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    1. Revel in it… celebrate what you want! Whatever

    2. in it, revel in it

    3. It is the host, the revel, arms locked in arms,

    4. I want to revel in the fact that I could cause a positive change in a precious life

    5. All should revel in

    6. revel, my gracious liege and father, on this of all the year's

    7. legs to revel his chest

    8. They revel in the ambiance where they can see and be seen

    9. Like the ancient Sophists, they revel in sophistry

    10. Miss Revel taught French

    11. Miss Revel had no use for molly-coddling in education

    12. Miss Revel, I learned, was asked to accompany them on the formal visit they paid to this young man and his family

    13. He knew that some seizures could trigger certain areas in the cerebral cortex on their electrical revel through the brain

    14. Miss Cornelia was up at Ingleside, holding agonized conclave with Anne and Susan, and Mary hoped that the session might be a long one, for it was all of two weeks since she had been allowed to revel with her chums in the dear valley of rainbows

    15. The purpose of the book is to revel the love and care that the Lord has for His

    16. An extreme expression of rebellion for the young male today is to revel in the vile and sadistic depiction of women rather than risk submission to the bonds of a woman’s tenderness and love

    17. and enjoys watching us revel in the world He gave us

    18. Sexual intercourse is much better when both partners truly revel in the experience

    19. temperature was outside, but Paul seemed to revel in announcing

    20. stopped what she was doing to revel in it every time her baby girl

    21. Now of course, we are sentient whenever we are awake, but we still revel in the revitalizing rays of the source at sunrise, and it is still the most special time of day for us

    22. 6 Put confidence in me then and you shall receive places of authority in my government if you forsake your national ordinance 7 and conforming to the Greek mode of life alter your rule and revel in youth's delights

    23. 4 O you hater of virtue and of men what have we done that you so revel in our blood? 5 Does it seem evil to you that we worship the Founder of all things and live according to his surpassing law? 6 But this is worthy of honours not torments; 7 Had you been capable of the higher feelings of men and possessed the hope of salvation from God

    24. Should he manage to slay the enemy Commander, he would revel in his victory for months and would be the hero of the battle

    25. mother, but I’d secretly revel in the attention

    26. Bill and Jane came out of the farmhouse, still engaged in a lively debate about how a stroll in the countryside had ended up in a prolonged harvest revel

    27. Revel in this time, because it

    28. To revel in the love

    29. wil revel in the fact that you are master of circumstances; that they wil not

    30. I was just enjoying the fact that I could look at her, revel in

    31. She and Pa would talk and laugh, lounging lazily by the edge of the water, slipping off their shoes and letting their toes revel contently in the brisk water

    32. And I revealed a revelation for man to revere and revel in

    33. The erectors of the building knew how Shoop felt, and revel ed in

    34. and revel ed in the sensation of being privy to knowledge that no one else had

    35. When I opened my door, what I saw was, our neighbours, my father’s colleagues, and the nearby colony folks, were sipping teas and having sweet ladoos, cakes, samosas with revel

    36. The cat ignored him and continued to revel in his new found friend

    37. this world is the epitome of man's glory, to then revel in its evil, as though reaching for nothing but the darkness to this story

    38. Their silent revel seemed unbreakable until another clatter of footsteps filled the ballroom with fleeting hope

    39. that I had beaten whatever the light had meant, I revel ed in the quiet peaceful nothingness once

    40. Damon revel ed in his new wolf form

    41. Grant revel ed in the leopards attention

    42. and leant back against him, revel ing in the warmth of the water flowing around us

    43. She didn’t revel in the feeling of tel ing the man she was

    44. It’s the experience of having the things you want in your life! Enjoy it! Revel in it! This is yours and yours alone

    45. Once you have cleared all the thoughts of your day, revel in your mind being clear

    46. The other choice, and really the only viable choice, is to fully embrace this new phase of my life and revel in my new reality: a much wiser and experienced woman who is a beautiful fifty- something

    47. Will you revel in the view of life

    48. Will you revel in the total view

    49. We should revel in only one excess of population: a surplus of healthy elderly and happy centenarians

    50. “Is that what you meant by behaving? I’d rather revel against you!”

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    revel revelry delight enjoy jollify make happy make merry make whoopie racket wassail whoop it up