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Frasi con motor (in inglese)

  1. It was our motor group.
  3. The motor images of the.
  4. Bino turned the motor over.
  5. The tracer hit the motor.

  6. But probably a new motor.
  7. Algo anda mal con el motor.
  8. A motor grumbled behind her.
  9. Algo pasa con (1) el motor.
  10. Turn off the motor, witch.
  11. He throttled down his motor.
  12. It was as though that motor.
  13. How this man made my motor run.
  14. He heard the motor roar louder.
  15. Thanks to Jake, our motor pool.

  16. The motor omnibuses were locked.
  17. A small motor popped and chugged.
  18. Their physical and motor skills.
  19. Something is wrong with the motor.
  20. Turn off the motor, he says.
  21. It's acting like a rocket motor.
  22. She’s losing her motor functions.
  23. In a study on cannabis and motor.
  24. Who can build a simple motor?
  25. The market still has its motor on.

  26. Then silence as the motor was cut.
  27. The motor cars hooted on the road.
  28. Don’t worry about the motor yet.
  29. With the grind of the motor, the.
  30. He gunned the motor and drove away.
  31. There isn't much to the new motor.
  32. The Mare and the Motor, by Joseph C.
  33. They toured the lake on a motor boat.
  34. The whole motor area seems affected.
  35. She had been given a motor scooter.
  36. Getting your motor running early is.
  37. This old motor is still a' running.
  38. It looks like motor oil or something.
  39. The sound of our motor was shattering.
  40. Fertility cycles replace motor cycles.
  41. Think of that motor as pumping energy.
  42. A motor car throbbed in the courtyard.
  43. But they will not misalign that motor.
  44. That was the sound of an outboard motor.
  45. It was the only vehicle the motor pool.
  46. Heard your motor just when you stopped.
  47. Vinny started up the boat's motor and.
  48. That motor sounded like distant thunder.
  49. He was the quintessential "motor mouth".
  50. Children his age didn't have the motor.
  51. He could hear a car motor and the room.
  52. He put his foot down to start the motor.
  53. Games with motor racing, and a twist of.
  54. Vinny started the boat's motor and took.
  55. I can still hear the motor running, sure.
  56. I’ve got to drive it with the motor.
  57. Tim cut the motor and let the boat drift.
  58. The Act required motor boat registration.
  59. I stayed at the Groton Motor Inn on the.
  60. Moored to it was the motor yacht's dinghy.
  61. I saw a dozen of men on their motor bikes.
  62. I gunned my hilarity as I gunned the motor.
  63. As I watched, the dinghy's motor began to.
  64. It was the roar of another motor, possibly.
  65. He was supported by a motor flotilla under.
  66. He smelled faintly of sawdust and motor oil.
  67. Keep your clothes on and your motor running.
  68. Then they left the spot on their motor bikes.
  69. Motor parts, such as the alternator and the.
  70. It was the faint sounds of an outboard motor.
  71. The motor was turning but it wasn't starting.
  72. Al started the motor and turned on the lights.
  73. The motor scooter leaned crookedly on the curb.
  74. Its pale grey hull loomed over the motor yacht.
  75. The motor panted heavily as he struck the road.
  76. I asked him what specific motor code I violated.
  77. If the van breaks down, it doubles as motor oil.
  78. Thus T3 continues to conduct and the motor does.
  79. Revving the motor he waited for his opportunity.
  80. Did the CSI team finish in that motor home?
  81. The wheelchair motor whirred as Lawrence pushed.
  82. General Motors began as the Buick Motor Company.
  83. There was only a little girl in the motor car.
  84. Motor boat was slowly moving towards destination.
  85. The engine was bolted back inside the motor well.
  86. They manufactured motor control units, but were.
  87. How big is the motor in this car? he asked.
  88. Mark travelled up to the Lakes in Larry’s motor.
  89. The sound of a motor came up the road and stopped.
  90. A luxury motor coach is parked in a nearby turnout.
  91. So one day Tony went to the office of Ford Motor.
  92. He slid into the front seat and started the motor.
  93. And now on a motor launch, somewhere off New York.
  94. The manifest fact was that the motor would not run.
  95. Al started his motor and drove out into the highway.
  96. The starter motor ground away merrily, but no spark.
  97. Infrared shows a complete absence of motor vehicles.
  98. Perhaps it’s the two men on the motor bike then.
  99. Once her face was completed, we perfected her motor.
  100. The fog deadened the motor and the sounds of the city.
  1. You really are motoring along now.
  2. We're going into Beijing and motoring West.
  3. The motoring show began in 1977 and relaunched in 2002.
  4. After a few minutes of motoring along Fred suddenly said: And Hanna.
