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Frasi con publicizing (in inglese)

  1. So those engaging in publicizing the.
  2. If its strategy succeeds, the fund can lure public investors en masse by publicizing its private returns.
  3. I would strongly caution the press and social media outlets against promoting and publicizing such rumors without proper verification.
  4. On that occasion, Sonny Payne’s young assistant had pulled me into the booth along with two local musicians who were publicizing their clubs’ shows.
  5. Jake had stolen the idea from an event in 1956, when another huckster had unveiled a giant Elvis cutout at the Paramount Theatre on Broadway, publicizing Presley’s movie debut, Love Me Tender.

  6. Publicizing their finite measurements of our Infinite Universe… trying to show what the Infinite Universe will be like, after an almost Infinite amount of Time has passed… using finite numbers.
  7. Anything that might be perceived as helping poor people, and publicizing it to the gullible masses… who only focus on the charity; and not how all the billions were stolen and how little is given back.
  8. Rather than try to shame the european euro-government by publicizing their stingy inhuman cold uncaring attitude towards mass starvation in Africa,: they try to beg for pennies and dollars from poor tv viewers instead.
  9. It still didn’t save them from seeing all current military contracts with us suspended, with the threat of us publicizing their role in the weapons deal with ISIS if they start protesting about those contract suspensions.
  1. Concerts were not publicized until just before they.
  2. In a highly publicized case, Eric Smith, at the time 13.
  3. We only hear about the publicized cases of teens attempting.
  4. Mass killing is easy as long as it is not publicized as such.
  5. The number 666 is highly publicized all over the world and it is.
  6. Information on snoring is widely publicized, but it can be difficult to.
  7. The actual truth of American society cannot be publicized by its own Media.
  8. Modi, he felt, had deliberately publicized an act of charity to humiliate him.
  9. There are some important facts missing in the way the Law is being publicized.
  10. It is quite clear that the Hawes name has not been publicized widely as a major.
  11. As a result of publicized incidents such as the Nanking Massacre where civilians.
  12. She was a noble, yes, and what had been happening between us was never publicized.
  13. The recently publicized and now denounced tactics and surveillance had long been in place.
  14. One of the most publicized Executive Orders was 13083 which asserted that federal agencies shall.
  15. He had been marginalized with fabricated scandals publicized in media outlets beholden to Chutani.
  16. They had not publicized that fact, though, fearing that the villagers would accuse them of blasphemy.
  17. These ventures were not publicized but displayed his great love and concern for young girls and boys.
  18. In the meantime, they’ll be the most highly publicized group of criminals in the history of California.
  19. It can be almost as good to own shares in a company that is in the same sector as a highly publicized acquisition.
  20. These positions are usually publicized in the news, Barron s, Vickers, and the Insider Report, as well as in the proxy.
  21. Although they are quite competitive, many of these scholarships are not well publicized, so students often do not apply.
  22. The group was to mobilize the media so that Teddy’s support of all-out integration and bussing is widely publicized.
  23. The only two rare instances of resistance that were publicized, was the rebellion of Geronimo and The Battle of the Little Bighorn.
  24. He related a publicized story about a company that encountered a problem because it manufactured a product that said, Made in the U.
  25. The Handbook of Crime Correlates (2009) is a systematic review of worldwide empirical studies on crime publicized in the academic literature.
  26. Sometimes he prayed to God through the intercession of various saints—holy folks whom the Church publicized as role models for the faithful.
  27. We are already addicted-to and controlled-by our chemical-industrialized lifestyle; so it is no surprise that such statistics are not publicized.
  28. Additionally, the President wants the 5 o’clock group to see to it that Teddy’s support of all-out integration and bussing is widely publicized.
  29. He mentally controlled his disciples, advocated cult worship, publicized the idea of "destruction of the world" and set up mysterious organizations.
  30. What amused as well as frustrated him was that while some publicized the published titles to the hilt, the others debunked them as junk in the reviews.
  31. Anything that is not touted, publicized, advertised, declaimed, justified, rationalized, … what is not taught, not told, not claimed… is the truth:.
  32. It even came to a point when having your name publicized by The Revealer on a Monday was enough to destroy at once the reputation and career of the one named.
  33. A final sign of a bullish information cascade is the very well publicized bullish performance of one or more innovative business sectors and their common stocks.
  34. A most unpleasant affair as I’m sure you can imagine, she concluded with relief at this secretive issue having been publicized and lifted from her shoulders.
  35. The only reason the American native genocides were not publicized as a genocide was because they went peaceably to their reservations, er concentration death camps….
  36. Until this blunt fact is publicized and admitted: science will keep on spouting its silly moralistic myth of all other species being engaged in the battle for survival.
  37. By this one public, publicized, living example of complete scorn and indifference for death and dying: Socrates became the original symbol of all Western mental courage.
  38. Rowing before an immense crowd, Oxford defeated Harvard, but the event was so widely publicized in the United States that it produced an explosion of interest in rowing.
  39. She probably owed that offer to her highly publicized shootout with the Taliban in Bala Buluk, captured live by a BBC news crew and then propagated on YouTube around the World.
  40. But since the entire western mass media was and is controlled by Jewish filth; it was carefully censored and kept a deep dark secret and never covered or publicized by the Jewish owned press.
  41. Depending on how well the contest is publicized, you can see thousands of targeted followers in a single day just by offering a prize that is worth a fraction of what those followers are worth.
  42. Had the General chosen her for that reason? I haven't publicized my past, and most of the vamps that were present when it happened aren't around any longer, and I doubt they’d have told him, anyway.
  43. Precisely! Well, in a highly publicized effort that was incorporated as part of my reelection strategy, I put the Port Authority Police to work on the problem and, under the pressure, the gang collapsed.
  44. I’ve heard that the Internet connection to porn may have begun when some person in Congress was on the world wide web and wanted some trashy magazine or something similar but didn’t want the porn purchase publicized.
  45. Doctors like Walter Freeman and his colleagues publicized the few success stories and downplayed the failures—failures that ranged from tragic loss of cognition to fatalities—which occurred with frightening frequency.
  46. Investors may be more aware of historical average yield spreads than of historical excess returns; the excess return analysis above is somewhat complex and its unappealing evidence is rarely publicized in Wall Street research.
  47. However, her recent and most publicized past reporting in Israel and in Lebanon had not escaped the notice of some very senior Iranian officials, who had also taken note of the Israeli attempt at painting her as a terrorist supporter.
  48. And this at a time when Islam is branded as a religion of terrorism and publicized besides! That Islam, in spite of its bad brand image, should be the fastest growing religion on the globe is something that should alarm the world, and indeed this book, in the main, is about exploring the dichotomy of Islam.
  49. After all, he readily admitted that Underwood had attempted blackmail over this publicized issue in hopes of luring Lady Jane away from him, and if he was cleared of the charges as he claimed he had been, there would be no substance to the accusations that seemed to disappoint the young Casanova in his amorous endeavours.
  50. Now you know the true hidden reason why there is an evil Jewish Zionist campaign that is keeping the myth of Auschwitz alive despite all of the scientific evidence, despite all of the whistle blowers, despite all of the brave truth seekers and historians and researchers who have publicized their findings about that hoax….
  51. Corporate reporting of the numbers has become so important, and so publicized, it might be helpful to our readers if we commented briefly about how we use and think about financial statements prepared in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
  52. It was odd that Terence should attempt blackmail with something that was so highly publicized and that eventually led to Lord Ashburn’s exoneration; it defeated the entire purpose of extortion, unless Underwood had some crucial piece of confidential evidence that could confirm beyond any doubt the allegations against his subject.
  53. As he admired the exquisite scene before him, feeling whole and invigorated, Feltus noticed Lady Jane, dressed in a formal gown with a high, laced collar and feathered hat, enter the lobby from the south wing, her attention focused straight ahead though she seemed to be in quite a hurry, as if she did not want her presence to be publicized.

