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Frasi con rooftop (in inglese)

  1. On the other rooftop, Dr.
  2. Making his way on the rooftop.
  3. Spying from the rooftop he saw a.
  4. Shadow hits the rooftop with a thud.
  5. I was stretched out on the castle rooftop.

  6. Movies on demand, rooftop heated swimming.
  7. The days under Kelia's rooftop passed slowly.
  8. Ailia heard raindrops beating on the rooftop.
  9. He’ll miss the sound of rain on the rooftop.
  10. They come! shouted the rooftop watchers.
  11. A lion reached the rooftop that Rathos was on.
  12. In the rooftop bar, Liz stood with hands on hips.
  13. He spread his wings, gliding down to the rooftop.
  14. And sat upon the rooftop, looking anxiously about.
  15. I walked quietly around the rooftop fans and saw.

  16. The new townhouse had a great rooftop braai area.
  17. Volkheimer installs and repairs rooftop TV antennas.
  18. I scan the rooftop out of habit as I slowly approach.
  19. Massive limbs above formed the rooftop of this living.
  20. When they eventually left the rooftop bar, they chose to.
  21. There were several snipers on the rooftop of the Andover.
  22. Somewhere on the rooftop a group of pigeons started their.
  23. Across the street on another rooftop is a sniper posted in.
  24. That first night we chilled out in the rooftop bar, all the.
  25. Sam stood on the rooftop and gazed around him at the flowers.

