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Frasi con riddance (in inglese)

  1. Good riddance to NM.
  2. Good riddance to her.
  3. And good riddance to them then.
  4. Good riddance, he snarled.
  5. Justice served and good riddance.

  6. She can look after herself and good riddance.
  7. Good riddance to her, Sierra said, clapping.
  8. Riddance: Something that is devoured; or gathered away.
  9. Turney would be consigned to the past and good riddance.
  10. So much for his practicing what he preached! Good riddance.
  11. Now, with a feeling of abandonment and betrayal they all sighed: Good riddance.
  12. No, he more likely will sink somewhere in the Cherokee Strip country and good riddance.
  13. Well, without their boss the whole gang will split up, and that will be a good riddance.
  14. Take the old Nag! An’ good Riddance! said the Man; and he positively cackled as he went his Way.
  15. Good riddance, Lorna said to herself and took the bird-cage outside and left it on the veranda at the back of the house.

  16. At first I thought good riddance and then I realized that in a way that cat was a part of the life I had shared with my wife.
  17. The Israelis were hoping to turn Lebanon into a sort of puppet state, but the Lebanese hadn’t waved goodbye and good riddance to the PLO only to be taken over by the Israelis.
  18. Then finally there would have been a healthy continuation of the bloodletting that the French revolution had begun, and instead of replacing a King with a fucking ‘Emperor’ or a fucking ‘president’ or a fucking ‘prime minister’… every fucking leader of every fucking European nation-empire-state: would have been killed: and a good fucking riddance to them all.
  19. For the latheron’s friend in the court having discovered that I had not decerned she was to do any work to Mrs Girdwood, but only to stay out her term, advised her to do nothing when she went back but go to her bed, which she was bardy enough to do, until my poor friend, the deacon, in order to get a quiet riddance of her, was glad to pay her full fee, and board wages for the remainder of her time.
  20. Who would have thought that this affair was to prove to me the means of an easy riddance of Mr Hickery? But so it turned out; for whether or not there was any foundation for the traffickings with him which she pretended, he never could abide to hear the story alluded to, which, when I discerned, I took care, whenever he showed any sort of inclination to molest the council with his propugnacity, to joke him about his bonny sweetheart, the Tappit-hen, and he instantly sang dumb, and quietly slipped away; by which it may be seen how curiously events come to pass, since, out of the very first cause of his thwarting me in the lamps, I found, in process of time, a way of silencing him far better than any sort of truth or reason.

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