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    1. ‘Sionn will be my Higher-Robot number 1,’ the Sovereign said

    2. The names of the books and their numeric values conform to specific design specifications that become evident in the number 11 that forms the foundation for its design

    3. Something that I would like to highlight, is the fact that the number 108 is featured in this find, by just looking at the number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet that is used

    4. It just so happens that the number 108 is also a very significant number in the Buddhist religion - the Buddhist mala, or string of prayer beads, has 108 beads on it

    5. It seemed they were hit number 16,527

    6. If the United Nations does not approve the new resolution (which is already number 18, with respect to Iraq), the bombing will start backed by Resolution 1441

    7. I do not think I am mistaken by maintaining that France, Germany and Russia have encouraged Saddam’s present haughty and defiant behavior with their inflexible posture of resistance to compel faithful compliance of Resolution 1441 and the new resolution, number 18

    8. Call it, ‘Number 193

    9. Number 192 for the SE’s and 193 for the Camels

    10. Mike Black was a tall, sparely-built, balding Englishman from London, and was in charge of our SE’s, number 192 Squadron

    11. I knew then that there was something very specific about the number 128; everything always happened on the 128th peregrination

    12. This was mentioned in f of number 1 above

    13. He affixed tiny images of wheat and cows to the former, and humans, to the latter, at least up to the number 16

    14. Vision of the Seas was number 18 in line, but having paid the transit dues in advance, it began its crossing on the specific day and the specified hour to do so

    15. The number 100

    16. The number 1 is A

    17. The number 12 is L

    18. The number 13 is M

    19. The number 15 is O

    20. The number 16 is P

    21. Is number 109 (= 10 being

    22. with the number 1

    23. I was the only one who entered the lift so I pressed the button number 14

    24. Bubba Bates spotted number 13/2 and honked impatiently to be let through the solid gate

    25. The last box, lettered with the number 1, ended at her pubic region

    26. The Journal of the United States Life-Saving Service Heritage Association (Number 15, Fall 2000, pp

    27. Here are the characteristics of each type: If you checked number 1, this is: my rules for me are my rules for you

    28. The area we lived in was called Soledad and our house number 1A was a dream—or

    29. hour counter should not reach higher than number 11

    30. On 2 May, Tendulkar was elected to seat number 103 in the Rajya Sabha

    31. “You were definitely number 1, Kaite don’t kid yourself

    32. Example of the DEATH CARD which is card number 13

    33. Number 1: how did subject 6741 then escape the building?”

    34. Three hits of great quality, number 1, A-grade cocaine and a bottle of tequila later, a sleepless Chris nosed the car out of its hidey hole, under the cover of darkness, about five thirty that evening and headed for town

    35. He pressed again and his final slide appeared on the screen, just the number 1500

    36. This is also the reason the number 13 is considered to be unlucky

    37. Start with the number 1

    38. He had no trouble at al in naming problem number 1

    39. build up two, three or four (or even more) cards in addition to their ‘number 1’ card with questions and answers on

    40. statements they wrote on their ‘number 1’ card

    41. Freddie you are number 1 and if any one else needs to speak to Freddie they say ‘calling number one’ and not ‘are you there Freddie?’ Pedro you are number 2, Antonio you are number 3, Anna number 4 and Rita you are number 5 I will be ‘zero’ and please don’t forget the sequence

    42. He reached the swimming pool area which was deserted then he radioed through to Gomes and whispered, “Number 1 clear at pool

    43. In the order of importance your resource box is number 1!

    44. He hesitated as he saw number 17 and then four, no six groups of four, then groups of nine

    45. I myself have been married for 13 years and like others have had my up and downs but my children’s welfare has always been my number 1 priority

    46. President Obama has made it his number 1 objective to change the way healthcare is administered in this country but this is something that is not receiving bipartisan support

    47. I repeat, we have spotted the container number 13

    48. The crane picked the large metal container with the vivid number 13, raised it and put it on the street next to the others containers

    49. These containers were only 50 metres from the one with number 13

    50. The two vampiric creatures came to the container number 13

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