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    1. Some of my friends bought a fabrication shop down in the Gengee, this is the best imitation of an antique ocean racer from our country that we can build

    2. They are found both at the bottom of the ocean and in fresh water lakes

    3. As the diatom dies, the dia-earth falls to the bottom of the lake or ocean in which they lived

    4. DE is chemically identical to quartz and white ocean sand

    5. The boat was undoubtably fast, as fast as an ocean racer from old Earth in all likelihood, but could go no faster than traffic on Third Canal

    6. You try to stand in front of that thing, earplugs or no, you’d go flying all the way into the ocean

    7. Tiny Robot Archimedes, however, had built his ship efficiently enough so that it would traverse the extent of his vision of the ocean: 2

    8. The ocean was truly a wondrous place

    9. Anyone who has ever lived on an island quickly learns the value of the ocean

    10. Being surrounded by water, island living relies on the resources of the ocean

    11. Seaweed was dried and used as a fertilizer, along with anything and everything that came from the ocean

    12. By giving it the richness of the ocean, the barren land would give untold food back in return

    13. The levels to which they brought agriculture and the special relationships they developed with the ocean and the lands bear a closer look

    14. To understand the reasons why this culture flourished completely intertwined with the ocean and the earth around them, we must look at their relations with those around them

    15. Europeans were one of the earliest cultures to formally recognize the importance of the ocean to their agricultural practices

    16. The mother land has known the secrets of the ocean since time itself began

    17. China is old and so is her knowledge of the ocean

    18. All the countries of this area knew the ocean- India, Japan; all have learned to rely on the ocean and her bounty

    19. The ocean is very rich in trace minerals, enzymes, and bacteria as well as small amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium


    21. Dave looks out over the ocean

    22. Cut back to: Dave and John on the ocean in the boat

    23. He looks at John, then back out over the ocean

    24. He watches the ocean

    25. You’ve never been on the ocean

    26. it’s the ocean

    27. Surrender to the ocean of life,

    28. Second story: I write about an ocean and its sea life

    29. I was only feeling a deep grief growing fast inside me, turning into a dark ocean of self-pity and desperation

    30. As our rower led us through the stunningly enchanting halls of the cave, such as the Crossroads of Nymphs, the Lake of Exotic Ocean Creatures, the Sea of Shipwrecks complete with a sunken wreck, the Pink Chamber, the White Chamber and the wonderful Red Chamber, the rare beauty of the place took our breath away

    31. The guys running the mechanical shop had managed to put together a very good imitation of an ocean racer and it was now ready for some long distance trials

    32. For a few moments I stood still and admired the phantasmagorical cosmic vortex rising beyond the ocean; it was sparkling like a spectral spiral galaxy in the night horizon

    33. Whales sang in the deeps of the ocean

    34. no living thing could stand such an ocean,

    35. of ocean spray where monsters lay,

    36. That day they beckoned to me to come and taste the joys of the ocean

    37. I think accepting the ocean did it for me

    38. home on the California Coast overlooking the ocean

    39. “I’ve looked at a small place overlooking the ocean in the Philippines

    40. She watched the terrain pass beneath her and then the ocean and then the ground again

    41. The ocean was as if the starry night sky was persuaded to exchange places with Earth, and was laid out before him

    42. Those first days were bright with few clouds, the nights were starry beyond belief, and always the ocean spread past reckoning around them, calling them onward

    43. from the depths of the ocean, was on dry land and beginning to reach for the

    44. wide and open, blue as the ocean

    45. They were heading across the ocean in response to a distress call a sailor had sent in

    46. an ocean, merging into the horizon, smudging the meeting point of sky and water

    47. Four windows in all, looking out over a beach and then the ocean

    48. Eidolon Corporation the Distress Signal that the sailor had found in the middle of the ocean

    49. Stanley and Raymond told Xavier that they had found the distress signal for the Eidolon Spaceship; it was with a sailor who had gotten stranded in the middle of the ocean

    50. from the moon and the stars hinted at the moving waves of the ocean

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