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    1. It didn’t help that he kept cutting off any potential escape route; he was always just at arms length away

    2. Those of us who have some fund to spare and do not have the energy to personally help the needy can route their financial through these NGOs

    3. Their eggs are good travelers, hitch hiking on board container’s en route

    4. Of course if he'd known he was going to Taktor's he'd have taken his usual route

    5. That same Brazilian now lived twenty seven miles from the city almost directly on their route

    6. and a thousand other essentials for the great day, had blocked her only escape route

    7. "I should have done a route study for this," doostEr said, "We may have to stop and do one even yet

    8. We plan to use this route

    9. It was simply that they were able to route the bot's sensors to their cortex busses and 'be' there

    10. I held imaginary conversations with them, planning a safe route through the hurts and psychological infirmity of captivity

    11. Not as easy as it sounds, but a hell of a lot more straightforward than the route you’ve chosen

    12. It passed the second Pan Solar League expedition en route, arriving here at least six years sooner, though the Heavenly Mother was launched six years earlier and was at the forefront of starship science

    13. Herndon didn't buy it, but knew he could get no further on that route

    14. This cleft thru the hills cuts off over twenty miles on the route to henarDee, but it is cut into the sandy hillside up to two hundred seventy five feet, over a hundred feet most of the way

    15. Desa was as much on tour as Alan, she had never been on this route

    16. More than once on this part of the river she'd had to turn around, sail against the money and take a different route

    17. It would be easy enough to follow the herd's trail, Alan observed, and there was a good chance they would be somewhere on that route

    18. They didn't worry that the route northeast showed nothing but endless prairie ahead of them

    19. I pass Joris en route

    20. With only a moment’s hesitation, Berndt selects our route and we set off; Berndt leading, me in the middle and Joris bringing up the rear

    21. ‘We can hide in there and take another route back when they’ve gone

    22. 'En route to the islands,' I forced a smile, hoping that she didn't want a travelling companion

    23. At a point where three channels of the river joined, Luray thought it looked like it did when she'd first sailed this route to Wescarp, in the early decades of the 34th century when this was still called the sea of reeds and she and Oliar were just leaving the old lands

    24. the shortest route to a new-born child’s slippers

    25. I then stepped onto the express route and stood there

    26. It circles above my head once then sets off, its route to the south east

    27. The Heavenly Mother had been the last Pan Solar League ship on this route, less than forty years before

    28. Friday takes its usual hectic course; I get home before the kids, which is unusual, but within ten minutes they arrive home (the bus, it would appear was held up en route) and I outline what’s been arranged

    29. A route is a URL pattern that is mapped to a handler

    30. The route table is present in the Global

    31. What are the 3 segments of the default route, that is present in an ASP

    32. asax File: The Route table is created in the application Start event handler, of the

    33. What are the 3 things that are needed to specify a route?

    34. Name for the Route - Name is optional

    35. Is the following route definition a valid route definition?

    36. No, the above definition is not a valid route definition, because there is no literal value or delimiter between the placeholders

    37. I could just take the easy (if expensive) route and go straight to the DIY shop but I can fall back on that if I need to when I do the food shopping in the supermarket which is situated next door to the DIY store

    38. What is the use of the following default route?

    39. Use a route with a catch-all parameter

    40. What are the 2 ways of adding constraints to a route?

    41. Without local knowledge it was impossible to interpret the land and that made it so much easier to become lost - which was the most probable reason my father chose this route when they were fleeing from the fires - yet Alexis had no problem and kept our spirits up leading us through a maze of beautiful woods and dense tangled thickets along the way

    42. How many had taken that route, I wondered, and over how many years?

    43. Jake has a regular route with his own truck and bought the old Kaven place for nothing since they all died in Florida so their souls settled there

    44. We decided that the only safe route would be to

    45. The story goes that the route they used regularly was haunted by

    46. which often blocked the route

    47. the cows along the correct route with the aid of a stick he had cut

    48. He could well imagine Tdeshi moving in the same circles, but she would have arrived there via a different route

    49. “Well, that’s our route,” Bram cried, indicating the bridge and

    50. This was just as well, given that this was the route they

    1. without the element of complete surprise, they were quickly routed

    2. ’ He waited a moment for the call to be routed to his phone

    3. the full story, ashamed that he’d been routed by a girl

    4. He’d routed his tyrant of a

    5. Houston routed the Mexican

    6. the brink of being routed by the Confederates

    7. The Union forces routed the

    8. Both the Spanish battalions, Isabel la Catolica and Andalusia charged the position, but were driven back; and had Rabbi and his force been sent over, Escario admits that the Spaniards must have been routed

