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    1. Laying her hand on the red-faced child's shoulder, she forced her apology through uncontrollable snickers

    2. Sam stood up red-faced and grabbed Pick by the collar of his shirt

    3. `This is the end of everything' (he said), `at least it is the end of the career of Toad, which is the same thing; the popular and handsome Toad, the rich and hospitable Toad, the Toad so free and careless and cool! How can I hope to be ever set at large again' (he said), `who have been put into prison so justly for stealing so handsome a motor-car in such an outrageous manner, and for such imaginative cheek, put upon such a number of fat, red-faced policemen!' (Here his sobs choked him

    4. was a surly, red-faced man who greeted all their

    5. Carmen glanced back to see a red-faced Josh striding toward her, still tucking in his shirt

    6. The barista stared at the red-faced, shrieking man and pleasantly chirped,

    7. He had a wispy little seventeen-hair moustache, and very, very red-faced he was, too

    8. Red-faced, Clive covered up by clearing his throat

    9. ” The door burst open and a red-faced Councilor Trent came barging in

    10. The avatar of Centron made another motion that could resemble someone giggling, but after looking at Hilderich’s red-faced expression he spoke with much more sobriety:

    11. There was no menu, and Jalesow ordered for Colling and himself, and soon thereafter, the sweating red-faced waitress who had taken their order dropped a tin plate piled with sausage, red cabbage and potatoes in front of them

    12. I was red-faced but in agreement

    13. a red-faced Irishman, a non lawyer contract manager who lived in the valley in Danville

    14. I must have been red-faced and a bit desperate

    15. Bracken was red-faced with embarrassment and cringed back into the comfortable chair

    16. Red-faced and dripping, he was hard at it when Charly and Frankie parked and walked over

    17. Eventually red-faced and with a pout she freed herself and following with the outer garments she slipped into the cold bed and replied

    18. Hearing a flurry of commotion, we turned and watched as a stout, red-faced man I recognized as Aonghus bolted into the room, carrying his weeping boy Torrian

    19. red-faced, to lift a bar with huge weights on each end

    20. An extremely red-faced Andrei managed to catch Marianne’s eye and give her a quick wink when he “introduced” himself to them, saying that he apologised for barging in on them, but that he had no clue as to what Wei’s game was and could think of no reason for his being assaulted and incarcerated - he was after all, just a Tourist

    21. he noticed though, that Marianne also appeared slightly red-faced

    22. “This Fool,” a red-faced Saul shouts, pointing an accusatory finger at Henry, “has crossed the Wall

    23. After hearing this, the fellow turned red-faced, and then

    24. red-faced, sweating profusely, and breathing deeply

    25. Dave shrugged his shoulders, turning red-faced in the

    26. became red-faced, and he clenched both of his fists, so tightly

    27. the red-faced Duke, “Have I not treated you with the utmost

    28. A uniformed policeman came up to her then, a brawny, red-faced man with streaks of gray in his dark-brown hair

    29. remember the red-faced embarrassment of being marched back into

    30. touching you, too,” I say, while struggling to not become the red-faced

    31. She then got up from her chair, imitated by the three red-faced churchmen

    32. Nitish was left red-faced

    33. “Why are you always here?” I said to them, and trod on the shoe of a big, red-faced woman

    34. ‘Goddam it woman, I want you to move in with me’ blustered the now red-faced Gary

    35. Nigel faced Pang red-faced and out of breath

    36. The difficult babies are the red-faced infants whose howling

    37. Another hand tapped on the door and Kim stepped in, followed by a red-faced Guinevere

    38. He’d taken off his jacket and was in his shirtsleeves, red-faced and sweating

    39. Tom pushed his way through the crowd and arrived by John's side, red-faced and sweating

    40. Except one small detail didn’t fit: Why had the red-faced monster seemed confused as to where he was, and how he had got there?

    41. “Yeah, so maybe that red-faced monster in the woods is a guard after all,” Robbie said

    42. We started to block it up but were interrupted by a red-faced monster

    43. Robbie finally returned, looking red-faced

    44. It reminded him of the red-faced monster, and he wondered if they were making a mistake by wandering around in the woods with that thing roaming loose

    45. That wasn’t the red-faced monster

    46. “But what frightened him? The red-faced monster?”

    47. Red-faced, Steve shouted, “EVERYONE IN EVERY STATE, YOU WILL

    48. Alongside were Robbie, Abigail and Lauren, each looking equally red-faced and chilled

    49. Robbie, red-faced and clutching his hand, glared at her

    50. With a howl, the red-faced manticore erupted from a clump of bushes and pounced

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