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Frasi con rum (in inglese)

  1. Add the rum and stir well.
  2. Red rum is God's many ways.
  3. The rum from the Rosaline.
  4. Stir in cake crumbs and rum.
  5. The bottle of rum was brought.

  6. The rum was the first to run out.
  7. Titus Finch of the Rum Street Co.
  8. Rum idea: eating bits of a corpse.
  9. She was having another shot of rum.
  10. Harry downed one more rum and coke.
  11. The coconut juice and the rum kept.
  12. Rum and blueberry, the ice has melted.
  13. Pour rum and banana liqueur over bananas.
  14. Don't you smell rum? He is always at it.
  15. Jones's rum he also smiled as he shook it.

  16. I’ll mix us up some rum punch, she said.
  17. Beat the eggs and salt with the optional rum.
  18. The men still had money and he still had rum.
  19. And her take me to rests and her anker of rum.
  20. And he poured a little more rum into his glass.
  21. He rolled out forty kegs of rum onto the beach.
  22. I managed to eliminate most of the rum from my.
  23. Was there any other spirit but rum in the room?
  24. Sprinkle apples with nuts and rum; dot with butter.
  25. They had their tot of rum and went back out on deck.

  26. But he stuck with his infamous rum and Coke anyway.
  27. The first sip of the exquisite rum rose immediately.
  28. What? Is this fine imported rum, then? Fill it!.
  29. While he watched, he sipped on rum spiked with gunpowder.
  30. The men preferred rum, brandy, and, above all, hot punch.
  31. But his face is red as flame from the molasses in his rum.
  32. Another sip of rum, the empty glass waved at that waitress.
  33. The warm fire and the warm rum soon combined to put me to.
  34. She didn't know it, but Vinny had overloaded them with rum.
  35. Best take it slow mate, there’s a tot of rum in there.
  36. We don't want thunder; we want rum; give us a glass of rum.
  37. It is a measure of Blue Bols and a measure of Coconut Rum.
  38. I hear you boys down here been trading in rum and contracts.
  39. He breathed out a sigh that smelt of ship's biscuit and rum.
  40. Rosaline was in the process of mixing herself a rum and coke.
  41. At the Quarter Sessions old Peelers ‘igh in their rum cups.
  42. Calling to the waitress, she ordered a rum and coke, a double.
  43. The Chief nodded but Gallagher merely took a large gulp of rum.
  44. The incident evaporated any trace of Jamaican rum from her brain.
  45. Shake the bourbon, rum, and triple sec with cracked ice and strain.
  46. Janice downed the rum, lay back and, within minutes was asleep again.
  47. Erik poured a drop of rum into the daroga's cup and, pointing to the.
  48. What’s that flaming thing you make with the sherry and rum?
  49. I know what you're thinking, Liz, but I only had a couple of rum and.
  50. Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.
  51. This warm mixture is a distinctive twist on the classic hot buttered rum.
  52. At stand-down in the dawn (hours afterwards) he was sipping his tot of rum.
  53. Within, there were two glasses of rum and milk prepared, and two biscuits.
  54. Dolokhov, the bottle of rum still in his hand, jumped onto the window sill.
  55. Put the reserved syrup, gelatine and rum (we usually use cherry brandy or.
  56. Yes, he’s in port with no prize, and drinking black rum on tick, I guess.
  57. Dólokhov, the bottle of rum still in his hand, jumped onto the window sill.
  58. So he finished his second rum, stubbed out the cigar and drained the coffee.
  59. Ilyin put a few drops of rum into the bucket of water and brought it to Mary.
  60. Garnet Reed replaced the microphone and offered Travis a fresh mug of hot rum.
  61. On the table were vodka, a flask of rum, white bread, roast mutton, and salt.
  62. No lemon, if you please, and he pointed a suggestive finger at the rum.
  63. Does it have rum in it? She makes very good rum drinks, I’ll give her that.
  64. He moved up the rum toward him, but his daughter softly carried away the bottle.
  65. Their rents are remitted to them in sugar and rum, the produce of their estates.
  66. Hearing the affirmative, I returned moments later with a rum and coke in a long.
  67. I gulped a glass of rum, slowly, as they looked at each other, consulting silently.
  68. He had visions of British naval power at its height and the traditional tot of rum.
  69. The billy-bong came out but I abstained for reasons of health, happy to sip on rum.
  70. A few drops of the rum restored suspended animation, while the friction of his limbs.
  71. Drizzle warm rum over the top and serve each piece with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
  72. Lack of rum begets tiresome journeys and tiresome companionship, countered Mary.
  73. There’s a shipment of arms that’ll be going to the Sirrixians—along with the rum.
  74. We had brought some snacks and a bit of rum and coke and sat down to await the sun set.
  75. I’d like another drink, she said as she threw back the last of her rum and coke.
  76. Sitting on the cot in my shorts, I had a jolt of Navy Rum while waiting for them to leave.
  77. With so little currency in the new city, rum was often used as the chief bargaining chip.
  78. I barked from the back of my throat, „Bill Smith here! Rum show about old Glaze, what?
  79. Rostov received his tumbler, and adding some rum to it asked Mary Hendrikhovna to stir it.
  80. There was vodka, rum and Lisbon wine, all of the poorest quality but in sufficient quantity.
  81. Rostóv received his tumbler, and adding some rum to it asked Mary Hendríkhovna to stir it.
  82. Missy appeared with a rum Collins in one bracelet-jangly hand, her cane thumping in the other.
  83. He stirred his rum and water pointedly at me, and he tasted his rum and water pointedly at me.
  84. Ted had a flask in which he had poured some rum we had a few drinks then waited a while longer.
  85. We were all quite skeptical as we were sure that the rum was responsible for the green flash.
  86. I knew this was rubbish, but with a head full of rum it's easy to make a bent draft of the world.
  87. Pyrates crowded into the Hold seeking Rum and Brandy, and their foul Imprecations fill’d the Air.
  88. He sipped at the rum, and I could see that he was very, very tired, and so I read a few more papers.
  89. Frank mixed another drink and then deftly topped off Cali’s with a splash of rum and some more Coke.
  90. Many of the pirates had assumed an early victory and were already half sloshed with ale, rum, and wine.
  91. Then the rum came up, and he started them singing, "And another little drink wouldn't do us any harm!".
  92. I ditched the rum ration in order to survive and found shelter from the whizzing bullets in a shell hole.
  93. Sure you don’t want to add a little rum for fun? he asked, leaning forward with a twinkle in his eyes.
  94. We had paraded for the rum issue at Frankton Camp, near Ypres, when the enemy opened fire with long-range guns.
  95. A piece of bread and another glass of the capital rum I tasted, for I have not eaten or drunk for a long time.
  96. Pierre saw them coming at the last minute, being busy at the time inspecting the big vats used to distill rum.
  97. I went to the kitchen, flipped on the TV, and watched the news while I put fruit, ice, and rum into the blender.
  98. We would eat them raw, but also juice them and sometimes made a cocktail with them by adding lime juice and rum.
  99. Buss her, wap in rogues' rum lingo, for, O, my dimber wapping dell! A shefiend's whiteness under her rancid rags.
  100. His eyes took in the bottles of rum visible as Howard-Smythe rummaged in a drawer for some suitable booze holders.

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