    9. and completely routed them, which so frightened the Hessians in

    10. But if not, then who did and why? Still, it had to be him, otherwise, why would inquiries about Raul be routed to Captain Flores and not some junior officer? It almost looks as though he is starting to believe his own lies to the press

    11. In retreat, a large part of the Mexican army and cavalry were routed

    12. Eventually, I found out that the road we followed was called the military road and was purposely routed away from all the towns and villages, although branch roads connected them to it

    13. Their army had been routed by Henry’s forces and was fleeing headlong toward their capital with Henry in hot pursuit

    14. Since we were docked in a secret location, all our communications had to be routed via the station’s systems

    15. Since jumps were dependent on missing large gravity wells, they had to be carefully routed well in advance

    16. Bent on revenge, the Suizos attacked his army near the city and routed them

    17. Again his men were routed with heavy losses

    18. As I had expected, they were covering all three of the passes in the area with the poorly armed troops we had routed

    19. We routed some rear guards, but from the tracks, it was clear that the bulk of their forces had fled south

    20. Before we left, word reached us that Luis de Vera and the rear guard had been surprised by D’Aubigny while sacking a village and routed

    21. packets should be routed

    22. I marched into Gary Nelson’s office with the anonymous note and said, among other things, that I was tired of being the conduit by which news of all corruption at the ACC was expected to be routed to him personally

    23. it’s because these phones were all routed through the Megha Corp

    24. phones were routed through California for the same reason

    25. Kim was routed in the

    26. Hottman, Hansen, and their subordinates were using the 200 and 300 series of accounts essentially as “revolving funds” to make purchases and sales “off the books”; which was expressly contrary to the lab’s Policies and Procedures Manual which required all such transactions to be routed through Contracts on a green sheet that had to be signed by all senior management—preferably after a joint meeting to discuss pros and cons, and then be signed again by either myself or the Director

    27. Having held Bojoston for eleven days and routed its attackers, you are now assigned to the defense of the nation of Membitra

    28. had been routed for us on the maps

    29. The fighting grew so ferocious that the raiders had routed the local garrison, so they sent for help

    30. The men had followed their orders well and the scripted rout on the first charge had looked convincing or perhaps they had genuinely routed? It had been so chaotic

    31. The lighter-armoured Tanarian troops pursued the routed invaders for several leagues continuing their revenge where possible, but the bulk of the Tanarian force held their ground celebrating their victory with wild cheers

    32. It was the same expression he had on his face when he had those captains nailed to the rafters for being routed by the Islanders so many weeks ago

    33. The hotline is staffed by trained counselors and callers are routed to the crisis clinic nearest their location

    34. Within seconds she was routed through to DC Farrow at the Wightport police station

    35. If, which is more probable, Constantius prevails, and Conan is routed, we must steal out of the city with the queen and seek safety in flight

    36. routed, the men turned back,

    37. A volley of crossbow quarrels routed the mob, and a charge of horsemen littered the market with bodies, but Athemides was smuggled out of the city to plead with Trocero to retake Tamar, and march to aid Shamar

    38. 'They cannot! They are broken! Routed! Oh gods, that I should live to see this day!'

    39. intelligently routed directly to the

    40. made in whatever country the number is in and then routed over the Internet to

    41. The German army of 1940 with fresh ideas plus a well organised air support had routed the 1918 French army with 1918 theories

    42. The nearest showed the terminus from above, ships were routed with colored tracks showing where they had to dock or their exit

    43. Prior to this a mainly South African force routed the Italians in Somalia and Ethiopia

    44. And in the Second Punic War, that dragged on from 218 to 201 BC, the Carthaginian general Hannibal famously marched an army, including elephants, through Spain and Gaul, and over the Alps into Italy where he repeatedly routed the Romans

    45. engagement at Concord, Massachusetts the Americans routed a small British force and then laid siege to the British at Boston

    46. But in New York City the tables were turned and it was the Americans under George Washington that were routed

    47. The Boss was routed

    48. “Federal regulations only require rafts if we are routed over water for more than thirty mintues…”

    49. urgent message, which would be routed through the Gateway directly to the Path Finder

    50. Later that morning it was reported to the Military Zone that a band of fifty guerrillas had been observed, encircled, and routed

    1. We crawled along congested streets and lanes, routes that took us deeper into the west of England

    2. Twenty story residential canopies line the beaches for miles along all the rivers, and more high-rise clumps can be found on the best beaches or kayak routes for several miles around