  5. They were motoring up from a house where they had spent the week-end, they explained.
  6. It was then that Matthew decided to take some driving lessons with a school of motoring.
  7. Late twentieth-century cars developed in ways the pioneers of motoring could never have imagined.
  8. But some while back one night I dreamed that I was motoring along a country road with my inspirational Greek muse.
  9. You could see him motoring with feeble wildness up and down the hills of Beverly, mouth gaped, eyes blinking palely.
  10. Ford liked to claim that he had democratised travel, but the upper classes hadn’t given up their hold on motoring yet.
  11. Friend of mine motoring in the Black Forest only the other day, just came back and told me about it while we played a round of golf.
  12. After a round of handshakes and a show of sportsmanship, they gathered themselves and within ten minutes they were motoring back to Rosegard.
  13. He came in as slowly as he dared over the trees, missing them by no more than five feet, motoring in with careful graduations of the throttles.
  14. You could argue that the biggest changes in motoring in the late twentieth century weren’t so much in the cars as in everything else that cars need.
  15. On the other hand few motoring maps give much information about the nature of the terrain or show features which would help a walker choose their route.
  16. Ellen took lessons from a local school of motoring and Matthew would take her to a nearby Trading Estate of a Sunday, where she could practice in their car.
  17. But this would be only a partial solution to the problem as private motoring (which accounts for more than half of all transport energy use) could not be incorporated into this classification.
  18. Another two and a half to three hours of motoring north and she would be where she could do whatever she wanted, where the woodland was dense but she had discovered how to drive into it and all but disappear from the rest of the world.
  19. The pure air and rapid motion of the motoring intended to revive and brace his little love were apparently reviving and bracing his little love's aunt as well, for lately he had been unable to avoid noticing a tendency on her part to assert herself.
  20. And two or three days later, when Wemyss had again hired a car to take them for an outing to Windsor, while she and Lucy were tidying themselves for tea in the ladies' room of the hotel she turned from the looking-glass in the act of pinning back some hair loosened by motoring, and in spite of having a hairpin in her mouth said, again suddenly, 'What did Mrs.
  1. I motored on back toward the old.
  2. They motored back the way they had come.
  3. The Chevy motored up through hilly country.
  4. JAY MOTORED HIS skiff toward Blaine's boat.
  5. However on the following Monday, I motored up.
  6. The following day I motored on down to the local health.
  7. The following morning I motored on out to the local flea.
  8. I promptly exited the office and motored on back toward my.
  9. We motored on down the road, soon reaching the driveway of.
  10. I motored on down the road, being very careful to turn onto.
  11. As I motored out of view from the island, the waters felt as.
  12. Derek watched despairingly as the truck motored its way back.
  13. I was so nervous when I motored back up to the front door of.
  14. Many of the bride and groom’s family had motored out to the.
  15. The next morning they motored out of San Diego and headed south.
  16. The day felt as though it passed by quickly, and as we motored.
  17. He motored on to the general parking area and found a spot for.
  18. I motored on out of the parking lot and onto the three lane road.
  19. Karma at the wheel, the group motored its way to the Potala Palace.
  20. And that’s kind of where my mind was as we motored back to Charlotte.
  21. People walked in and out of the restaurant, and cars motored on their way.
  22. WE motored out of the storm drain and I looked south one hundred yards and gasped.
  23. Danny put his mouth to the joystick and motored over pulling it open with the cord.
  24. Thanks, I said, and he motored off in a big half-circle to go out the gate again.
  25. They motored through the busy West End streets and cut through Moorgate and into the Docklands.
  26. Or was it that some days, looking for a parking lot, you mistakenly motored between tombstones? A confusion.
  27. Nothing else mattered as reality was distorted by breathtaking beauty as they motored along beside sheer cliff faces.
  28. We will celebrate tonight! One of the two boatmen shouted as the boat motored slowly against the river’s current.
  29. He would have gone out to kneel in the grass, but at that moment a police car motored slowly by, looking at nothing and the night.
