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Frasi con remediation (in inglese)

  1. The legislative body needs remediation.
  2. New Account Fraud: The Cost of Remediation.
  3. Our health care system is in desperate need of remediation.
  4. Comprehensive protection should come with comprehensive remediation.
  5. Most identity theft services offer both an alert system and remediation services.

  6. The reactor shut down a month later and eventually remediation and cleanup was done.
  7. Eventually, Superfund ran out of money, so 858 East Ferry Street sat with no remediation.
  8. If you think you will make significantly more than the remediation will cost you, go for it.
  9. If they cause a mess to the environment, they have to clean it up and pay for the remediation.
  10. For one thing, bank and credit card web sites aren’t that user-friendly and need much remediation.
  11. More than a half-century later, the problems remain, because cleanup and remediation have to be done.
  12. They’ll be warned and if it happens again, they still have to do remediation along with even stiffer fines.
  13. And those remediation services may cover some or all of the above expenses, as well as facilitate the process.
  14. Moreover, thousands of dollars would have been spent beforehand, instead of the millions it is taking for cleanup and remediation.
  15. In some areas there was too much toxicity in the soil, so either it had to undergo remediation or better yet, replaced with clean soil.

  16. These don’t bring back those mighty creatures to life but instead rely on animals that exist today in other areas as substitutes that offer remediation.
  17. I also envision high paying jobs here for alternative energy projects as well as setting up – with the State University of New York – research on remediation and cleanup that would lead the country.
  18. Whether it’s a local residence or a building for a business, construction and remediation can result in an edifice that utilizes much less energy than those in the past, resulting in helping to save the planet.
  19. A review of the clinical charts of my patients (counting the number of treatment sessions to termination of therapy) representing more than twenty-five years of clinical practice indicates that when medical qigong is added to one or more of the other modalities used, remediation of symptoms occurs more quickly (often beginning with the first session or two) and the number of treatment sessions decreases by about fifty per cent.

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