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Frasi con paneling (in inglese)

  1. He knocked at the paneling, his mouth agitated.
  2. They walked down the hall to the half-open paneling.
  3. The cottage Selma and Nyla were shoved into had paneling.
  4. She could see a figure through a crack in the wood paneling.
  5. He had pictures of them on the dark lauan paneling in his office.
  6. On the rear paneling, beneath the portraits of his heroes, I saw.
  7. The warden’s office was all cheap paneling and institutional green furnishings.
  8. Bullets had punched holes in the paneling, and shell casings were all over the floor.
  9. The gallery rose and then sat, causing a rustle to bounce and boomerang off the oak paneling.
  10. He hated doing it; that paneling was expensive with each panel perfectly matched to its neighbor.
  11. There was dark paneling up to the chair rail, above which the walls were painted a neutral beige.
  12. Ascending the stairs, she noticed the wood paneling was missing, and in its place cheery wallpaper hung.
  13. It disappeared around the corner, and Murphy’s shot tore out a section of wood paneling in the far wall.
  14. Philippe was shown into the Duke’s office, a room about six meters square with beech paneling on three walls.
  15. It blew through the thin wall flailing debris and sending shards of wooden paneling from one side to the other.
  16. The Major's office was not as brightly lit as the HQ's main room, but the hazelnut paneling made it feel warmer.
  17. She had noticed the paneling of the back wall was embossed and varnished like you would find in a high-class office.
  18. He’s having many of the books rebound at a country bindery nearby, and the paneling sanded with two new coats of varnish.
  19. Today the paneling serves as a simple reminder of the beauty that has earned this period in history and architecture such fame.
  20. The flashlights revealed wooden walls here—some of that ‘70’s style paneling they’d seen in the scrap heaps behind them.
  21. Flynn pushed on a panel of decorative wood paneling off to the side of the main controls and it slid away to reveal two buttons.
  22. On one side of the hall was a large ballroom, and on the other side, a living room with fruitwood paneling stained by time and an enormous fireplace.
  23. The scene before her instantly changed, brightly colored floral wallpaper covered the dark paneling of the hall and even wrapped around the staircase.
  24. It was a dark, dismal place with walnut colored paneling from the floor to his waist and black and red velvet flowered wall paper from there to the ceiling.
  25. Something over head couldn’t take the power rerouting and several small explosions ripped at the ceiling, showering them with sparks and bits of paneling.
  26. With that in mind, he had Zinsmann provide him with a thin piece of wood paneling cut to the exact dimensions of the rear of the top shelf in his wall locker.
  27. Rioters from all corners surge through halls and classrooms, splashing gasoline, burning walnut paneling and oil paintings and the leather-bound volumes of the library.
  28. In a local Macy’s, Hilfiger hung in huge gold letters against the wood paneling and throngs of kids stood under the sign holding shirts up to each other for first looks.
  29. The interior of the Cash ’n’ Go was lined with pressed-wood paneling; counters ran at elbow height around two sides so people could sign their checks and fill out paperwork.
  30. Claire had driven into the garage thousands of times, but she’d never noticed that the diamond-plate paneling behind the bench wasn’t the same paneling that was on the wall.
  31. Looking in that direction, she saw Faye Underwood standing beside a cluster of Louis XV armchairs whose coverings precisely matched the wallpaper complementing the light paneling.
  32. Joe wandered quietly on plush carpeting through a maze of corridors, leading to a full cocktail bar, then a cigar shop, then a writing room, and then a library with oak paneling and heavy beams.
  33. And the Beast began to tell a terrible rosary of dark beads, and I could not but slowly, slowly sink back and back until my head rested on the paneling of the booth, and I turned my head and murmured:.
  34. But the flight had only been three hours and had never left the Eastern time zone, and later, after his folks had gone to bed, he would still be lying awake studying the slantwise paneling of his bedroom ceiling.
  35. Two men who served as carpenter and electrician for the building of the new, and strikingly beautiful, local Presbyterian church did the electrical wiring and inner insulation and paneling for the monastic oratory.
  36. The dark paneling illuminated by only small shaded sconces at equal intervals reached to the high ceilings and may have contributed to the overall effect of creating the appearance of a close, somber parlour given to mourning.
  37. The house was relatively small, even with four bedrooms in it, and was decorated in the style of the 1970’s with shag rug carpets, wooden paneling, lava lamps, and an old-fashioned swamp cooler with the washer and dryer out back.
  38. There were many living plants with dark green foliage strategically arranged to break the monotony of the white paneling and pastel wallpaper, for she could detect their distinct scents filtering through the air and giving the room a fresh, lively smell.
  39. Out of the luggage car, you lock it behind you and are into the opulence of soft carpet and polished oak vertical paneling blocks, same light design ceiling runs through the corridor, only slightly dimmer light than the eye splitting florescence of where you had come from.
  40. Instead of dark paneling and musty bookcases lined with all the state’s statutes, the textured walls were painted a neutral beige and were sparsely decorated with the only focal point is a painting of the historic Ocean Forest Hotel, long ago destroyed by greedy developers.
  41. Many of her passengers, in fact, said that boarding her felt like boarding a North Atlantic liner, with Philippine mahogany paneling throughout the main cabin, a men’s smoking room, a ladies’ lounge, a full-service galley, red-leather padded seats, and a glassed-in observation room up front.
  42. All except for the view, which it didn’t have? It did have solid wood furniture, wood paneling, and solid oak shelves lining the walls filled with photographs of the city, what appeared to be members of the man’s family, a few books, and full-sized autographed photos of major league baseball players.
  43. As the pair sat in the restaurant’s dim yet ruddy glow, the result of dozens of oil lamps in wall-mounted sconces, reflecting back from the deeply-grained mahogany paneling, glowing with its fine polish, he marveled at the physical perfection that were her shoulders, her dimples, revealed whenever she smiled, giggled or even pouted impishly.
  44. Though it was by far superior to any other administrative office with its polished paneling, hardwood floors, crystal sconces, and tall windows adorned with velvet drapes, this had been part of the incentive offered by the insistent owners, who wanted the absolute best to ensure their guests’ safety and privacy, to entice him to accept the position at the resort.
  45. He remembers the cramped restaurants with leaded windows and linenfold paneling where his parents took them to dinner; and the corsairs’ villas with scalloped friezes and Doric columns and gold coins mortared inside the walls; the storefronts of gunsmiths and shipmasters and money changers and hostelers; the graffiti Henri used to scratch into the stones of ramparts, I cannot wait to leave, fuck this place.

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