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    1. Yet, if you burn the clothes by mistake, you will soon feel sad and confused because of rivalry in love

    2. and there would be rivalry between

    3. was the old rivalry again, as the Russian

    4. And who better to return? Yet it did seem curious to select him for the same planet: there would normally be rivalry with different architectural styles, not that he was fixed within a certain style, contrary to most people’s perception

    5. It was the beginning of Ruby Tower’s campaign to sell the Millicent-Raven rivalry

    6. They wanted his reaction – to see how the next step in the Raven-Millicent rivalry would play out

    7. Alex and his father had got to the stage of testosterone rivalry

    8. They didn’t know it yet, but that was nothing compared to the oestrogen rivalry that was about to be unleashed between Alex’s sister and his mum

    9. Since sibling rivalry is a natural occurrence then rivalry between sets of children is not out of the question

    10. “Let me think…‘there was never anything other than friendly rivalry between services at all ranks…’”

    11. Tensions rose and rivalry could be seen on the faces of these mates who had been backpacking together

    12. everyone in the crew began that age-old rivalry that exists

    13. Sibling rivalry has always fascinated me,” McClure

    14. This is where rivalry between siblings explodes, or where siblings band

    15. keeps them in a continual rivalry and antagonism with men

    16. Vanessa’s mother, Jenny, and I had a thinly veiled but friendly rivalry between us,

    17. his baby sister, though it’s only a matter of time before sibling rivalry rears its ugly head

    18. Buthe knew this wasn’t the time for their rivalry, they had to work

    19. careful NOT to appraise for the wrong reasons (scapegoating, rivalry, red-herrings, etc

    20. Take initiative, you may be dealing with rivalry and competition soon

    21. The Romans were tolerant of any and all religions but very resentful of anything that savored of political rivalry

    22. But in this brotherhood of Jesus there is no place for sectarian rivalry, group bitterness, nor assertions of moral superiority and spiritual infallibility

    23. The two establishments rapidly developed a rivalry as to which could furnish the most outlandish and scurrilous tales

    24. In the disorder of the past year, when the central command fell apart and the revolution degenerated into a bloody rivalry of leaders, it was impossible to determine any responsibility

    25. Was it a type of staff rivalry instead—Donald wanting to be in Malik’s favor?

    26. ‘’Ken, Nancy told me a number of time about how inter-service rivalry in the American forces and between various government departments would hamper or even sabotage the war effort

    27. He was not naïve enough to deny the fact that such inter-service rivalry indeed existed

    28. Apparently, Admiral Kimmel and General Short still clung to the belief that the Japanese attack would come on the original date of December 7 and thus were taking their sweet time in preparing themselves, while the Army and Navy units in Hawaii kept up their petty inter-service rivalry

    29. Yamamoto couldn’t help frown on seeing that the attacks by his navy planes and by army planes were not being coordinated, more than probably due to the running inter-service rivalry between the Army and Navy

    30. Our biggest failings by far are in joint operations and tactics: this stupid inter-service rivalry between the Army and Navy has already cost us dearly in terms of duplication of efforts and lack of coordinated action

    31. This was further aggravated by the inter-service rivalry within the German High Command

    32. He had been informed about the fierce rivalry within the Allied camp which he believed could be exploited

    33. He had also been ready to offer some advice if need be, but the old demon of inter-service rivalry had reared its ugly head again, derailing the meeting and turning it into an acrimonious exchange, with little concrete being accomplished

    34. The rivalry between the two styles of RTS play - WarCraft style, which used GUIs accessed once a building was selected, and C&C style, which allowed construction of any unit from within a permanently visible menu - continued into the start of the next millennium

    35. Puller himself had often been guilty of such inter-service rivalry in the past, something he now realized fully as he watched Ingrid command her joint task force

    36. As in nearly all American military planning and operations, inter-service rivalry had quickly shown its ugly head in Washington, with the Navy insisting that the deputy force commander should be a Navy officer, due to the large number of ships attached to the force

    37. The hatred Garcia had held towards Riker as a youth reignited as he contemplated ways to eliminate the Riker threat and the rivalry for Troi’s love

    38. Apparently, the old American inter-service rivalry was at play here, with that Admiral Felt feeling that, as a more senior officer, he should have been the commander of the Palestine Interposition Force

    39. Another agency rivalry reared its head

    40. For the sake of our nation, I hope that nobody will then try to block or delay those directives simply because of inter-service rivalry

    41. However, our sources in Washington all agree that she was able to reorganize and coordinate in a masterful way the efforts of the American missile program, which was prior to her taking command parceled out all over the place and was plagued with inter-service rivalry

    42. He had personally no wish to continue this silly rivalry with the Americans and was honest enough to accept the fact that the British Empire, for all its expanse and flashy titles, was no match for the United States in terms of sheer industrial might

    43. “Dammit! Can’t we put an end to this stupid rivalry? We started it ourselves by attacking the Americans anonymously in Israel, using SAS commandos

    44. “Yeah, a little Wesley rivalry could give us just the edge we need in the war

    45. But as with most sports, fierce on field rivalry quickly

    46. "A classic rivalry revisited" "Who is king of the

    47. The victim smells death and get filled with rivalry thoughts from

    48. It’s a heated rivalry

    49. forget their old rivalry; they cooperate with each other in rebuilding

    50. At that time, those who have neglected the entrance into the presence of the Great God will realize their loss and will witness that all what they have attained of this life and their rivalry for having more of its pleasures bring upon them nothing other than great rue

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    competition contention rivalry opposition adversary disputant antagonist opponent foe