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1. He'll publicize her tragic demise.
2. Maybe he would prefer that we not publicize that.
3. O'Reilly hoped to use the event to publicize the role of free.
4. Who spent tons of money to publicize their march on Washington.
5. We publicize that the Director picked one of the Masses to be an Agent.
6. Companies will publicize some of this on their websites, but not all of it.
7. And while the conference was not a secret, NASA did nothing to publicize the event.
8. Why? Well, let’s suppose you decided to publicize a product or service that you highly recommend.
9. She wondered how he had found her home, but realized that Leshar wanted to publicize Sarsawuf as much as possible.
10. We need your help to publicize this invention and prepare people for the day when a replicator will sit in every house.
11. Consequently, Ya'jooj and Ma'jooj which are (China) and (Russia) were given chance to profit by this differentiation to publicize their subversive godless thoughts.
12. An investment theme begins to attract adherents as its true believers publicize their views and as the market price continues to move in the direction they forecast.
13. We will continue to have our scopes monitor them of course, and we will publicize any anomalies in the path of any asteroids they pass by to the best of our ability.
14. Other than that, there are the old narrative books such as the story of Saif Ibn Yazan, and of Hamza Al-Bahlawan, and other tales from The Thousand And One Nights, which are all illusive tales that ascribe agency to magicians and publicize sorcery.
15. If you ask them about it they will just laugh at you… and ignore you because you are not holding the purse strings to their funding… But ask a scientist that has nothing to lose from being intellectually honest with you, and you will go away so shocked and angry that you will start a committee to publicize the truth to all the Media.

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