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Frasi con propitiate (in inglese)

1. That was to propitiate the liberals.
2. I have told you of her attempts to propitiate M.
3. I propitiate you and rely upon you, O Great Protectors of.
4. That he did not come to propitiate us was but too manifest.
5. At one time, they sacrificed animals to propitiate angry gods.
6. Especially I felt this when I made any attempt to propitiate him.
7. His idea was to propitiate him in order to save the form at least of parliamentary institutions.

8. But it was as if I had sacrificed my virtues to propitiate the goddess of vices, he continued.
9. He tried to propitiate them by calling them hochwohlgeboren herren, which in itself sounded suspicious.
10. If he could find a way to propitiate those larger forces, a sort of warranty might be fashioned for him.
11. Lorry, doing all he could to propitiate, by tone and manner, have the dear child here, and our good Pross.
12. Vain and fruitless attempt to propitiate! Then came a law of non-intercourse, and a general non-importation followed in the train.
13. Had he been a much more superstitious man, like many around him, he would have been looking for a Daedra to blame and an Aedra to propitiate.
14. Too excited to realize what the predicament of being without a servant meant in a suburban town, Gertrude did nothing to propitiate, and Eliza left.
15. My father is Miss Havisham's cousin; not that that implies familiar intercourse between them, for he is a bad courtier and will not propitiate her.
16. For this was precisely the idea of the sacrifices to the gods of heathenism,—they were offered to propitiate or render placable wrathful divinities.
17. Yet there was a Part of me that saw this Loss of my Romance as an Off’ring to propitiate the Favour of the Fates and bring Belinda safe into my Arms.
18. The very name “Shiva” emerged as one of the euphemistic epithet of Rudra, developed to propitiate the terrible God, but hereinafter the “Rudra” became an epithet of Shiva.
19. Rather than propitiate the spirits of inanimate forms in nature, the Western tradition from Biblical times to the present has been to go forth and conquer nature for the benefit of mankind.
20. When the construction is completed, candles are burned in the four corners and another chicken is sacrificed so its blood can be used to feed the rafters and door, to propitiate the spirit of the house.
21. He recurred to the scene now with a perception that he had probably made Lydgate his enemy, and with an awakened desire to propitiate him, or rather to create in him a strong sense of personal obligation.
22. If the ignorant and superstitious givers have not 'filthy lucre' wherewithal to propitiate the ugly represented saints, wax candles, silver ore, cacao, sugar, and any other description of property is as readily received.
23. The institution of temples and sacrifices, and the entire service of gods, demigods, and heroes; also the ordering of the repositories of the dead, and the rites which have to be observed by him who would propitiate the inhabitants of the world below.
24. When the awe-struck savages saw that the food disappeared overnight they were filled with consternation and dread, for it was one thing to put food out to propitiate a god or a devil, but quite another thing to have the spirit really come into the village and eat it.
25. Hareton, recovering from his disgust at being taken for a servant, seemed moved by her distress; and, having fetched the pony round to the door, he took, to propitiate her, a fine crooked-legged terrier-whelp from the kennel, and putting it into her hand bid her wisht! for he meant nought.
26. Hareton, recovering from his disgust at being taken for a servant, seemed moved by her distress; and, having fetched the pony round to the door, he took, to propitiate her, a fine crooked-legged terrier whelp from the kennel, and putting it into her hand, bid her whist! for he meant nought.
27. I was overwhelmed with sorrow and fear and said to myself If this sin is assigned to me how can I be saved or how shall I propitiate God in regard to my sins which are of the grossest character? With what words shall I ask the Lord to be merciful to me? While I was thinking over these things and discussing them in my mind I saw opposite to me a chair white made of white wool of great size.
28. The ancients were forced to propitiate and appease and sacrifice to so many ghouls called ‘gods’ or ‘goddesses’, that these undead things could easily find an excuse for committing their sadistic abominations by claiming that you had overlooked a certain deity and had not sacrificed to a certain Deity, or your offering was of poor quality, or not good enough, or it had ‘insulted’ or ‘offended’ some other Deity… Because the Jews did away with polytheism: this standard excuse/tactic of these undead filth could not be used anymore.
29. Finally, the Project does with that there are the involvement and the social agents’ compromising (individuals) and economic agents (corporations) so that in the future the beneficiary becomes beneficent person and the beneficent person becomes sponsor with the effective actuation of the Third Sector that truly solves the problems in a definitive way, without there is only removal of symptoms, besides accomplishing the social inclusion of billion of human beings, to propitiate the preservation of the species and to avoid the chaotic destruction of the elements of the planet for the unbridled consumerism.

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