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    1. It has been worrying me for a while, this tendency to pomposity

    2. But, in your rarer instants of anguish, when reality has stripped you of all your pomposity, then remember this: you are still animal

    3. It did seem a shame that pomposity and cringing conventionality should be so attractively wrapped

    4. He could barely sign his name let alone conduct a conversation with pomposity itself, Colonel Beston, the manager

    5. Wemyss said this with such an exaggerated solemnity, such an immense pomposity, that she thought he was in fun and hadn't really minded about the birthday at all; and, eager to meet every mood of his, she laughed

    6. How can you do that? If everyone laughed at pompous prigs how long do you think they would remain sheltered in their pomposity? They would either have to become recluses and stay in their holes: or stop being pompous

    7. If you have no ego, then you will not care if others laugh at you because you have no pride, arrogance and pomposity to be humbled

    8. Rafferty blinked, and it was as if he’d imagined the real Sir Anthony, as pomposity return

    9. Your pomposity could do with pricking now and again

    10. ters of pseudoexperience are an emotional pomposity and its ability to

    11. when she uttered with pomposity her bad English, or affected to be well bred

    12. There was an air of pomposity and arrogant importance about him which - considering who and what he was - would have been entertaining to any observer gifted with a sense of humour

    13. ’ This is a serious responsibility, Louisa, Richard Percival had said, bestowing them with as much gravitas and pomposity as if he were handing me the Holy Grail

    14. Almost every event out of the usual daily course "marked an epoch" for him or else was "history"; unless with his pomposity struggling with a discomfited droop of his rubicund, rather handsome face, set off by snow-white close hair and short whiskers, he would mutter—

    15. " For all his pomposity in social intercourse, Captain Mitchell could meet the realities of life in a resolute and ready spirit

    16. What irritated me more than anything was the extreme pomposity of his language

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    inflation ostentation ostentatiousness pomposity pompousness pretentiousness puffiness splashiness bombast balderdash pretension nonsense rhetoric presumption haughtiness self-importance arrogance conceit over-confidence stuffiness