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    1. She had the land around his house reclaimed in the form he had it

    2. If it wasn't for the sounds of the people, he would think this city was a ruin that had been reclaimed by the jungle

    3. Ava's veron space could then be reclaimed at leisure

    4. Like all the native cities, you could think it had been reclaimed by the jungle

    5. There it would remain, waiting to become dust, to be reclaimed unto the Maker once more

    6. When he had reclaimed the Elders, one by one, he showed them the truth of it

    7. Most of them he reclaimed, a small few he sent out to ensure the chaos spread

    8. He felt that it reclaimed his family’s old connection to the aristocracy

    9. Somehow he alone would be affected enough to be returned, leaving the ship to be reclaimed by the alien (who insisted it was their rightful property)

    10. That was until the owner tracked down his missing machine and unceremoniously reclaimed it, all the while muttering to himself about our evil ways

    11. was a reclaimed version of its neighbors

    12. Halon stepped forward and reclaimed the Globe on the key and the pedestal lowered itself into the floor

    13. Of course, you cannot live forever and it is likely that the life you have reclaimed will not be a long one

    14. The forest reclaimed the mill and the building remained unused

    15. and he had reclaimed the body of Jenova

    16. Some reclaimed the reins from their children

    17. The ancient then reclaimed his seat next to the door

    18. Since in what way is a solitary eater, and a glutton, and a drunkard reclaimed, unless it be clear that reasoning is Lord of the passions?

    19. Powers to be reclaimed are to be specified by the Conventions of the States

    20. The noise had also ended as it had done before, and without the thunder of the stampeding herd a quiet had reclaimed the landscape broken only by an occasional sound put forth by a member of the now-quiescent menagerie

    21. 7 Since in what way is a solitary eater and a glutton and a drunkard reclaimed unless it be clear that reasoning is Lord of the passions? 8 A man therefore who regulates his course by the law even if he be a lover of money straightway puts force on his own disposition; lending to the needy without interest and cancelling the debt of the incoming Sabbath

    22. “Our God,” he had exclaimed, a look of joy-filled awe on his now radiant countenance, “has reclaimed his people and is even now in the process of rescuing us all

    23. reclaimed his people and is even now in the process of rescuing us all

    24. ’ Once again the rush of battle flowed through Lord Aden’s veins and unbothered by the thought of the mass of men forming outside, he coolly reclaimed his own swords from the weapons’ rack where he had been forced to check them in on his arrival, for not even the Su-Katii were permitted weapons in front of the council

    25. The armed men came running up the stairs towards the waiting Su-Katii, Aden had reclaimed his day sack from the check-in desk

    26. Back in Harburg, we reclaimed our generator set, made it to Blankenese and exchanged the machine, then back to Hamburg where we had to stay for the night

    27. “Yes, but will she know who she really is? This is the first time we have reclaimed the girl before Slider and his men could kill her

    28. I reclaimed my backpack from Grover and looked inside

    29. reclaimed a reason to exist for themselves, becoming altars

    30. Despite their interest, tired muscles reclaimed their attention and they headed back for supper and bed

    31. ‘To see how, in only twelve years, nature has reclaimed what was a stinking, polluted, barren hole blasted from the rocks so the roads in this area could be formed and sealed

    32. At Yoxford we turned left and crossed the A12 and headed up to Dunwich, a small ancient village that was slowly being reclaimed by the battering North Sea

    33. They reclaimed their shoes, paid the bill and left

    34. So I consciously reclaimed all the power I had given to Betty and to the incident itself to make it real; or at least that‘s the way Scheinfeld would say it

    35. Now hurry!‖ Fear clung to the boys but Sam picked up the scent of excitement as they moved about like grasshoppers on a hot floor trying to start the reluctant monster—succeeding in record time and within minutes had the hammer down and were chugging back with the reclaimed bucket of bolts chewing up greenery like the eggbeater from hell

    36. Elise‘s conscious awareness reclaimed her numbed body like a rising tide with the only sounds to penetrate her psyche of a primal nature: Chirping birds

    37. you would have reclaimed your coin

    38. The beach had long since been reclaimed by the rising sea level which had already destroyed any buildings that had been built along the shore-line

    39. adopted, euthanized, reclaimed, or died of natural causes in the

    40. barrels of oil had been reclaimed by the skimming equipment of Alyeska

    41. Thanks to Nancy Laplante and her incredible genius for operational planning, his ragtag forces had been brought from the various corners of Africa and of the Near East, where they had been fighting mostly French Vichy forces, to England, where they had been quickly reequipped with new equipment, including reclaimed French Army equipment that the enemy had been using since the defeat of 1940

    42. Feltus lowered himself from his saddle and picked up a small piece of driftwood that had been conjured by the sea during the storm and left here as a gift to some passerby or else to be reclaimed by the ocean at a later time

    43. from the north, sending a towering mist into the close air, and reclaimed the sand with a fury as if it were stripping the very hide from the earth in retribution for escaping its confines

    44. The high waves crashed against the beach with a thunderous roar, which could easily be mistaken for the deafening claps of thunder or the forceful howl of the wind that bent the palms at unnatural angles or the lightning striking some object in the forests surrounding the hotel, and reclaimed much of that which nature had given for the enjoyment of mere mortals

    45. Only the very young were spared and she was reclaimed from the wreckage by a spinster aunt who cared for her throughout the hostilities

    46. to believe that he’d reclaimed it after killing the man who’d cheated

    47. but on the death of Cleopatra was reclaimed by Antiochus Epiphanes after a bloody battle

    48. the Bureau of Land Management reclaimed the land and sold it to

    49. In the morning, he decided he needed coffee and company, so he walked back to the Student Union and reclaimed his seat from the night before

    50. Abused, used carelessly, as if they were disposable, ever-replaceable possessions, all of Nature’s gifts now need to be reclaimed and all of her abusers’ privileges suspended

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