    3. ‘Sort of … there are wayhouses that serve food, especially in the rural areas on well-travelled routes, and some of those are very good indeed, but there isn’t the demand for takeaway food outlets or cafés, not like here

    4. She set out to map the routes these light beams took

    5. What is the difference between adding routes, to a webforms application and to an MVC application?

    6. To add routes to a webforms application, we use MapPageRoute() method of the RouteCollection class,

    7. where as to add routes to an MVC application we use MapRoute() method

    8. and close to most of the major routes

    9. decision: whether to defend with military might the routes to the

    10. There were no tracks through the tussocks of grass, no ancient routes in that perpetually changing, water-sodden landscape

    11. routes, portal connections were switched every few minutes

    12. the place on their routes from Chicago to St

    13. Tom knew several routes between the causeway and the Grange,

    14. favourite routes, and argued vociferously on the supposed merits of

    15. Both those routes lay thru deep Gnome tunnels other races shied away from

    16. routes, varying from Grossin’s instructions only in that

    17. “How about flying international routes?”

    18. But now we will fly together on international routes

    19. but was still assessing possible escape routes out of the

    20. begun the ride back along the secondary routes they had

    21. I'm thinking hey shouldn't the home stay program that finds houses to live in for many students be able to have some kind of a link to the bus company which is called VIA in San Antonio? Wouldn't you think they would have all sorts of bus routes easily accessible and wouldn't rely on the house that the student is going to live and to find out about the bus transportation? I sure think that

    22. Of course I'm such a nice guy or is it sucker that I will go to the trouble of trying to find out the bus routes for him

    23. It turned out to be a very minor island, far from trade routes

    24. “No, I still work the trade routes, but I’m a captain now

    25. “And I've fed Elenir the looping routes that all these support ships have followed in service to Husim on his demented quest

    26. To avoid the normal routes, this trail would be perfect

    27. Warlock and Martin had done data inputs into their GPS network seeking alternate travel routes

    28. History lesson: How many of us are aware that, had the Ottoman Turks not overrun that city, the last bastion of the Eastern Roman Empire, in 1453, thus cutting off overland trade routes to Cathay and other places east

    29. He continued to steer south and thought it would be more fitting to intercept merchant shipping on the routes from San Francisco to

    30. on known shipping routes

    31. Lord Weston’s grandfather had wild ideas about escape routes, but as you know tunnels can be used in both ways

    32. The landmine became a standard weapon for the terrorist who would plant it on the access routes to the scene of his attacks in the hope to kill the security forces

    33. The access routes are also limited even if landmines were no threat

    34. Many doctors and other clinic workers live under siege, often having to use survival tactics not so different from politicians fearing assassination such as wearing bullet proof vests, checking for bombs in their mail, and constantly altering their travel routes

    35. Rather than try to explore other routes; there’s only one outlet we know about after all, we chose to continue the search for you

    36. She would lose valuable time and distance from the searching villagers but at least in the daylight, she could avoid circular routes through the forest

    37. “So the Empire dominates and controls the trade routes

    38. It was strategically sound, a hiding place with easy access to the main routes

    39. The shipping lanes followed curved lines, which roughly corresponded to great circle routes, except that it had something to do with the curvature of space, and not the surface of a globe

    40. He traced the routes towards the Czech border; towards Germany; the eastern border with the Soviet Union, and even southeast to Romania

    41. Their journey continued in like fashion through southern Mexico, avoiding principal routes and towns where immigration checkpoints are routine

    42. People trying to live close enough to benefit from the rich overlays of the silty loam, and sometimes being surprised by higher than usual amounts of water, would of necessity looked for quick escape routes that could take them up and away faster than the water could rise to engulf them

    43. Stinger, what other routes are open to us?”

    44. put forth in a manner that might suggest differing understandings, and possible alternate routes to that ultimate authority

    45. In space it fills with its routes and titles

    46. Ah Tutal sent one of them on to inform Hayjaay and the rest to find alternate routes over the mountains

    47. They also had to admit that they didn’t know much about merchants or the routes they plied and suggested that I ask any merchants I encounter about the pair

    48. charted train routes, spiralling down to the Planet’s surface and

    49. Over time that changed and a vast database of all known safe routes was built

    50. “Well it seems you have a better database of routes than we were given access to

