perturbing frasi

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Frasi con perturbing (in inglese)

1. As unorthodox and perturbing as their presence here are, they have proved up to now to be of great benefit to us in Guadalcanal.
2. A perturbing event has happened recently: a raid of a bookshop in central London, which ended with the four staff, who were there at the time, being beaten so badly that they all died from their injuries before medical treatment could save them.
3. It was normal, ordinary, and satisfactory; and the matter being settled and the proper first joy and sentiment felt, he could go on with more concentration than ever with his work, for there would not now be the perturbing moments so frequent in the last six months when his wife's condition, or rather negation of condition, had thrust itself with the annoyance of an irrepressible weed up among his thinking.
4. On one side, precision, foresight, geometry, prudence, an assured retreat, reserves spared, with an obstinate coolness, an imperturbable method, strategy, which takes advantage of the ground, tactics, which preserve the equilibrium of battalions, carnage, executed according to rule, war regulated, watch in hand, nothing voluntarily left to chance, the ancient classic courage, absolute regularity; on the other, intuition, divination, military oddity, superhuman instinct, a flaming glance, an indescribable something which gazes like an eagle, and which strikes like the lightning, a prodigious art in disdainful impetuosity, all the mysteries of a profound soul, associated with destiny; the stream, the plain, the forest, the hill, summoned, and in a manner, forced to obey, the despot going even so far as to tyrannize over the field of battle; faith in a star mingled with strategic science, elevating but perturbing it.

