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    oral sex

    1. Delia had never been much of a supporter of oral sex but now she was thinking about it as being a most fascinating affair

    2. It is a disturbing comment on American shortsightedness that so many focus on matters such as the Monica Lewinsky scandal over oral sex

    3. Particularly had Johnson's impeachment been earlier over his actual abuses of power, the precedent would have made it more difficult to use impeachment for such utterly frivolous and absurd cases as impeaching Clinton for lying about oral sex, or downright surreal and delusional birth certificate theories about Obama

    4. She then sat on her knees and pulled his pants down, and proceeded to have oral sex with her lover

    5. She told me she would give me oral sex for a pound,” he went on without pause or rest

    6. began oral sex, then the key turned in the house, and the man"s wife came in!

    7. For example, most women find that oral sex is one of the best ways

    8. or through masturbation or even through oral sex

    9. from the fact that through oral sex he was able to control his orgasms

    10. You may practice either through sexual intercourse or oral sex with a

    11. Is it true that oral sex and other arousal methods work better for

    12. give each other pleasure in any number of ways, one of which is through oral sex

    13. After she performs oral sex, he switches positions with Janay and begins sucking and licking her breasts in a voracious manner as she becomes deeply aroused

    14. out of his drawers, and then she gave him some surprising and pretty substantial oral sex

    15. big C took her out soon after we had graduated to oral sex when I was sixteen

    16. The appendix “Become an oral sex god” in the "Weeks 5-8" eBook looks at how you can stimulate your partner orally – which is by far and away the best way to stimulate her

    17. being introduced to the man who I gave oral sex to the next day

    18. Lots of experts advice their friends not to engage into oral sex before having sex with their partners

    19. Thus, it is best to prevent going through oral sex, so that you can ensure optimum sperm quality

    20. “I’d rather have oral sex with a toilet bowl than that ice cream jingling broad

    21. “The hottest guy in the place is paying you total attention and you can talk about nothing other than some other chick offering him oral sex and his manners?”

    22. Gave me mind blowing oral sex

    23. He then proceeded to perform oral sex on me

    24. Danny had hinted in the lyrics about oral sex

    25. was to be oral sex

    26. “Is that true Bill? Did our daughter have oral sex with you?” Kim asked

    27. It was as if he had no better fantasy than watch a gay vampire give another vampire oral sex

    28. After much resistance and protesting, Roger was forced to perform oral sex on all four of them

    29. She gave him the thrill of his life with oral sex

    30. “Kurt, although I’ve read about oral sex and wanted to experiment with it, Sam

    31. I did not question at the time why she did not try to initiate other preliminaries, which are almost routine nowadays, such as oral sex

    32. problem, as it panned out, was that husbands who are unused to spontaneous oral sex from their wives can

    33. coitus interruptus and, my favourite, when standing while I perform oral sex, placing one hand firmly on the

    34. and I mean always, offer their male patients oral sex

    35. Phil then said that if they merely informed me that they normally commenced with oral sex, I might well imagine that they did this while still clothed, which was not the case

    36. oral sex, which wasn’t what they did at all

    37. Phil reminded her that on at least one previous occasion, on returning from a New Year’s Day party, they had indeed initiated congress with oral sex, and at Annie’s instigation

    38. But I just couldn’t get going with older women, younger girls, sadism, masochism, oral sex, anal sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism, scatology, fat women,

    39. Dana and Mark continue to violently fight each other! They start to beat on each other real bad! Dana violently fights Mark using kick boxing and Hapkido! She punches Mark! She throws several straight blows to his face again! She elbows Mark! She kung fu's Mark! She knees Mark! She knees him real hard again and again in the groin area! Mark bawls over in pain! Dana throws Mark another uppercut under the chin, knocking Mark down to the floor again! Dana bends down and grabs Mark! She lifts him up and violently shoves him to the wall, banging his entire body hard against the wall! As Mark's body bounces back off the wall, Dana raises her knee and violently bangs her knee real hard against Mark's abdomen! Mark bawls out in pain again! Dana quickly spins her whole entire body around and kung fu kicks Mark's head and body real hard to the floor! Then she bends down and grabs Mark by the neck, putting him into another choke hold! Mark also grabs Dana by the neck, putting her into a choke hold! They both have a choke hold of each other's neck as they both roll all over the place again, knocking everything down within their path again! Then they both race right towards the wall at a very fast speed! At the last second, Dana suddenly pulls back as Mark's head slams hard into the wall! Mark yells out in pain as Dana grabs his head and violently bangs her knee against Mark's head, causing Mark's entire body to flip back real hard against the floor again! Dana bends down and grabs Mark by the neck again! She pulls him up by the neck and grabs his head, putting him into another choke hold! Then she grabs Mark's entire head and violently bangs her knee and fist against Mark's head again, causing Mark's entire body to flip back down to the floor again! Dana bends down and grabs Mark by the neck again! She puts him into another choke hold! Mark grabs Dana's neck again also! They both have a choke hold of each other's neck again as they both race towards the wall again at a very fast speed! This time, Dana's head hits the wall! She falls to the floor! She is sort of woozy! Mark starts to sit on top of Dana's body as she lays face up on the floor! His face, mouth and clothes are all covered with blood as he puts his entire body weight right on top of Dana's neck and chest! Then he unzips his pants and tries to force oral sex on Dana! He tries to jam his penis into her mouth! He tries very hard to jam his penis into Dana's mouth, but is having a hard time doing so because Dana has her mouth tightly shut! Her mouth remains tightly shut as Mark tries to force his penis into her mouth! As Mark tries to force his penis into Dana's mouth, she suddenly opens her mouth wide and bites down real hard onto his penis! Mark lets out a bloodcurdling scream! He is in pain! He tries to break his penis away from Dana's teeth grip, but she will not let go! Mark continues to scream out in pain! He is in agony! He then falls his body to the floor trying to break his penis away from Dana's teeth grip, but she still keeps biting down hard onto his penis, not letting go! Dana then holds her face downwards as she continues to bite down hard onto Mark's penis! She begins to draw blood! Mark continues to scream out in pain! He pleads for mercy! He kicks his legs real hard and starts to pound his fists real hard on Dana's back, but she still will not budge! Mark tries to use any hard object he can find within his reach to slam Dana with, but still, she will not let go! Dana continues to gripe down real hard onto Mark's penis with her teeth, drawing more and more blood! Mark's entire body is shaking! His face is red and sweating in pain! He continues to holler and scream out for mercy! He is in great agony!

    40. of giving or receiving oral sex

    41. In April 2007, someone—not named by any news reports—supposedly purchased this fifteen-minute tape (which allegedly shows Marilyn having oral sex with an unidentified male) for $1

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