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Frasi con overweight (in inglese)

He was also a bit overweight.
A bit overweight and calculating.
A tall and overweight man with.
He was overweight in a way that.
I Eat Healthy, but I'm Overweight.
He is overweight and dresses sloppily.
The consequences of being overweight: A.

She was a few pounds overweight, but pretty.
She was in her mid-sixties, overweight, and.
Overweight does not increase the risk of pre-.
One of the girls was black-haired and overweight.
How can I tell my friend that she is overweight?
They were wraiths mostly, but a few were overweight.
The Problems Caused by Being Overweight when Pregnant.
She was overweight and looked older than her 51 years.
The same 4 girls were picking on the overweight girl again.
Smith, I have a website where overweight kids post messages.
You’re only 23 but you’re overweight by twice that number.
This is one place where overweight tourists have an advantage.
Now she was ugly and overweight, she had not saved his life so.
He was a short man with a round belly, and was a bit overweight.
In a preliminary study, overweight individuals who adhered to a.
None were overweight, but I am sure I have mentioned that before.
He was middle aged with a receding hairline, slightly overweight.
They know that overweight is a "hidden disease," responsible for.
An overweight and over-scented young man thrust a soft hand at me.
Begun by overweight hockey fanatics who never learned how to skate.
Not if the truck was overweight before the fucking law was passed.
For his height and bodily frame, he was easily 36 pounds overweight.
Inform your overweight client how you can help him or her lose weight.
Her clothes were plain and she had a tendency to be slightly overweight.
If you are overweight, or have recently been diagnosed with obesity, a.
She has a long history of being overweight and having heart palpitations.
An overweight nurse in pink scrubs greeted his arrival with a freckled grin.
The man on the bench was not plump or big-boned or overweight or even obese.
A very overweight black woman, probably in her midthirties, answered the bell.
He was a big guy, over six feet tall, but a bit overweight and a chain smoker.
He had let himself go and was overweight, shoddily dressed and smoked cigars.
I figured if Santa Claus, an overweight elderly man could do it why couldnt I.
That would be no different than a truck that gets a ticket for being overweight.
Yet it is precisely at market bottoms that you should think about overweighting stocks in your portfolio.
Petainen’s portfolios are fully invested at all times, and he will often augment them with ETFs if his screens deliver overweighting or underweighting in various sectors.
Some authors simply assume that investors prefer assets with lottery-like payoffs while others argue that overweighting of low-probability events can make skewness priced.
We're then overweighting the stocks with the quality value we've always emphasized, but where we also have the highest confidence we'll see a change in investor perception over the next 18 months.
If prior beliefs are viewed as base rate information, conservatism implies overweighting base rate information (and underreacting to new data) whereas representativeness implies base rate neglect (and overreacting to new data).
Yet, carry-oriented strategies across G10 bond markets (overweighting currency-hedged bonds in countries with steep curves and underweighting them in countries with inverted or flat yield curves) have achieved good long-run SRs.
According to Bordalo–Gennaioli–Shleifer (2010), decision-makers overweight the likelihood of salient states (where lotteries have extreme, contrasting payoffs), and this can explain both the reflecting shape of the value function and the overweighting of low-probability events.
Rallis–Miffre–Fuertes (2010) systematically review three approaches from the perspective of a long-only investor: overweighting upward-trending commodities, overweighting positive-roll commodities, and extending futures maturity to longer (deferred) contracts from the most liquid front contracts.
Behavioral finance looks to understand and explain investors' natural and evolutionarily supported tendencies toward—to name a few—overconfidence, sticking with the herd, panicking in the face of trouble, disliking losses more than they like gains, falling in love with what they own, overweighting more recent information, and craving the big score.
The most prominent styles are value (overweighting assets that appear cheap based on some valuation metrics, while underweighting richly valued peers), carry (overweighting high-yielding assets while underweighting low-yielding assets), and momentum (overweighting assets that have outperformed over multiple months while underweighting recent laggards).
It also tries to be overweighted in a market that is undervalued and in the grips of a bearish crowd.
Children who are overweighted either with too much sex knowledge or with fears and cautions are usually the neighborhood offenders.
But it does put limits on how under- or overweighted we can be, which we think provides prudent diversification and risk management.
Thus, in some contexts low-probability events may be underweighted (as in the black swan idea) and not overweighted (as in prospect theory).
The lesson wasn't not to be aggressive, but not to be overweighted in anything that's so leveraged that it really has the risk of going to zero.
For example, in early 2008, the long (value) portfolio heavily overweighted finance stocks while the short (growth) portfolio overweighted energy stocks.
The elegance of her shape, to be sure, made up for all her defects; she did not measure seven palms from head to foot, and her shoulders, which overweighted her somewhat, made her contemplate the ground more than she liked.
It presented itself to his fifty-years' old eyes in the shape of a little woman in a soft dress with a long train, with a head attractively overweighted by a great mass of fair hair and the delicate preciousness of her inner worth, partaking of a gem and a flower, revealed in every attitude of her person.
Derwall–Koedijk–Ter Horst (2010) argue that this ambiguity reflects, on the one hand, the high returns of controversial stocks (sin stocks) that are negatively screened away from many SRI portfolios and, on the other hand, the high returns of stocks identified and overweighted by positive screens involving environmental and social issues.
Most active fixed income managers selected credit overweights rather than duration overweights as their preferred structural tilt, which gave them a rollercoaster ride in 2008–2009.

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