1. But in truth his views were perturbed.
2. The boy looked perturbed and went off.
3. He was never offended, and never perturbed.
4. Detective Mike was looking a bit perturbed.
5. He glanced at his gauges and was perturbed.
6. The result of this comparison also perturbed the.
7. Is that necessary? She asked a little perturbed.
8. When I was finished he looked extremely perturbed.
9. The Master was much perturbed by what had happened.
10. Donnie was not perturbed by George's bombastic outcry.
11. I was perturbed and annoyed at first, then bewildered.
12. And it perturbed him that he couldn’t break the cycle.
13. What on earth? I whispered, feeling very perturbed.
14. Rhone became visibly perturbed at this conversation that.
15. He was a bit perturbed and said, I wanted to disappear.
16. His guards outside the chamber had seemed equally perturbed.
17. Raoul went home, greatly perturbed at all that he had heard.
18. Nikolay Vsyevolodovitch went into the house, greatly perturbed.
19. The doctor, mildly perturbed by the interruption, forged ahead.
20. Roche had been somewhat perturbed at his summoning this morning.
21. She had been watching us with impatience, and seemed perturbed.
22. Othin was eyeing up Astra, but did not seem too perturbed by her.
23. As he looked at the stern faced woman, John was a little perturbed.
24. The Gila Monster lounged in his office, not in the least perturbed.
25. Stokes looked perturbed, glancing from his brother to the emptiness.
26. The prince’s condition during those days was strange and perturbed.
27. He had been served a copy of the divorce and appeared perturbed by it.
28. Con reclined back in his chair and grinned, not in the least perturbed.
29. Walter didn’t look too perturbed but he was a little red in the face.
30. I flinch, perturbed that I may have been pregnant less than an hour ago.
31. The perturbed assassin took off his jacket, and removed its left sleeve.
32. Russ is not perturbed by the commotion, but John seems a bit taken aback.
33. For a moment, she simply stood there, perturbed at what had just happened.
34. The faces of those who were not conferring together were pale and perturbed.
35. The stranger did not seem perturbed, though the spear-point touched his bosom.
36. Desiree' was perturbed because Valera had skipped a major portion of the story.
37. Chris was not really perturbed by the chain of events, it was all good for him.
38. He was somewhat perturbed that Klowa hadn't made Zhlindu Tech his first priority.
39. Berlinski seems as perturbed by Emile Zuckerkandl’s description of it as was I.
40. Perturbed by her calm lack of respect, the great hunter lifted his sparking hands.
41. Lady Triplet had awoken and was quite perturbed with Sheila for sedating her again.
42. How did you know I was there? She asked in a softly perturbed tone of voice.
43. Vinnie, clearly perturbed by the questioning, took a moment to consider his answer.
44. Mihailov was greatly perturbed, but he could say nothing in defense of his own idea.
45. Sarah was a little perturbed that the training seemed to concentrate exclusively on.
46. If Wallace had the benefit of this later knowledge, he might not have been perturbed.
47. He shook his head, aghast, more perturbed now than he had been the night before when she.
48. I screwed my face up as I tried to remember the last time he had been remotely perturbed.
49. The gryphons were perturbed by the persistent Gaeans and rallied against their opponents.
50. The Committee are perturbed to note the audacious reply of the Department that neither the.
51. She shook her head, suddenly perturbed by the fact that June was so frail and such a dullard.
52. Captain Dagh gave him a perturbed glare, then jerked a thumb at the captain’s bars on his lapel.
53. I saw that Katerina Nikolae'vna was peeping out of the carriage window, and she seemed much perturbed.
54. Even your memory is better I smiled perturbed, remembering he told me he can learn the whole book.
55. Still perturbed about his aloofness, I close my cell phone and stuff it in the front pocket of my jeans.
56. Adrinius pretended to be perturbed, stroking his brother’s hair slowly as Zacchaeus relaxed his pressure.
57. No doubt the day on which he was perturbed was the day when he had seen of their release in the newspapers.
58. Frank must have been a bit perturbed when he replied, What the? Who the hell gave you more than that?
59. Once inside the lobby, Billy took John aside to adjust his toga, while women and men ogled a perturbed Samuel.
60. The count was more perturbed than ever by the condition of his affairs, which called for some decisive action.
61. He was perturbed in his mind by the presence of the crowd of mourners, some sincere and some merely pretenders.
62. They get tired and perturbed with the same statements like ‘all rich people are filthy curs’ and the likes.
63. The Grand Inquisitor is … perturbed by the Captain General’s silence on this minor matter, Rayno continued.
64. Clodius, clearly perturbed by the latest direction of the conversation - namely the livid invocation of the Emperor.
65. It’s the place where Egypt once existed, Garnet said when Ron sighed perturbed, since it was really the third round.
66. I walked up and down my room hastily and perturbed, while my imagination conjured up a thousand images to torment and sting me.
67. The question that had perturbed Pierre on the Mozhaysk hill and all that day now seemed to him quite clear and completely solved.
68. The question that had perturbed Pierre on the Mozháysk hill and all that day now seemed to him quite clear and completely solved.
69. Kristina was a bit perturbed but mostly because she didn't want any boys - not even Jake Brossard - entering our little girls club.
70. Nobody else seemed the least perturbed by the fact that there must have been a couple of hundred of us packed inside that metal tube.
71. He stated that this had greatly perturbed his peace of mind in the other region and earnestly requested that his desire should be made known.
72. I say, you don't seem too perturbed by the fact there's a shape-shifting demon loose in the city and that you might be partially responsible.
73. Knowing the Minion Droids, Saddlebrook had anticipated this, but even though he was no stranger to violence, he was slightly perturbed by the sight.
74. Kingdom builders, the accredited citizens of the heavenly worlds, are not to be disturbed by temporal upheavals or perturbed by terrestrial cataclysms.
75. A sense of fulfilled mission and the allure of new challenge perturbed his orbit and caused his escape, but not before his reputation was firmly in place.
76. To Zeno’s astonishment, apart from a couple of nudges and shared grins, no one seemed perturbed at the sight, being more interested in what Jarek was doing.
77. Talking wearied her, faces troubled her, pain claimed her for its own, and her tranquil spirit was sorrowfully perturbed by the ills that vexed her feeble flesh.
78. Perturbed, Isabel ordered her men back on the ships to await further instructions before shooting the Alliance soldiers a menacing look and storming into the palace.
79. I was very coveted and perturbed to know about their discussions, since it had been lasting more than an hour; I felt much tensed and my pulse rate was pumping hard.
80. Alexey Alexandrovitch was, however, so perturbed that he did not immediately comprehend all the good sense of adultery by mutual consent, and his eyes expressed this.
81. She threw a perturbed glance at her Boss, Elton Murray, the Centre Chief Controller on duty and a highly experienced USAF AWAC pilot and veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq wars.
