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    1. She picked up a training bag and headed to the city's Southside and Ireland's only full roller derby rink

    2. She looked keen to get into the rink

    3. No responsibilities other than to slam that girl a mile out of the rink

    4. She turned and skated down the hall to the roller derby rink

    5. I had first smelled 420 at the roller rink back when I was in the 5th grade but I didn’t know what the smell was just yet

    6. He was talking about this style of music that started in a club called, “The Warehouse” in Chicago that was responsible for these same dance parties and rink parties

    7. There was still another ten minutes left on the skate session, and after that, they were going to open up the hardwood rink floor to us breakers and dancers

    8. Meanwhile, Kid Mojo was foot workin’ and swipin’ on the carpeted outskirts of the rink in the very spot where I had first met Miguel and Gio a few months before

    9. I don’t think they had spotted any of us, since we had moved away from the entrance a bit in anticipation of the rink floor opening up to us breakers and dancers

    10. DJ Steve started the session off with, “Dominatrix sleeps tonight” which prompted us “NSR’s” to begin taking charge of the hardwood oval rink floor

    11. ” Then without haste Kid Mojo dove to the hardwood rink floor and began revolving into hydraulic pennies (where your body lifts completely off the ground, about a good 2 or 3 inches, while you’re nutcracker-wind milling around

    12. Realizing I had pounded down a couple of big ass glasses of water at dinner and another in the car while mom drove me up to the rink, I quickly snuck away and strolled towards the restrooms

    13. I walked into the rink John where Big Ted from school and Curt Columbus were seemingly just hanging out in the bathroom shooting the shit – pun intended

    14. As I drew more near the break cypher, I could see spinning and twirling through the legs of dancing rink goers, which made me pick up my stride

    15. It made me look even cooler or something because while I was gabbing and confabbing with Chi Girl and her girls, other rink girls who I had seen around at the rink over the years, but had never talked to, were suddenly approaching me

    16. As I was continuing my trek towards the blue Stang, I caught a glimpse of a scuffle through a small opening in the rink fence that led to a taco stand on the other side

    17. On that same day, in gym class, this dude Riley said: one day his Uncle Mike was there (at Chicagoland Rink) and someone got shot inside of the place, right in the leg, with a pistol

    18. The more people I told I was going to Chicagoland Rink; the more people that had stories for me about how I’d better be careful if I went there

    19. Time flies when you’re breakin’ in the basement, I guess but it was that time on the Tic Toc to start making my way towards the infamous Chicagoland Rink

    20. Both of those fly girls were rockin’ black high heeled shoes, the kind that had the straps that wrapped around the ankles, which were wrapped, strapped, and walking through my mind as all of us NSR’s started our journey inside the rink

    21. But my first impression of Chicagoland Rink was vastly different from whatever I had heard at school on Friday

    22. They were wearing knit hats inside a rink that was plenty warm and they were donning tight tracks suits that screamed breakers

    23. My friends sort of hung out by the popcorn machine that was by the entrance, so I walked back over towards them after I checked out those two Bboys, when I saw all of my homies checking out this group of twenty something’s that were housing it up and jack dancing to the rink DJ’s house jams

    24. Fandango and Miguel always seemed to know the names of the records that were getting mixed at the rink

    25. I wasn’t used to hanging out at venues that were all ages, but that’s what Chicagoland Rink appeared to be; teens and twenty something’s and whoever

    26. Then a group of pneumatic older girls, probably in their twenties, walked by, so of course we talked about the fly females that were switching and swooshing their asses around the rink that night

    27. Everyone around them was looking with amusement and shock as those two made a porno movie out of themselves on the rink floor

    28. The thought blipped through my mind that I had probably looked as Curt Columbus had looked when he was pinned up against the fence by the taco stand last night at Suburbanite rink

    29. I learned that the Hip Hop Breakers were a bona fide break crew that had battled before – and they hung out at Chicagoland rink every weekend

    30. In the midst of it all, the cashier had looked at me with this concerned look that said: “You’re not going to gang bang at my rink – are you?”

    31. Blazin' suddenly realized that Chi Girl wasn’t at the rink tonight, so he asked, “Where was old girl at bro?”

    32. My eyes were drawn back to the rink entrance where I saw these two cats from school; Logan Gelderring and Mickey Jumbo

    33. He told me he was going to show up at the rink just so he could, “Watch a real Chicago b-boy crew take out yous wanna be suburbanites” was how he had said it

    34. I told my crew mates and friends one by one, “We should begin our trek to the center of the rink – let’s do it to it

    35. ” Since it was 1984 when this battle at Chicagoland Rink had taken place, it was a very brand new move to everyone around at that time

    36. It’s hard to explain but I felt Bob’s presence at Chicagoland Rink that night

    37. It was one of those big puffy haired, smoky eye shadowed girls I was telling you about when I had first arrived at the rink that night but it wasn’t his sister Kaylee

    38. ) And the only reason they had them on their crew was because Chicagoland Rink was their “turf” and it was easier to let them break with them than to not

    39. After a while, most of my friends from school started bailing and bragging loudly about our winning the battle as they were on their way out of the rink

    40. In the early 1980’s, It was at the roller rink that I learned about Disco/Soul and R n B, (now they call it house music), the DJ mixes, Cool cat fashion, and Breakin’; it was a place where I turned from a kid to a cat; a hip-cat

    41. Ink (think ice rink)

    42. After he had placed his things inside the trunk of his car they headed to the skating rink

    43. After a winter sojourn to stir up business and quell a union organizing drive up north, I told my boss that the only hot place in the Duluth-Superior, WI, metropolis was an indoor rink devoted to curling, that occult sport where contestants push a heavy stone toward a far-off goal and team members sweep the ice ahead of the slowly sliding object to ease its course to bump other stones out of a score

    44. snowy winter day and occurred behind the warming house at an outdoor ice skating rink

    45. The children were thrilled with it seeing it through their eyes as a giant skating rink

    46. Is there any other country besides ours that has handicapped parking in front of a skating rink?

    47. I was strolling through the area near the skating rink

    48. Moving forward to the skating rink, I saw Chip exiting the

    49. When we reached the skating rink Cindy said that she wanted

    50. the rink for about two hours

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