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Frasi con raze (in inglese)

  1. I am not here to raze your collections.
  2. He would raze worlds to hear them again.
  3. We were both famished and set out to raze the food.
  4. We are here to devastate Zulimistan and raze that to ground.
  5. We have in short to raze Zulimistan to ground so that it should stop thinking of increasing on weaker nations over the world.

  6. The city authorities intended, we learned with shock, to raze the entire block and build a road - a road! - through the middle of our own place.
  7. But as Emperor you have the power and the authority to raze the Coliseum to the ground and end the horrors that take place there, argued Shamir.
  8. Imran was the in charge of mission there and he has to press a button to raze the entire building to ground in just a few moments as when signaled from MFP.
  9. He said he would overthrow Ambrosius’ rule, said if Ambrosius dared to disown him, he would have no choice but to raze the city and destroy the old man’s few remaining supporters.
  10. And then they hopped on a new mount, and did the same to that horse, and so –on and so-on…Because they were determined to raze human cities to the ground: and create grassland for horses.
  11. When Abrahah heard of this he vowed that in revenge he would raze the Ka’bah to the ground; and having made his preparations he set off for Mecca with a large army, in the van of which he placed an elephant.
  12. It is to conquer the sovereignty of the soil, to raze the British power, to reach, by such means, her profligate and unjust ministry, that war is waged at all—the unarmed will never fall on American bayonets; it is not against the people of either Canada or Great Britain, but against the English subject in arms, that the war is directed.
  13. So that on a morning when she awoke in high spirits she would raze the clothes closets, empty the trunks, tear apart the attics, and wage a war of separation against the piles of clothing that had been seen once too often, the hats she had never worn because there had been no occasion to wear them while they were still in fashion, the shoes copied by European artists from those used by empresses for their coronations, and which were scorned here by highborn ladies because they were identical to the ones that black women bought at the market to wear in the house.
  1. He still could not believe he had been tasked with the sacking of Pyr, and if it came to that, its razing.
  2. This one tied us together, engulfing us as one, razing itself into the heavens above, ripping the sky and the full moon as it thrust into its destination.
  3. Until the once peaceful Mohammedan Caliphs became as insanely obsessed with world domination: as the Mongols had been when they first began razing Muslim villages and towns and cities to the ground.
  4. The destruction of the Temple was the end result of the prophet who prophesied, or was it? Is that all there was to it? Those who, by faith, accepted Jesus’ words as revealed truth were rewarded forty years later when, as old men, they saw or heard of the utter desecration and razing of the Temple to the very ground.
  1. They razed to the ground.
  2. Two towers of commerce will be razed.
  3. Their towns are razed to the ground.
  4. The stables, barns and school were all razed.
  5. Both the castle and the school were razed in 5705.
  6. The fighters did as Taliesin suggested and razed their camp.
  7. The castle and town were razed to the ground by the bombing.
  8. We burned all the huts and razed the banana plantations to the ground.
  9. Ultimately that tempest razed the roof off Indra’s conveyance, who immediately.
  10. During the war, 580,000 Jews were killed, fifty fortified towns and 985 villages razed.
  11. And if her grandfather's shop were razed they would become poor due to a lack of income.
  12. Bulldozers razed homes and entire neighborhoods and families of the terrorist/murderers were exiled.
  13. The Mongols razed China’s cities to the ground and forced the Chinese to grovel submissively at their feet.
  14. These hardened fighters from the mountains attack at dawn and the once mighty city of Ur was razed to the ground.
  15. The rich will be torn down from their high places and shot and hung, and their mansions will be razed to the ground.
  16. Then we had to look on as they razed our city to the ground and destroyed our beloved temple and killed the priests.
  17. Five times the village has been razed to the ground and once the castle itself was almost taken in a prolonged siege.
  18. Jane stands dusting herself, yards away bullet ridden piles of what used to be security mixed with razed architecture.
  19. The entire building of the apex court was razed to ground by exploding bombs and one thousand souls departed in seconds.
  20. Half the building had already collapsed, and the other half was on its way, which razed the entire downtown area to the ground.
  21. Among those who died, 99% were members of Zamaril’s armed forces and the things razed to ground were mainly military installations.
  22. People were again recalled the incident of Trade center in which the entire building was razed to ground and turned into heap of dust.
  23. The trolls felt a little remiss at having razed the only extant jungle, but they figured that where there was one tree, there would soon be others.
  24. Following the first Jewish rebellion from AD 66–70, Rome razed Solomon’s Temple, as Herod had rebuilt it, down to its foundation, the Temple Mount.