  30. We motored around behind the worksheds, through Madrid, Rome, and Calcutta, and now pulled up at a brownstone somewhere in the Bronx.
  31. The Town Car motored on into the gap ahead, and the red coupe followed, neither one of them slowing, both of them apparently undamaged.
  32. Then he turned his car and motored back across the long miles, this time cutting across to San Diego, so he would miss that desert stretch between El Centro and Beaumont.
  33. The first was the depth of its base and the fact that the stock came up straight off the bottom of the base without taking any time to digest some very rapid gains as it motored back up through the 50-day moving average and toward new high price ground.
  34. At eleven in the morning, we motored through Venice and looked at the canals with a thin layer of green slime on their surface, and passed the half-torn-down pier and looked at some gulls soaring in the fog up there, and no sun yet, and the surf so quiet it was like muffled black drums.
  35. It was the summer before, he said, and he and his wife--at this Miss Entwhistle became attentive--had motored down one Sunday to lunch in that very room, and it had been so much crowded, and the crowding had been so monstrously mismanaged, that positively they had had to go away without having had lunch at all.
  36. During the evening the little girl, accompanied by Sir Graball and Lady D'Encloseland, motored round to all the schools where the tea was being consumed: the Baronet made a few remarks, and Honoria made a pretty little speech, specially learnt for the occasion, at each place, and they were loudly cheered and greatly admired in response.
  37. William Forrester spent the next morning checking local news items for the paper, had time after lunch for some local news items for the paper, had time after lunch for some fishing in the river outside town, caught only some small fish which he threw back happily, and, without thinking about it, or at least not noticing that he had thought about it, at three o'clock he found his car taking him down a certain street, He watched with interest as his hands turned the steering wheel and motored him up a vast circular drive where he stopped under an ivy-covered entry.
