, along with her— Clayton broke off, mortification flooding his face.
45. The assurance of Edmund's being so soon to take orders, coming upon her like a blow that had been suspended, and still hoped uncertain and at a distance, was felt with resentment and mortification.
46. He could not endure without mortification, without resentment even, that the holiest of holy men should have been exposed to the jeering and spiteful mockery of the frivolous crowd so inferior to him.
47. She could read character sufficiently well to know by this time that she had nothing to fear from her employer's gallantry; it was rather the tyranny induced by his mortification at Clare's treatment of him.
48. But one very curious fact was that all the shame and vexation and mortification which he felt over the accident were less powerful than the deep impression of the almost supernatural truth of his premonition.
49. How cruelly have I been thus far disappointed! Generous men, at the time I suffered, said it is enough for you to bear the mortification of the temporary insult—we will share with you the loss of property.
50. He unintentionally brushed Corrine aside, (to her intense and inner mortification and fury, for she was not accustomed to such treatment - especially from men), as he handed the medical case down to Falcon’s brother.
51. I sensed that they had no mortification whatever at having attempted to pillage the hard-earned income of a boy, but instead they believed that there would never be another offer to purchase The Rocks in their lifetimes.
52. The moral and patriotic observer will see with pain and mortification that we are about to add to the temptations to increase the stimulus to evasions and violations of the laws, still more to debase and degrade the commercial character of the country.
53. After sitting two long moments while he moved his whip and could say nothing, Lydgate rose to go, and Rosamond, made nervous by her struggle between mortification and the wish not to betray it, dropped her chain as if startled, and rose too, mechanically.
54. He had suffered so painfully three years before from the mortification to which his wife had subjected him that he now protected himself from the danger of its repetition, first by not being a husband to his wife, and secondly by not allowing himself to suspect.
55. That is, that when Pinocchio and Candlewick discovered that they were both struck with the same misfortune, instead of feeling full of mortification and grief, they began to prick their ungainly ears and to make a thousand antics, and they ended by going into bursts of laughter.
56. Several of the Spaniards were weeping bitter tears of mortification, and though for months I had joyously anticipated the end of their brutal sway in Cuba, now one could but feel pity for Toral and his staff, who at least had fought bravely for their country and had won respect.
57. Yes, sir, it was; and with due deference, I may be allowed to say, the only honorable and just ground; and if the American Government had possessed independence enough to have still occupied this ground, we would not have had the mortification to discuss the bill on the table at this time.
58. Kitty was particularly glad of a chance of being alone with her husband, for she had noticed the shade of mortification that had passed over his face—always so quick to reflect every feeling—at the moment when he had come onto the terrace and asked what they were talking of, and had got no answer.
59. And must this sacrifice be made in order to bolster up the President's proclamation so prematurely issued? Must the best interests of the nation be put to hazard to save him the mortification of acknowledging his error and retracing his steps? Here, I fear, lies the true motive for our present procedure.
60. And I say this with the greater sincerity; for in my secret conscience, when I think of the affair at this distance of time, I am pricked not a little in reflecting how I had previously crowed and triumphed over poor Mr Hickery, in the matter of his mortification at the time of Miss Peggy Dainty’s false step.
61. In the modern philosophy, it was frequently represented as generally, or rather as almost always, inconsistent with any degree of happiness in this life; and heaven was to be earned only by penance and mortification, by the austerities and abasement of a monk, not by the liberal, generous, and spirited conduct of a man.
62. But he had ended his speech in a way to sink her in sad mortification, by adding, If William does come to Mansfield, I hope you may be able to convince him that the many years which have passed since you parted have not been spent on your side entirely without improvement; though, I fear, he must find his sister at sixteen in some respects too much like his sister at ten.
63. The inkwell that she had placed at her right would be on the left, the blotter would be lost and she would find it two days later under her pillow, and the pages written to José Arcadio would get mixed up with those written to Amaranta Úrsula, and she always had the feeling of mortification that she had put the letters in opposite envelopes, as in fact happened several times.
64. If she had known that Aureliano Segundo was going to take things the way he did, with the fine pleasure of a grandfather, she would not have taken so many turns or got so mixed up, but would have freed herself from mortification the year before Amaranta Úrsula, who already had her second teeth, thought of her nephew as a scurrying toy who was a consolation for the tedium of the rain.
65. With us it would be a striking and satisfactory proof of a continuance of conscious existence after death, but no proof whatever of a resurrection, and yet it is to prove this letter exclusively that our Lord, who could not have reasoned inaccurately or sophistically, adduces it, and his acute and leaned disputants, to their deep mortification, were forced to acquiesce, and stood confounded by his wisdom.
66. Inflamed, not so much because of the damage as because of the disgust and pity that he felt for himself in the emptiness of the saturnalia, he armed himself with an ecclesiastical cat-o-nine-tails that he kept in the bottom of his trunk along with a hair-shirt and other instruments of mortification and penance, and drove the children out of the house, howling like a madman and whipping them without mercy as a person would not even have done to a pack of coyotes.
67. Sancho glanced at him and saw him with his head bent down upon his breast in manifest mortification; and Don Quixote glanced at Sancho and saw him with his cheeks puffed out and his mouth full of laughter, and evidently ready to explode with it, and in spite of his vexation he could not help laughing at the sight of him; and when Sancho saw his master begin he let go so heartily that he had to hold his sides with both hands to keep himself from bursting with laughter.
68. He was, in his original, a lad of the place, who had gone into Glasgow, where he was in a topping line; and happening to be on a visit to his friends at the time, he came to the meeting and put down his name for twenty guineas, which he gave me in bank-notes—a sum of such liberality as had never been given to the town from one individual man, since the mortification of fifty pounds that we got by the will of Major Bravery that died in Cheltenham, in England, after making his fortune in India.
69. But habit had begot in the town a partiality for the drunken ne’er-do-well, Robin; and this just act of mine was immediately condemned as a daring stretch of arbitrary power; and the consequence was, that when the council met next day, some sharp words flew from among us, as to my usurping an undue authority; and the thank I got for my pains was the mortification to see the worthless body restored to full power and dignity, with no other reward than an admonition to behave better for the future.
70. Much to the mortification of Parvateshwar,.

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