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    1. She continued to cling to the wall, her feet and one hand used to hold her up, she still had her other sword strapped to her back, waiting for the opportunity to use it but feeling helpless without both weapons in her possession

    2. This Yama is not only concerned about the non-stealing of material objects but also the stealing of other's ideas and other forms of possession

    3. She has in her possession a fascinating diary written by her grandmother who came across during the Troubles

    4. Now the land is in your possession, and it is your responsibility to not lose the family land

    5. and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession

    6. Wiesse, now in possession of the Element of Water, apologises vaguely and disappears with it immediately after the meal, leaving the four of us to talk to our hearts’ content

    7. He thought that everyone must be quite mad and he was in no mood to admit to himself that he was in possession of an oversized hooter

    8. In my arms I'm holding his favourite bouzouki, not the one with the inlaid mother-of-pearl flowers he holds in all his stage photographs, but his most treasured possession, the one he'd had since Piraeus, the delicate one; the undecorated one

    9. The Rider of the White is in possession of the Staff of Light

    10. I still had in my possession my disc-man and my music

    11. Within a month, and with late spring in full bud, the couple took possession of their brand new home, invested some of their newly acquired cash in a sporty little hatchback car, and paid for a family membership at a local country club and gymnasium

    12. “Is she always this headstrong, and in possession of this remarkable ability?”

    13. 'Look, these days antiquity thieves zone in on a target and use highly sophisticated strategies to gain possession and then they sell to the highest bidder irrespective of the damage they inflict

    14. he was in possession of an oversized hooter

    15. month, and with late spring in full bud, the couple took possession

    16. Jorma still had that postcard in his possession, and we have come to find that address

    17. What would he say to them? How would she be received once he told his colorful tale of demonic possession by an electric ghost from the stars? How would she feel herself?

    18. It was a memorable day when I took possession of it – I’d shut the door, leaned on it and just wallowed in the knowledge that this was mine and no-one could come in unless I let them

    19. possession of a very strong sense of justice, and her

    20. By the time the ink had dried on her transfer contracts, Mandy was in possession of the construction plans and interior design drawings for the new establishment

    21. became the possession of the rest of

    22. about how and why it came into my possession

    23. He has in his possession a magazine article published in Kln, a city of forty-something million about nine thousand miles to the northeast

    24. Another fact in Brancetrabble’s possession of which the astronomers were unaware was that a strange device made of some of the highest denominations of alloy had been found in the city of Norbin

    25. I descended a little on the side of that delicious vale, surveying it with a secret kind of pleasure, though mixed with my other afflicting thoughts, to think that this was all my own; that I was king and lord of all this country indefensibly, and had a right of possession; and if I could convey it, I might have it in inheritance as completely as any lord of a manor in England

    26. The charge? Possession of more than 50 grams of cocaine

    27. principles and then took possession of its name, but

    28. A weaver cannot apply himself entirely to his peculiar business, unless there is before-hand stored up somewhere, either in his own possession, or in that of some other person, a stock sufficient te maintain him, and to supply him with the materials and tools of his work, till he has not only completed, but sold his web

    29. He makes a profit of the one by keeping it in his own possession, and of the other by parting with it

    30. When we talk of any particular sum of money, we sometimes mean nothing but the metal pieces of which it is composed, and sometimes we include in our meaning some obscure reference to the goods which can be had in exchange for it, or to the power of purchasing which the possession of it conveys

    31. An unsuccessful war, for example, in which the enemy got possession of the capital, and consequently of that treasure which supported the credit of the paper money, would occasion a much greater confusion in a country where the whole circulation was carried on by paper, than in one where the greater part of it was carried on by gold and silver

    32. because he was my own possession

    33. In countries which have long been rich, you will frequently find the inferior ranks of people in possession both of houses and furniture perfectly good and entire, but of which neither the one could have been built, nor the other have been made for their use

    34. There arises, in consequence, a competition between different capitals, the owner of one endeavouring to get possession of that employment which is occupied by another; but, upon most occasions, he can hope to justle that other out of this employment by no other means but by dealing upon more reasonable terms

    35. In the present state of Europe, the proprietor of a single acre of land is as perfectly secure in his possession as the proprietor of 100,000

    36. A villain, enfranchised, and at the same time allowed to continue in possession of the land, having no stock of his own, could cultivate it only by means of what the landlord advanced to him, and must therefore have been what the French call a metayer

    37. The possession, even of such farmers, however, was long extremely precarious, and still is so in many parts of Europe

    38. She had freely chosen to follow the more traditional path of her gender by hooking up with a steady boyfriend from her high school days, getting formally engaged and then married to Joe shortly after graduating, their buying a house and car and all the stuff you’re supposed to take possession of when you form a conjugal union, and her bearing three children before she reached the age of thirty

    39. It did not always reinstate them in the possession of the land, but gave them damages, which never amounted to a real loss

    40. that the action of ejectment was invented, by which the tenant recovers, not damages only, but possession, and in which his claim is not necessarily concluded by the uncertain decision of a single assize

    41. This action has been found so effectual a remedy, that, in the modern practice, when the landlord has occasion to sue for the possession of the land, he seldom makes use of the actions which properly belong to him as a landlord, the writ of right or the writ of entry, but sues in the name of his tenant, by the writ of ejectment

    42. His tenants could agree to this upon one condition only, that they should be secured in their possession for such a term of years as might give them time to recover, with profit, whatever they should lay not in the further improvement of the land

    43. The capital, however, that is acquired to any country by commerce and manufactures, is always a very precarious and uncertain possession, till some part of it has been secured and realized in the cultivation and improvement of its lands

    44. They would still, therefore, keep possession of the home market; and though a capricious man of fashion might sometimes prefer foreign wares, merely because they were foreign, to cheaper and better goods of the same kind that were made at home, this folly could, from the nature of things, extend to so few, that it could make no sensible impression upon the general employment of the people

    45. "But I never thought Roycen would actually have something like this in his possession

    46. Or in the possession of a non-Lascorii that is

    47. It has caused us not a little re-evaluation of our intentions before that 'stone' finally came back into your possession

    48. Now that I have given the matter some thought, it occurs to me that all the while she is pleading poverty, she is in possession of an animal that could grace her table for the best part of a month

    49. possession of a single person

    50. In consequence of the representations of Columbus, the council of Castile determined to take possession of the countries of which the inhabitants were plainly incapable of defending themselves

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