  26. How are things above? he asked, referring to the rooftop.
  27. All that long blistering afternoon I lay baking on the rooftop.
  28. Antonio introduced the group to the rooftop as a show of truth.
  29. Still at the convenient rooftop bar an hour later, Yuri called.
  30. By now, one barely sees the monsters that hover on the rooftop.
  31. A boney ass hand burst through the rooftop and grabbed my calf.
  32. Damn it, you could not have left this huge rooftop that fast.
  33. Turning, he could just see the rooftop bar, and tried to figure.
  34. In the taxi, Jimmy said, ‘I first met that guy at the rooftop.
  35. Her bedroom high up on the rooftop did not look so safe anymore.
  36. One of the rooftop figures took a thick wire from the white dish.
  37. It was a warm summer evening and the rooftop asphalt radiated heat.
  38. Somewhere in the smoke shrouding the rooftop, Carroll heard voices.
  39. Grating sounds of heavy rain on the forest’s rooftop during the.
  40. My father’s face appeared above the parapet, scanning the rooftop.
  41. Maria followed her example and was soon besides Nancy on the rooftop.
  42. Nowhere did Alec see a ladder nor any type of access to the rooftop.
  43. Patrick shook his head and dropped to his knees on the gravel rooftop.
  44. Carroll rotated his head so he could see all the way around the rooftop.
  45. Who? By now her slim body had landed on the rooftop and saw a man.
  46. She could prop it open and see a tangle of roofs and rooftop courts below.
  47. I threw the oil across it all; the book, Miss Hadya, Roho and the rooftop.
  48. From there I ran from one rooftop to another fleeing from your patrol, Sir.
  49. The lift doors opened and he was met with a beautiful atrium styled rooftop.
  50. I went upstairs to the rooftop bar, paid for my whisky and returned the tie.
  51. On the back wall, Molly had projected a holographic thingie of a faux rooftop.
  52. He heard the sound of two figures springing on the rooftop, one in front and.
  53. His hands were empty -- despite the scores of weapons scattered across the rooftop.
  54. Standing on the rooftop afforded me at that moment the pleasure of a pleasant late.
  55. One place you need not worry about having enough sun is if you have a rooftop garden.
  56. Out the missing back wall he could see that there was an old rooftop a few feet away.
  57. Rooftop gardens can be found in any city: Chicago, Washington, DC, New York or Seattle.
  58. We went firm in one of the houses in Uniform sector and set up an OP on the rooftop.
  59. Thirty minutes later, Sam Westland strolled onto the rooftop park carrying two bags of.
  60. Sage stood on the rooftop looking down to the streets replaying the nightmare in her mind.
  61. And these were my mental reflections as I stood on the rooftop of the Multi Story Wing of.
  62. In the next instant she was lying on the rooftop with her back to him, unwilling to look up.
  63. We moved across the courtyard into a house where there are three rooms, one on the rooftop.
  64. Suddenly I felt strangely aloof from the world as I sat with Roy on the rooftop splashed in.
  65. Suddenly he remembered the rooftop show; the staircase must be how the actors made their way up.
  66. Nearing the house, I looked up over the rooftop in the direction of the southeastern part of the.
  67. On the rooftop across the street was a black guy in coveralls, the electrician he’d seen earlier.
  68. Dark grey ceramic tiles line the rooftop and a red-bricked driveway leads into the three-car garage.
  69. The building sported peeling paint, a listing rooftop, and more than a few missing or broken shutters.
  70. Then, even the cries of those in front of him ended as a second volley of arrows littered the rooftop.
  71. One moment he was staring into the unreachable sky, then the next he was plummeting to another rooftop.
  72. Once this was said, Nancy got up from her prone position on the rooftop and signaled Maria to follow her.
  73. Hudson said something on the rooftop in Brooklyn, Carroll whispered as he stroked Caitlin’s hair.
  74. I stared in disbelief at the little oasis of calm and beauty that had been created from my barren rooftop.
  75. Besides himself, there was Theodorous, Solo Ki and five other soldiers on top of the corpse-covered rooftop.
  76. Snow blanketed every rooftop and weighed on the branches of the stunted mulberry trees that lined our street.
  77. Pedro motioned toward the rooftop door, where a second Marine waited with his M-16 pointed down the stairway.
  78. And then, as if remembering something he had only half seen, he woke, sat up, and peered out at Jim's rooftop.
  79. You climb three flights and reach the rooftop, Clare holds open the door for you to cross into the world of sky.
  80. He could make out the sharp repeating sound of the rotors of the Cobra helicopter that had landed on the rooftop.
  81. The man, who was on the rooftop of the building, opened his wide suitcase revealing a massive, metal objct inside.
  82. There is also a lot of confusion regarding the interpretation of the vision that Peter had on the rooftop in Joffa.
  83. It was a collective request of tenants to the Greek Community to expel Am Mohammad from his rooftop terrace rooms.
  84. Thin smoke emitted steadily from a spot at the centre stage, spilling upwards through the open space at the rooftop.
  85. He had time to give a series of short orders around before a grenade rolled at his feet, coming from a nearby rooftop.
  86. The rest of the platoon snipers found spots to watch from inside while Chris and I settled in together on the rooftop.
  87. While that rooftop was also deserted, the same could not be said of the courtyard of the compound the house was part of.
  88. A helmet covered head peeked over the rooftop of a two-story building to his left, quickly followed by a score of others.
  89. I turned my gaze to our rooftop, found Baba and Rahim Khan sitting on a bench, both dressed in wool sweaters, sipping tea.
  90. Though she’d drawn stares from any number of men on the rooftop, she hadn’t been aware of it, which was extremely rare.
  91. I experienced all kinds of plumbing problems inside the house and with the rooftop swamp box, so it was not such a bargain.
  92. Both then grabbed in succession the two crates of grenades and the four Afghan policewomen, pulling them up to the rooftop.
  93. And on the rooftop, the bare-chested vestals haven’t stopped shimmying—Aaaah … Freak out!—waiting for the Maximum L.
  94. There, on the rooftop, the two youths lay on their backs side by side, each one ready to wake the other should he fall asleep.
  95. Later, at work, with cooler temperatures setting in, hardly any customers showed up on the rooftop, even during the dinner rush.
  96. I silently screamed at the rooftop of the car and sobbed, clutching my face with my hands, the tears streaming through my fingers.
  97. They were supposed to direct rainwater away from rooftop gutters by way of a water spout, so it looked like the statue was spitting.
  98. Like something from ancient history, the five-story structure boasted stone walls, arrow slits, turrets, and even a crenellated rooftop.
  99. He’s moving with such purpose that William is scared he might just speed right off the rooftop, like the roadrunner from the cartoons.
  100. They snatch their victims, and a few Sylvan torture them just above rooftop height, amplifying their screams, while the rest Shield them.

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