  1. Tesla Motors in Figure 7.
  2. Then connect rod drive motors.
  3. Willie motors down the freeway.
  4. Two hot spots! More motors.
  5. For example, General Motors is.
  6. I even checked each of the motors.
  7. Willie motors off of a coastal exit.
  8. Father, a maker of outboard motors.
  9. The motorcycles roared their motors.
  10. He talked to motors, questioned them.
  11. The squadron leader’s motors started.
  12. If anyone knew about motors, he should.
  13. Similarly, take a look at General Motors.
  14. One of the motors was clear of the water.
  15. For example, General Motors reported a 4.
  16. He gunned the motors to give him the exact.
  17. For value, think General Motors, Kmart, or J.
  18. A roar of motorcycle motors moved into their.
  19. The motors strained, but couldn’t budge them.
  20. Sure enough, the man began asking about motors.
  21. General Motors began as the Buick Motor Company.
  22. This time there was the hum of motors and servos.
  23. Motors itself singing the virtues of your machine.
  24. On the other hand the Hudson Motors average of $4.
  25. Neither could drive, or knew anything about motors.
  26. The motors started and struggled against their age.
  27. Ground in Milner Park in the colours of Karen Motors.
  28. I’m pretty sure the portal motors are this way.
  29. The sound of roaring motors had became clearly closer.
  30. The cover was headed: The Tragedy of General Motors.
  31. They used to run the stage coaches, before motors came.
  32. General Motors Corporation is largely a holding company.
  33. The ILSS 4 news helicopter follows Willie as he motors down.
  34. Further down, the certificate said General Motors common stock.
  35. They could hear the whine of motors starting up within the ship.
  36. He sees the tangled mess of wires and motors, sins and short-.
  37. Abort! Abort! Turn on your motors and get out of here!.
  38. All I saw was a river of trucks; all I heard was a roar of motors.
  39. Alfred Sloan was the President, CEO, and Chairman of General Motors.
  40. Again, he heard the whining of electric motors and he looked around.
  41. Two of the cops kicked over their motors and fell in beside the truck.
  42. We decided to come back up to cool off the motors and try again later.
  43. The sound of motors revved up high could be heard, faintly but clearly.
  44. There’s nothing wrong with my footpads or the motors in my leg joints.
  45. Print! The console clicked, developer motors hummed and a picture came out.
  46. The trailer’s motors won’t be powered, but it’s nice to have backups.
  47. General Motors has plans to roll out the Volt, an all-electric car, in 2012.
  48. Being inside the suit, with servo motors taking the strain, was like being.
  49. By rights the Black Swan should have ten powerful rocket motors which would.
  50. At precisely the correct moment four rocket motors fired and the gargantuan.
  51. Three propellers, one in the bow and two aft, were powered by electric motors.
  52. Abner went over his motors on the ground and hovered about like a worried hen.
  53. They’re all over the world: McDonald’s, IBM, Microsoft, General Motors.
  54. The severed head’s animated smile faded slowly as the pipes, leads and motors.
  55. Small electric motors powered in as it aligned itself with its satellite master.
  56. She turned a corner and heard the sound of small motors heading in her direction.
  57. As they approached they took cover behind tow motors parked on the tarmac fringe.
  58. The Impala was back on the showroom floor of ‘Merican Motors Thursday morning.
  59. Accustomed to the noise of the props and motors, your hearing adapts, oddly enough.
  60. What the rest of you call progress advances by means of two motors, men and events.
  61. Then the ground shakes under the spinning wheels and the air roars with the motors.
  62. On June 8, 2009, Cisco Systems and Travelers replaced Citigroup and General Motors.
  63. That society plays bridge is no more remarkable than that society golfs and motors.
  64. Boats with electric motors trolled the lakes, people partied and cooked on the docks.
  65. They did have some silent little motors that could move them sedately thru the canals.
  66. They were suspended from small rails above, with linear induction motors driving them.
  67. Dahms could hear the hum of the antigrav motors wind down as she pushed the off button.
  68. In the Yakhan some were driven by motors and a ride on one was about an iron per person.
  69. We rev up our electric motors and spiral upward, gradually vanishing into the night sky.
  70. The cooling motors ran compressors which pumped liquid nitrogen around the battery banks.
  71. Soon one could hear the hum of the motors and something moving behind the elevator doors.
  72. Dean trained himself to recognize the sound of the whirring motors of the automatic gates.
  73. Once it ended, a show on cars began and Suraj was really getting in to the topic of motors.
  74. There was also, a pump house, with motors at ground level and pumps ten metres underground.
  75. Mark manipulated the joystick and motors on the camera to zoom in, and follow his movements.
  76. And now that the motors were gone, the distant yelling of the men in the ditch could be heard.
  77. Our captors’ machines rise quietly as high as they want before engaging their rocket motors.
  78. Smaller shredders have smaller motors and thus they are more prone to overheating if overused.
  79. The time had come to stop waiting for General Motors and Ford to supply jobs and create our own.
  80. He started the electric motors and they rose upwards, levelling off before breaking the surface.
  81. Besides, AJ was sick of travelling around in crap motors, it would be flash ones from now on in.
  82. To be quite honest, he initially doubted the notion of experimenting with our planes and motors.
  83. He will buy the General Motors stock, and keep buying it until the price goes back to sixty-seven.
  84. He started the motors and listened and he could tell a great deal about a motor by listening to it.
  85. The driver of the one remaining patrol craft shut off the antigrav motors and set it on the pavement.
  86. White Sands will actually become our prime static test site for rocket motors, due to its isolation.
  87. Yes, but remember, before you turned on the shields, the plants managed to destroy four brake motors.
  88. The leader gunned his motors and taxied down the runway and Joe looked around into the darkened cabin.
  89. Miller to buy five hundred thousand shares of General Motors stock, which is right now at forty-seven.
  90. There were no passing junks, the noise form their worn motors floating over the surface of the channel.
  91. One accepted system on each carburetor of all fuel instaled after Apr 25, 1940, except outboard motors.
  92. Motors were throttled up and down while the crew tried to duplicate the smoky cabin experienced earlier.
  93. Greg could hear the motors whine separating the components of the nuclear pile to shut down the reaction.
  94. The ground crews were working on the motors, filling the gas tanks, and the bomb crews were loading 100 lb.
  95. To set an example I ordered a house for myself, and later sold it to the head of General Motors for Russia.
  96. The motors and pumps were from a waterpark with the boilers adapted to burn liquid fuel instead of cordwood.
  97. Now, although it was too late, she could hear the familiar sound made by the patrol craft’s antigrav motors.
  98. The ship made a turn, and with motors idling dropped quietly towards the little splash of wake in the distance.
  99. The Gatling gun was fully visible now, moving smoothly back and forth on what he guessed were electric motors.
  100. You could buy $5000 worth of GE, borrow another $5000, and then control a $10,000 investment in General Motors.

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