    1. The power routing was something he might even have a legitimate interest in

    2. Where are the routing rules defined in an asp

    3. NET web application that does not make use of routing, an incoming browser request should

    4. NET web application that does make use of routing makes use of URLs that do not have to map

    5. Therefore, routing cannot determine where to separate the value for the

    6. Routing Is Explicitly Disabled for a URL Pattern - Use the RouteCollection

    7. “If they can put an operative on my ship, they can certainly put a false routing tag in a mail message,” Kelvin pointed out

    8. He would never know how close he was to routing them, most likely for all time

    9. They were happy that Chinese forces had withdrawn the hand of friendship in the Middle East and Chinese and NATO forces were now activity involved in routing out Islamic groups across Afghanistan, Iraq, Tibet and North West Pakistan

    10. The router will accept that command without the "broadcast" option, but routing

    11. classful routing protocol, so wildcard masks are not used in the network statements

    12. paths appear in the routing table

    13. The routing table is cleared with clear ip route *

    14. Correctly summarizing routes can lead to smaller routing

    15. tables that are still able to route packets accurately - what I like to call "concise and complete" routing tables

    16. redistributed into OSPF, use the summary-address command under the OSPF routing

    17. incomplete routing tables on the spokes

    18. EIGRP uses Split Horizon by default to prevent routing loops

    19. The officers stopped every fifth vehicle, as is their routing, with no regard to race of the driver

    20. Calvin had no mercy as he unleashed a combination of attack after attack, keeping the pressure on, routing Summers’ pieces, and threatening her king

    21. She asked me to check and see if the correct routing number was on the checks

    22. Your mother and I will be routing for you in the stands," I soothed him

    23. Jared, seated to Fiona’s right, focused on scheduling and routing

    24. We may need to change our ship inventory to support the new routing

    25. Jared and his team reported that once the new ship was on line, they definitely could use it with the triangle and rectangle routing scheme

    26. Until then, the existing ship inventory was not flexible enough for a change in the routing system

    27. We'll also look at ways to implement SEO-friendly URLs using CodeIgniter routing

    28. At some point, you might want to alter how CodeIgniter handles the routing of URLs to controllers

    29. Once completely naked, save for his socks and T-shirt, Michel first fitted a urinary tube to his penis, then put on an adult diaper, carefully routing the urinary tube so that its end stuck out of the top edge of the diaper

    30. I think I’m done here; releasin’,” With masterful dexterity, Walter and Lester maneuvered their longboard gliders away from the comet tail and harvester, “and punching in port coordinates now, routing back home”

    31. The computer controlled orbital path you have is the quickest routing available at this time

    32. “Do you want this routing or

    33. “Without knowing the routing affected, where the hell would you start? It could be anywhere in the world

    34. by manipulating the fare-transfer arrangement when routing

    35. The entire idea is that the larger accumulation of packed men wins by routing and dispersing the other pack of massed men

    36. Now, with the shifter still at the highest numbered position, insert the cable back behind the locking nut on the cage and pull slightly to remove any slack in it all along its routing

    37. The routing guidelines are published with the assumption that not all boats can shift/move with the same ease

    38. So, as it is easier for me to imitate him in this than in cleaving giants asunder, cutting off serpents' heads, slaying dragons, routing armies, destroying fleets, and breaking enchantments, and as this place is so well suited for a similar purpose, I must not allow the opportunity to escape which now so conveniently offers me its forelock

    39. It meant answering the phone and routing the calls to either Mattie or Annette, or simply stalling

    40. Although it may sound trivial, routing to a specific exchange can get trades filled at better prices relative to the price of the underlying

    41. An address by which individual networks can be uniquely identified is vital to the performance of the network layer protocol’s primary function, which is routing

    42. If the destination is on a distant network, the intermediate system consults its routing table to select the router that provides the most efficient path to that destination

    43. The routing process performed at the network layer is dynamic; in the course of a transmission, it is possible for the segments to take different routes to the destination and arrive in a different order from that in which they were sent

    44. After selecting one of the routes, the system generates its data packets and includes the routing information in the Token Ring frame header

    45. The RIF consists of a 2-byte routing control section and a number of 2-byte route designator sections

    46. Broadcast indicators (3 bits) specify the type of routing to be used by the frame, according to the following values:

    47. The biggest difference between the two types of bridging is that, on Ethernet networks, the routing information is stored in the bridges, while on Token Ring networks, it’s stored at the workstations

    48. Most of the routers used on large networks, though, are stand-alone devices that are essentially computers dedicated to routing functions

    49. The router forwards packets by maintaining a list of networks and hosts, called a routing table

    50. A routing table consists of entries that contain the network identifier for each connected network (or in some cases the network and host identifiers for specific computers)

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