  25. But after the first city there was another, then another, city after city razed, the survivors drifting about like specters, picking through the rubble.
  26. That would work for a while, at least until the Anduains rained siege weapons down on them, or just razed the entire tower, destroying it, and them with it.
  27. While attorney general‘s arguments were midway, the entire Supreme Court building trembled in the sound of explosions and was razed to ground within few moments.
  28. The Jews have razed the ancient church and synagogue to the ground, and in its place have erected a hideous square abomination, supported internally on iron pillars.
  29. The fortifying of the Kremlin, for which la Mosquee (as Napoleon termed the church of Basil the Beatified) was to have been razed to the ground, proved quite useless.
  30. The fortifying of the Krémlin, for which la Mosquée (as Napoleon termed the church of Basil the Beatified) was to have been razed to the ground, proved quite useless.
  31. Why it still stood was a bureaucratic mystery, but the prevailing theory was that it had taken the place of the old Kowloon Walled City which had been razed years previously.
  32. But before Zamaril’s experts could understand the complexity of the current conditions or do some remedy, the missile shattered entire Zamaril and razed edifices to ground.
  33. The previous day Ashpenaz had confirmed that a large contingent of Hebrews from Judah had been captured and that their city, Jerusalem, and its temple had been razed to the ground.
  34. The fireball and blast wave, allied with the powerful seismic tremor that went through the crust and surrounding waters, completely razed and incinerated everything on Mafia Island.
  35. At the first sign of disobedience or revolt, whole villages were razed to the ground and the population carried off into slavery or summarily executed, men, women and children, non were spared.
  36. Many historical buildings had been razed and replaced by steel and glass towers and the vehicle traffic was much quieter compared to that in 2012, most of the vehicles now being propelled by electric motors.
  37. It also looked like a battleship, having been built around a rocky reef that had been razed first and then wrapped in a concrete shell up to ten meters in thickness, making it nearly invulnerable to ship guns.
  38. Harkweather & Fulsome’s last move had been to a twenty-two-floored steel structure, from whose tenth story were visible the roofs of the buildings not yet razed to make room for other giant office honeycombs.
  39. The immense fetish trees were blown up one after another, and the sacred houses and temples set on fire, or razed to the ground, and a cry of despair went up from the miserable creatures watching from the surrounding forest.
  40. A massive blaze in Mt Eden, where an entire block of professional rooms was razed to the ground, took second billing to historic footage of the Clegg Empire, depicting each brother at various functions throughout their illustrious careers.
  41. Replace the beauty of Nature with identical boring patches of razed earth: destroy the earth: destroy the soil, destroy all the natural plants and trees… Majestic Trees 500 years old: tall giants that took 500 years to grow: cut down in a day.
  42. She then flew down to the rocky ground and fell to her knees, sobs choking her: Mount Ophel, on which had stood the Temple Mount of Jerusalem, had been decapitated by a nuclear weapon that had also razed everything for kilometers around the site.
  43. The trees were gone, entirely; razed by what could be nothing but an instrument of depravity, with nothing remaining other than an occasional uprooted stump and a huge mound of ash and deep-glowing charcoal that smoldered in the center of the spreading atrocity.
  44. He would always remember, he thought, how he’d gripped the seat of the boy’s new bike and jogged around the park the smart money still said would be razed to make room for a highway, and how, at the end of the umpteenth circuit, Regan had arrived amid a cluster of women in skirts, the youngest and prettiest among them.
  45. According to the news item, Although a handful of survivors fled the Coptic city, the majority died … Heavily armed State's Spawn murdered countless Copts … The SS marauders also ignited numerous fires, which killed hundreds of thousands of Copts … It was a shocking massacre—much worse than the recent inferno that razed an inner-city slum to the ground.
  46. There is no doubt that the Emperor hoped to give his disordered flight the air of a dignified and regular retreat, for, among other things, he directed that the walls of Smolensk should be razed to the ground, in order, to use his own expression, that they might not stand in his way another time; as if, at this moment of disaster, he could have dreamt of a new invasion.
  47. Not that it was my home anymore: Someone had bought the property years ago, razed the house immediately, crushing walls my mother had prettied with cheap flowery posters, smashing windows we’d breathed against while waiting to see who was coming down the drive, splintering the doorframe where my mom had penciled the growth of Ben and my sisters but been too tired to chart me (I had just one entry: Libby 3’2).
  48. Of sacred Troy, and razed her heaven-guided wall,.
  1. The departed, whether good or bad, are remembered for a very short while by the living and then the bulldozer of life razes the memory soon enough.

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