82. I then ventured to reassure myself of their presence and was perturbed to find the door of the library swung open and the table they had chosen as their own in complete isolation.
83. Divya was confused to see that none of the vampires were perturbed by this news that Tarana had attacked the boy, rather Karan was still supporting her while she was about to faint.
84. More than that, he saw from her tone that she was not even perturbed at that, but as it were said straight out to him: Yes, it's shut up, and so it must be, and will be in future.
85. It was indeed our visitor of the afternoon who came bustling in, dangling his glasses more vigorously than ever, and with a very perturbed expression upon his aristocratic features.
86. This man had a much more serious dementia than she surmised and it couldn‘t be all because of a dog; a greater emotional beast was gnawing on the vitals of the perturbed Miccosukee.
87. You should not be perturbed by famines or earthquakes; neither should you be concerned when you are delivered up to the civil authorities and are persecuted for the sake of the gospel.
88. They were sitting on the bank of a stream, where the lip of turf hung over a hollow bank of yellow earth, and he was hacking away with a stick, as he did when he was perturbed and cruel.
89. Their socialisation process – usually the product of problematic early relationships with Primary Objects (parents, or caregivers) – is often perturbed and results in social dysfunctioning.
90. The firemen had been much perturbed at the strange arrangements which they had found within, and still more so by discovering a newly severed human thumb upon a window-sill of the second floor.
91. The arrival of these Jerusalem emissaries greatly perturbed Mary, and noting the tension and nervousness of the entire family, they concluded that Jesus must have been expected to pay them a visit.
92. But what does that have to do w- By now she was growing increasingly perturbed by his avoidance of her direct questions, and her expression began to tighten into an exasperated frown as he continued.
93. The gentleman from Massachusetts, in imitation of his predecessors of 1799, has entertained us with Cabinet plots, Presidential plots, which are conjured up in the gentleman's own perturbed imagination.
94. The little girls hailed Amy and her treasures with delight, which cordial reception somewhat soothed her perturbed spirit, and she fell to work, determined to succeed florally, if she could not artistically.
95. The common people were not perturbed at the fate of the merchants, but they began to murmur when they found that the swaggering Pellian soldiery, pretending to maintain order, were as bad as Turanian bandits.
96. She, seeing herself surrounded by such brilliant and polite young men, beamed with satisfaction, try as she might to hide it, and perturbed as she evidently was each time her husband moved in his sleep behind her.
97. The lion didn’t seem at all perturbed by the closeness of Siri and, now that the lion had settled to his meal, he could see just how thin and in what poor condition it was with the signs of several wounds across its body.
98. A silence broken only by an occasional rolling of thunder was now perturbed by an ever-so-faint hiss as heavier ash fell through the fine, swirling it visibly so that the lighter and darker shades seemed to dance before the eye.
99. Understanding the real reason for the Master's entering the city in this manner, Nathaniel naturally followed along with more poise and was less perturbed and disappointed by Jesus' subsequent conduct than were the other apostles.
100. Chunder Shan had a perturbed feeling that the suite was not suitable to such an exalted personage as the Devi, and though she sought to make him feel at ease in her presence, he was glad when she dismissed him and he bowed himself out.

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1. It did not perturb him.
2. Nothing could perturb my happiness.
3. Harry quickly lost contact with Karel and Ota but that did not perturb him.
4. Some entities will perturb or influence the self-object with ease, while others will have no influence.
5. It was not what he had read that vexed him, but the fact that the life out there in which he had now no part could perturb him.
6. The simultaneous loss of the three top American military officers, along with the wave of discontent that was bound to go through the ranks of the armed forces, was going to seriously perturb the military chain of command.
7. The druggist was indignant at what he called the manoeuvres of the priest; they were prejudicial, he said, to Hippolyte's convalescence, and he kept repeating to Madame Lefrancois, Leave him alone! leave him alone! You perturb his morals with your mysticism.
8. At first glance it seemed impossible that her cousin could have been on the verge of madness because of that almost invisible clerk with his air of a whipped dog, whose clothing, worthy of a rabbi in disgrace, and whose solemn manner could not perturb anyone’s heart.