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    1. Second on the left after the pedestrian crossing … that’s what he said … oh yes

    2. They hadn’t moved until she did … that much was clear … So she’d stepped off the bus, stood for a moment to get her bearings and then set off down the road … there’d been no pedestrian pathway, but she didn’t expect one

    3. As long as she was in the main thoroughfare it would be difficult if not downright foolhardy for anyone to attack her … but there was a stretch just the other side of the river where the pedestrian path separated from the road, sloping down into a sort of culvert … a subway … if I were going to ambush someone, that’s where I’d choose

    4. That took them out of the equation … the two men had gone on towards the pedestrian subway … okay

    5. There's a pedestrian plankwalk on the second floor of the pier and they went to that immediately

    6. You would not like it – it is very noisy and the traffic never seems to stop except on those occasions when, for some reason I cannot fathom, they raise the automatic bollards in the middle of the road and divert the traffic, making the street a pedestrian area

    7. headed for the nearest pedestrian

    8. Up ahead, the pedestrian traffic clotted near the Archenon's entrance, where over thirty guardsman stood watch over the incoming traffic

    9. Meanwhile Alfred was maneuvering his android across the busy business street toward the pedestrian plaza

    10. Here along the avenue it still averaged twelve to twenty stories and there were pedestrian bridges across on the third or fourth floor every now and then

    11. They passed over a small stream that was lined with pedestrian walks and a few stories of apartments and busy with kayaks

    12. I ended up on the pedestrian aley, which I told

    13. pedestrian as wel , but I have not yet

    14. There were some low bushes between the restaurant and the pedestrian part of the sidewalk, but otherwise there was a clear

    15. Inherent in the selection process is a disturbing tendency common among most attorneys of ―nullifying‖ clear-minded, informed individuals in favor of unsophisticated, impressionable types who may otherwise render a ―favorable‖ verdict predicated upon individual biases and pedestrian prejudices likely to promote the arguments of prosecutors and defense attorneys alike

    16. Skyles turned away quickly, as if to shun a pedestrian instinct

    17. She thought the part about the dog was exceptionally funny, and banged so hard on the steering wheel as she laughed, that she accidentally blew her horn and made a pedestrian jump

    18. Other schools could prepare young men for more pedestrian careers in business, law, or

    19. The prosecutor is able to convince the judge that Romero has ties to the mob and the pedestrian that is killed is on the Federal Witness Protection program

    20. My man then entered the pedestrian gate to the Embassy of Japan

    21. The pedestrian gate opened and Ruth, his Ruth, looking a bit touseled, came out and hopped into the cab

    22. The large, steel, modern work of art sat right at the entrance to the pedestrian mall

    23. I was five in the morning, when it was nowhere none, the pedestrian ran with students, and it was red, and I thought I was the greatest revolucioner

    24. After the commencement of the winter semester, the day to day routine of university life seemed pedestrian and dull and his discontent began to affect his work

    25. Far below the Presidents suite, two men were walking through the elevated pedestrian walk-ways towards the Tower of Citizens

    26. But thankfully, I could hear a gargantuan argument ensue between the young woman and the driver on one side and several pedestrian and driver witnesses

    27. I made it a point to stop a pedestrian at the end of each block and ask him/her the best friend in the whole world question

    28. Thereby, you, the pedestrian are forced to cross the

    29. was fun watching the passersby (pedestrian and drivers) give the

    30. To avoid hitting the bumper of the car in front, I struck the pedestrian

    31. In that same state, hitting a pedestrian results in a fine of $78

    32. gate and used the small pedestrian gate to exit the

    33. exit the compound through the pedestrian gate but he

    34. through the small pedestrian gate as the man in the booth

    35. My point was that people stopped to chat, side by side in the middle of the aisle, while some loners parked their carts kitty-corner at the end of aisles, thereby restricting access to all-but the thinnest pedestrian, while the cart’s owner made their way back to the bakery department

    36. As soon as there was a break in pedestrian traffic I

    37. a lull in pedestrian traffic, but I knew it wouldn’t last for

    38. There were lots of pedestrian trails but none of the streets that had crisscrossed London for centuries

    39. Once outside on the pedestrian trail, Nancy walked back towards the public library she had been to before lunch

    40. � Taking Marlborough Road, she walked for three hundred yards before crossing the Mall Road and taking the pedestrian trail through St James�s Park

    41. Then she disappeared into what seemed to me to be a side street and Kate took off, even though the pedestrian light was red now and cars were pulling up from the other side of the intersection

    42. A seemingly bored man was sitting in the guard’s hut at the main gate of the fence, while four cars were parked in front of the warehouse, near a pedestrian door

    43. Taking a moment to mentally picture back how the inside of the warehouse was made, Jennifer took a deep breath and opened the pedestrian door, setting foot inside the warehouse and heading towards the wooden staircase leading to the upper level offices

    44. towards the pedestrian gate into the town to dine at his hotel

    45. Walking around the wide, stone-paved square in front of the hotel, Ingrid stumbled on a narrow, steep pedestrian side street lined with old boutiques and restaurants

    46. Once she arrived at the junction of the hallway and of the outer ring of the Promenade, with its five meter-wide circular pedestrian track bordered on both sides by plants, flowers and bushes, the large, thick viewing windows along the outer steel wall reminded Priya that she was indeed in space

    47. Turning right and starting to walk at a moderate pace along the outer pedestrian track, Priya eyed methodically the two-storey inner façade of stores and restaurants, watching as well the passersby, shoppers and patrons in front of the various establishments

    48. Resuming her walk along the Promenade’s pedestrian track, Priya passed in succession a convenience store, a liquor store, a children’s clothing store, a toy store and a clothing store for women before arriving at the junction with the southern hallway leading to the central core

    49. Another twenty meters and the group turned left on the Main Promenade, with its three storey-high façades and six meter-wide pedestrian track bordered on both sides by plants, flowers and small trees, with a four meter-wide patio ring on the inner side of the pedestrian promenade

    50. They went down to the outer ring promenade level, where they took the pedestrian bridge leading to the core section and giving a view of two of the forest habitats of the Bow Gravity Sail section

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