role frasi

Scegli una lingua, poi digita una parola sotto per ottenere esempi per quella parola.

Frasi con role (in inglese)

  1. In The Role of the.
  2. It is not your role.
  3. The Role of a Child.
  4. A role as his cognate.
  5. The role of the Holy.
  6. She was our role model.
  7. Play an end users role.
  8. I assumed the role of.
  9. The last role is played.
  10. He became my role model.
  11. This was his role today.
  12. That’s a role I know.
  13. In this role, you will:.
  16. It is not my role to help.
  17. Do I have a role?
  18. They have a role to play.
  19. Q: And what is your role?
  20. She has to have that role.
  21. Fate plays a smaller role.
  22. Was he born into his role?
  23. Her role was the scapegoat.
  24. Will you accept this role?
  26. You have a role to play.
  27. The Role of the Speculator.
  28. Examining the role of theta.
  29. Water never fills this role.
  30. Or maybe that was your role.
  32. Boys need a male role model.
  33. Reality has no role in the.
  34. I had assumed the role.
  36. It was a unique role reversal.
  37. The man was usurping his role.
  38. It took up the role of humans.
  39. The role of the father in the.
  40. It's not the role of a servant.
  41. You capitalize on the role the.
  42. And we all have a role to play.
  43. The Role of Useful Information.
  44. It is a role I can easily play.
  45. This refers to my earlier role.
  46. He will understand the role of.
  47. Sam wondered about Lee’s role.
  48. Maybe he needed a new role model.
  49. It has a biological role to.
  50. A study investigating the role.
  51. Even little Kelly knew her role.
  52. Tom had wondered about this role.
  53. The Father’s role was election.
  54. The Role of Attention and Focus.
  55. This plays a vital role in human.
  56. The Role of Coolant in Machining.
  57. For a review of the role of the.
  58. You have a role to fulfil, Simon.
  59. I loved the role (of Baby Doe).
  60. On the role of Creative Commons.
  61. But that’s enough for our role.
  62. One Man Show! We all play a role.
  63. The proper role of a Guru is to.
  64. Chapter Four - The Role of a Man.
  65. That is the true modern role of.
  66. Although Kevin, in his role as a.
  67. This is Role Playing in the genre.
  68. The interviewer plays a dual role.
  69. Boarding, Gary plays the role of U.
  70. The primary role of nutrition in.
  71. Much like the role played by the.
  72. A major role for the initial ball.
  73. The role caller looked at the board.
  74. That was my first official BI role.
  75. So the quarterback’s role is to.
  76. What is the role of entertainment?
  77. New Role of Such Investment Bankers.
  78. Who plays the role of Masters thee.
  79. They can both carry off either role.
  80. In The Role of the Father in Child.
  81. The father and sex role development.
  82. She has a dynamic and dominant role.
  83. Role picked up his hand and held it.
  84. Zoos can play a role in protecting.
  85. The sun god stil had a role to play.
  86. What is the Role of a Woman to You?
  87. Collins, I offered to take his role.
  88. So, I played the role of your uncle.
  89. Could you fill the role of closer?
  90. Besides playing the role of Melvin B.
  91. Mandred, though, had a special role.
  92. Jesus didn’t play the role of hero.
  93. But this time, he took a central role.
  94. Mannheim), to clearing out the role.
  95. The Role of Swimming in Staying Fit.
  96. He has given the role of curator to.
  97. He immediately saw its military role.
  98. Remember, we all have a role to play.
  99. A discussion of the role of smoking.
  100. Chapter Five – The Role of a Woman.

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