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    1. It's about three months since I first noticed a radical change in Persephone's behaviour: She is always shouting and laughing at top voice, she is trying to be clever and expert in all subjects, she is constantly asking for favours: “Type these poems for me” … “Tell your mother to sew this skirt of mine” … “Will you paint this picture for me?” … “Go to that public service and ask this or that” and so on

    2. A further note stated that his medical advisors were contemplating radical and somewhat risky surgery in an attempt to enable him to live a relatively normal life

    3. People might call it radical

    4. The house was such a radical difference from the other two, it looked like something out of "gone with the wind

    5. When he finally was able to get up he went on to become one of the most radical prophets ever

    6. They were radical nazarites for Jesus

    7. God is looking for a people of radical prayer and fasting, because they are a people of his presence

    8. radical of them just apply the rules

    9. Herold was having something like a radical

    10. something radical happens we automatically tune in

    11. Sooner or later, they will have to adopt radical

    12. Whether it will mean radical changes in the way we understand the science of smell remains to be seen

    13. ) With respect, however, to the attacks by radical Muslims on the Twin Trade Towers and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, America had done nothing that would justify terrorists to come here and use commercial aircraft as guided missiles to kill 3,000 innocent Americans

    14. Yells by radical American liberals that we brought it on ourselves through our Imperialist policies won"t wash

    15. The difference between those mentioned above and radical Islam is that the adherents of that perverted faith are indeed suicidal

    16. That said, I truly believe that, in spite of Barak Obama, our country will remain united in the continuing war against the Jihadists, the five per cent or so of radical leftist, anti-American peacenicks notwithstanding

    17. McCarthy could have taken lessons from today"s college campuses, where speakers not approved (read: conservatives) by the radical minority are shouted down, and an abundance of speech codes keeps the moderate students paralyzed, as they watch student newspapers which fail to toe the party line being stolen from the newsstands and sometimes burned on the spot, with a consequent lack of response, yea, sometimes even applause, from the cowardly administrations

    18. : A radical leftist white woman with a man"s name, married to a black Kenyan radical economist

    19. President Ivanov was someone who had been democratically elected – though could there have been a more stark illustration of the flawed nature of democracy? In centuries past, people voted for the radical alternative seemingly out of desperation, for whoever seemed convincing enough that they alone held the key to a better future

    20. „red diaper baby" raised by a pair of communists in radical New York (He is my age

    21. This radical leftist great sage of the ages told us in the late sixties, apropos the Vietnam War, that the white race was a cancer on the world

    22. So, an American teacher is reliably reported as losing her job (re: fired) because she told her students, wonder of wonders, that radical Arabs had committed the attacks of 9/11

    23. That, of course, is in complete accord with the aspirations of Hamas, Hezbollah, and the vaunted „Palestinian Authority," to say nothing of Iran and other radical Middle Eastern states

    24. Something radical Muslims will not tolerate

    25. The radical feminists and their supporters conveniently forget that the average woman has only approximately half the upper body strength of the average man

    26. The left has assumed many titles over the years: liberal, progressive, and even radical

    27. There were even those who believed that the radical

    28. These days people retained their youth, in any case, through less radical genomic treatment than their own

    29. Pretty bloody radical for a Rabbi don’t you think

    30. No other race, in my opinion, could prompt such a radical change in thinking

    31. An environment which finds itself aesthetically challenged, however, must inevitably hasten the radical departure of polished elements to more refined environments

    32. Art Stupefaction conceals an inherent baseness common to affected styles and manners that is often lost on the casual observer, captivated as many of them are by erratic forms for their own sake without giving considered thought to their (social) implications; radical ―art‖ forms whose intended meaning, if any, are often unclear, its premises anti-social, tasteless, adolescent, absurd, valueless and immoral

    33. President Clinton recently signed into law, quite reluctantly I might add, a Welfare Reform bill, much to the chagrin of his party‘s left-leaning radical base

    34. resilient; that, in spite of the quelling designs of radical feminism, inevitably reasserts itself (regretfully, I might add) later on in life as they (gradually) approach the margins of their child-bearing years

    35. Such thinking oftentimes resonates with radical religious viewpoints that have influenced Christian thinking in recent years; that is to say, have willfully misinterpreted the teachings of Christ in order to promote capricious notions of ―social justice‖ and other ―progressive‖ causes

    36. (Who was it that said ―you can‘t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs‖?) Nevertheless, such designs seem justified, on some uncertain level, at least, ( ‘tis better to err on the side of ―caution‖), on the basis of radical liberalism‘s excessive aversion for anything Western and its fawning enthusiasm for its vocal opponents

    37. American Community whose ―converts‖ generally fall into one of two groups: Its more radical members with traditional ―axes to grind‖ who have lost confidence in the American way of life or notions of a color blind society and a softer version that perceives the Christian Community as an extension of an oppressive ―White Society

    38. The Cultural Revolution and its liberating impact on society altered the social dynamics of our schools and universities in a manner that encouraged its more radical members to step out of the (ideological) closet and freely pursue its anti-Western/ traditional mainstream agenda

    39. It is always better to raise your defences at home and make it as difficult as possible to be attacked by foreign terrorists where he is a radical or whatever

    40. On a more radical plane, however, members of the Nation of Islam seem united in large measure by a common hatred of American (―White‖) Institutions with ―religion‖ merely serving as a convenient prop that seeks to lend legitimacy to a separatist/nationalist agenda

    41. The radical assumptions that defined that generation did not seek reform in the conventional sense but establish, rather, a new social order out of a vacuum lacking transitional (customary) support or intellectual substance of any sort

    42. A generation stirred by emotion rather than reason; rejecting all forms of conventional authority for its own sake or that (otherwise) interfered with their simplistic social designs, produced an intolerance, especially among its more radical members, for belief systems and points of view contrary to its imaginary worldview

    43. Reconstruction under the so called Radical Republicans and Grant built 4,400 Black schools

    44. Though Batista was mixed Black and Chinese, the almost entirely white Cuban elites accepted him as a way to stave off more radical reforms

    45. Hawaii continued to have a turbulent history, with some one of the most radical labor conflicts in the US, seeing major strikes in 1900, 1904, 1905, 1906, 1909, 1912, 1920, 1924, 1934, 1938,and 1940

    46. So called Radical Republicans were not radical at all by today's standards

    47. It was Radical Republicans who fought President Johnson’s and former Confederates’ racism every step of the way and who pushed far more consistently than Grant

    48. ” To many bigots or the ignorant, Islam must be radical, anti US, and anti-Israel

    49. Obama care/Romney care/Heritage care is a good example of corporate liberalism, designed to benefit corporations as much or more than the public and head off any truly radical solutions

    50. Hannibal Hamlin, Lincoln's first Vice President, a Radical Republican senator from Maine, would have been a far better president than Andrew Johnson during Reconstruction

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