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Frasi con plenitude (in inglese)

  1. They had wantoned in the plenitude of their power.
  2. God is the plenitude of heaven; love is the plenitude of man.
  3. Not the science of plenitude, but rather the science of scarcity.
  4. Science has documented this steady increase in the plenitude of life.
  5. Yesterday it was appetite, to-day it is plenitude, to-morrow it will be satiety.

  6. When Cosette went out with him, she leaned on his arm, proud and happy, in the plenitude of her heart.
  7. I walked up and down the aisles looking at things I couldn’t have, stupefied by their offhand plenitude.
  8. From this silence there arises a certain mysterious plenitude which filters into thought and there congeals into bronze.
  9. Nor would he object to wholesale conception for the purpose of procuring and selling the resulting plenitude of spare parts.
  10. At dinner, his wife was truly gorgeous, snow-cream arms, fruity lips, an amplitude of harvest land below the line, a plenitude above.
  11. For the eyes of the soul behold a plenitude of which I cannot speak: a plenitude which is not bodily, but spiritual, of which I can say nothing.
  12. Impregnated with that wild ground whose aromas I was breathing fed my soul with that life’s plenitude that the nature was radiating in a variety of forms and colors.
  13. In fact, the minister, who, in the plenitude of his power, had been unable to unearth Napoleon's secret, might in despair at his own downfall interrogate Dantes and so lay bare the motives of Villefort's plot.
  14. The desolation which resulted became their home ground: a plenitude of dead, burnt, rotting dead bodies of once-living animals that could be eaten without fighting for their food against any other predators or scavengers.
  15. My breasts, which in the state of nudity are ever capital points, now in no more than in graceful plenitude, maintained a firmness and steady independence of any stay or support, that dared and invited the test of the touch.

  16. He relived them again on that occasion in all its plenitude and reality, participating in several activities, especially in the procession that proceeded down from the parish church of San Martín to the main square where he.
  17. Now entirely mad with jealousy, he softly glided toward the crack, but before his eyes could further feed his torture, his ears served up a plenitude, in Helen’s voice—that dear, clear, sweet voice that had sung his child to sleep and——.
  18. Her desires, her sorrows, the experience of pleasure, and her ever-young illusions, that had, as soil and rain and winds and the sun make flowers grow, gradually developed her, and she at length blossomed forth in all the plenitude of her nature.
  19. The mere sight of her cousin had wakened within her the natural yearnings of a woman,—yearnings that were the more likely to develop ardently because, having reached her twenty-third year, she was in the plenitude of her intelligence and her desires.
  20. Those who opposed the army then were indeed denounced as the partisans of France; as the same men—some of them at least—are now held up as the advocates of England; those firm and undeviating Republicans who then dared, and now dare, to cling to the ark of the constitution, to defend it even at the expense of their fame, rather than surrender themselves to the wild projects of mad ambition! There was a fatality attending plenitude of power.
  21. It was now for more than the middle span of our allotted years that he had passed through the thousand vicissitudes of existence and, being of a wary ascendancy and self a man of rare forecast, he had enjoined his heart to repress all motions of a rising choler and, by intercepting them with the readiest precaution, foster within his breast that plenitude of sufferance which base minds jeer at, rash judgers scorn and all find tolerable and but tolerable.
  22. In short, what cause is more just, and consequently, what war is greater, than that which reestablishes social truth, restores her throne to liberty, restores the people to the people, restores sovereignty to man, replaces the purple on the head of France, restores equity and reason in their plenitude, suppresses every germ of antagonism by restoring each one to himself, annihilates the obstacle which royalty presents to the whole immense universal concord, and places the human race once more on a level with the right? These wars build up peace.

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