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    number one

    1. achieve their goals, but the number one reason is time

    2. "I don't know what he did in Zhlindu," Luray said, "I never knew him there, but while we were just friends in Yoonbarla this last time I lived there, I think we were number one and number two and he was definitely two

    3. The number one choice when it comes to colors is blue

    4. 'See, that's number one

    5. Number one, what Ava had hounded into him for two hundred years

    6. instant hit, making number one in charts across the world and

    7. Stock question number one

    8. It hadn't started big, just a diaper here or there, then there were more of them and soon he was doing the washing--- New chore number one

    9. “Rule number one,” the man said, stopping his swing

    10. stuffed number one fingers in the air, chewing on cotton candy, remnants of

    11. I gave the old number one with my finger

    12. I understand that Sue ‘was charged but not convicted of forcible confinement when she used GBH, known as the date rape drug, to nobble the competition!’ Apparently the model competition went to you as the number one contestant had fallen

    13. In the fourth grade I had a really great chance to be number one

    14. health of the number one son, not to mention the

    15. If I’ve demonstrated anything in this tome it is that I’ve been prepared to take a leap of faith, and when I’m confused, lost or lonely I just remember rule number one

    16. That evening we were again at look-out point number one

    17. We had to test-fire the cannons and, for the cannon on look-out point number two, this was not a problem, but for the cannon on look-out point number one it caused us some concern as little Ashley had never heard a noise that loud before

    18. made our way over to look-out point number one to cook and eat an afternoon meal

    19. After this I scurried up the hill, stopped to douse the fire on look-out point number one, and then ran the rest of the way to the cottage to rejoin the girls

    20. all, your collection is number one in Paris! Mr

    21. See number one

    22. Number one was his childhood sweetheart

    23. However, number one had admitted wanting an affair and told

    24. Saturday started with the obligatory kiss to number one and a

    25. number one; when are you and Jack going to have your next baby

    26. Number one’s youngest

    27. think?” Turning he saw number one’s youngest had followed him

    28. again and grew harder, thinking how both number one and two had

    29. Number one’s youngest joined in the dance, still wanting

    30. Witness that, number one, she didn"t even acknowledge the contribution by a woman named Barbara, who had written the book

    31. Clearly they would be the number one target

    32. “As long as I’m here, I’ll be their number one

    33. He heard the speakers crackle around the room and a voice burst through the air, “Contender number one today is an up and coming star, Raven!” He froze on the walkway, blinded by the spotlights shining upon him

    34. I presented it to a publisher who snapped it up and I made the best sellers list taking the number one spot but I was fully involved and committed to right the wrongs of that long ago war

    35. Number one on my festive hit list is to 'accidentally' run into the Christmas tree and send it crashing to the floor

    36. When writing your blog review the number one question running through your mind should be, “what does the reader want to know?” This is the most important thing to remember when writing a review

    37. The number one slot Friday night was Millicent vs Kiri

    38. I was a number one draft pick

    39. Unknown to everyone else, that was not ever their intention and realizing ethically that people were number one priority over greed and drug deals, they blocked off as many clearly racist infidels as they could

    40. “Procedure number one,” the AI began

    41. It seemed that there were one of three ways to do it: number one — go for gold and just plunge your hand under that hen, grabbing the eggs in twos or threes and quickly putting them into your feed bucket; number two — reaching in and pulling the hen out by the neck until it got up and out on its own, or until it was forced out in one quick yank, and then, you enjoy the pleasantness of having a free for all at the unattended eggs; and number three (my personal favorite) — was to make enough noise by either beating on the nesting box with the shovel handle, or by yelling and screaming like a little girl at the sight of a spider as you try to do it the number one or two way

    42. They would start at the front with a number one comb shave and off everything until you had no hair and looked like a convict

    43. The number one rule is to read the wind

    44. Lesson number one is that anything which glitters in a counter-insurgency turns to granite and not gold

    45. ing with heart disease, the number one killer in the United States

    46. That is rule number one on mean street survival

    47. The Nationalists got their inflated pensions in return for they knew well how to take care of number one

    48. He is typically always busy protecting number one which is himself

    49. Invisibility is the number one defense in security

    50. Proud of his relationship with the police, he expected to take over as the number one crime and environmental reporter any day now

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