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Frasi con regretful (in inglese)

  1. Serious, and regretful.
  2. Portero gave a regretful sigh.
  3. All the same, Ralph was regretful.
  4. He was regretful now about having.
  5. She nodded and twisted her face in a regretful grimace.

  6. Regretful of the question, but torn to know the answer.
  7. He is still our doctor, because he's regretful of his actions.
  8. He seemed a bit taken aback by this, if not a little regretful.
  9. I felt confused, conflicted and regretful, he told me in 2015.
  10. She had been ready for days with her stilted, regretful little formula.
  11. Even in death Max was closer to the girl that now he yearned for with such regretful thoughts.
  12. I suddenly felt so guilty and regretful that I started to weep while Roy slid his arm around.
  13. Adrinius peered at me one last time, as if deep in reflection, almost regretful contemplation.
  14. Maybe he was quietly regretful inside, by not surfacing the issue when it first occurred as a child.
  15. Of course it is regretful and 28 too many for the war stopped in 1990, two years before this incident.

  16. He never fully recovered from the regretful condemnation of having consented to the crucifixion of Jesus.
  17. The princess looked at him, not grasping what he was saying, but cheered by the expression of regretful sympathy on his face.
  18. The dark-haired Imperial watched the recruit run off, regretful for snapping at him and preoccupied with the latest developments.
  19. Everyone in Kinnakee was so mournful—so regretful about this freak accident—til they found out the man’s farm was going under.
  20. Kiera was really beginning to feel regretful that she had taken up the challenge, but she remembered what Chance’s look had told her.
  21. Now Sebastian had disappeared into that other life of his where I was not asked to follow, and I was left, instead, forlorn and regretful.
  22. If you kill without guilt, you will not feel regretful afterwards! At that time I was still young and when I listened to his explanations.
  23. Municantir had returned to his nocturnal moth hunt and regretful meows came from him every time a moth laughingly escaped his paws in the air.
  24. We agree so heartily, with such comfortable, regretful sighs, when anybody tells us so; but with only one wretched sinner are we of a real patience.
  25. Worse yet, better traders, regretful of a missed opportunity, can actually demoralize an entire firm if their regret spreads to all the other traders.

  26. Oh, how I wish we did not, but we do, she said softly, letting her head hang low as a regretful woeful sigh came slipping from her frowning trembling lips.
  27. With cautious and somewhat regretful steps, she crept into the room, and there on the other side of the room between the bed and the dresser was a large dark outline.
  28. He didn’t feel regretful of this though, because despite the blame he placed on his actions he had said some time ago that his brother would end up being his own doom.
  29. The seizure ripped through the cerebrum of the most revered man in Christendom, canceling all but one regretful thought: He would never know which virgin bore the divine child.
  30. Since then the troubles of her married life had deepened, and the absence of other relief encouraged her regretful rumination over that thin romance which she had once fed on.
  31. I knew he must have been an appreciative and regretful husband, because no husband who did not appreciate and regret would go so far as to talk of his deceased wife as his late espoused saint.
  32. Not that he cared one scrap for a snub from a disagreeable, spoiled child! But deep down he recognized what it was—the regretful ache, the yearning, baffled tenderness that had newly filled his heart.
  33. Once this was done, she limped out of the wheelhouse and, with a last regretful look towards the yacht where the two Americans were still fighting out ISIS fighters, went down to the weather deck, then headed towards the forward hold.
  34. And Amy, in her exile, longed eagerly to be at home, that she might work for Beth, feeling now that no service would be hard or irksome, and remembering, with regretful grief, how many neglected tasks those willing hands had done for her.
  35. Once we had a title and had settled on the letter as our lyrical form, the variations came to us very easily: a child’s note, a postcard from a regretful lover, the reply of an eccentric aunt to a begging letter from scheming relations.
  36. It seemed almost to be a regretful wailing, a muted screaming of a million voices, instead of a heartbeat, a dark wind blowing in a dark space and the chest cold and the sound cold to the doctor's ears and to his own heart, which gave pause in hearing it.
  37. That morning Aunt Pitty had reached the regretful decision that she had better kill the patriarch before he died of old age and pining for his harem which had long since been After Uncle Peter had wrung his neck, Aunt Pitty had been beset by conscience at the eaten.
  38. And there, aloof, yet persistently with her, moving wherever she moved, was the Will Ladislaw' who was a changed belief exhausted of hope, a detected illusion—no, a living man towards whom there could not yet struggle any wail of regretful pity, from the midst of scorn and indignation and jealous offended pride.
  39. Spell-bound and quivering with excitement, the Water Rat followed the Adventurer league by league, over stormy bays, through crowded roadsteads, across harbour bars on a racing tide, up winding rivers that hid their busy little towns round a sudden turn; and left him with a regretful sigh planted at his dull inland farm, about which he desired to hear nothing.
  40. Those who are undergoing a stressful situation such as facing traffic congestion, emergencies, pregnant mothers who are experiencing labor pains and about to deliver, meeting deadlines, ensuring a smooth operations , suffer demotion or being fired by boss and others need to pursue relaxation training in order to have a clear mind and not be obstructed by hasty and regretful decisions.
  41. Glance around the room in which you are now seated, and, whether you are gray haired and dignified, or with youthful happiness are anticipating to-night’s cotillion, dare you deny that the supposition is probable? Is there not somewhere near you, in sight, where occasionally your hand may touch it with regretful love, or hidden in some secret drawer whence you rarely trust yourself to take it—is there not a jewel, a scented glove, a bit of ribbon, a faded violet, or a lock of hair? Whatever it is, in time of a catastrophe—hastened flight—would it not first be seized in preference to your costliest treasure?

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