profound frasi

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Frasi con profound (in inglese)

Of a profound lucid slumber.
It is a profound question.
His aura, his profound evil.
It was a profound experience.
It is simple but very profound.
It was profound to me, and I.
It struck me in a profound way.

In mist profound all yet is hid.
Some were profound and healing.
Hence arose a profound trouble.
Then a profound thought hit her.
Does not miss the profound love.
Javert gave that profound start.
This brief slumber was profound.
A profound and unique formation.
In fact, the change was profound.
It involves a profound form of.
Here is this most profound verse:.
The resulting silence was profound.
This wisdom is extremely profound.
This monument of thought profound.
He is both ponderous and profound.
You have my most profound sympathy.
What a profound scientific insight.
One’s seeing new, more profound.
Then again there was the profound.
A profound silence reigned on board.
His insight so long ago was profound.
A moment of profound silence followed.
That evening was one of profound peace.
This is an incident of profound shame.
In a very special and most profound way.
It’s even more profound than that.
Immersed in the depths of profound love.
The anxiety in the redoubt was profound.
With a sense of profound shock Rafael.
The wrongdoers are in profound discord.
History provides us with profound truths.
This incident has a profound effect on.
Clark knew a moment of profound success.

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