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Frasi con sacking (in inglese)

  1. He wrapped it in coarse sacking.
  2. I had to wear the sacking over my head.
  3. He was sacking groceries when he was fifteen.
  4. Burton swallowed hard as he waited for his sacking.
  5. In June he will invade, sacking the small territory.

  6. Perhaps he intends sacking the city and destroying it.
  7. Since then, he has talked constantly of sacking the.
  8. In my confused state I had no idea where the hessian sacking was.
  9. Prepare a canopy of sacking or fronds to protect the bed from sun.
  10. He wiped his hand on a piece of gunny sacking and inspected the cut.
  11. No smoke without fire was the generally accepted reaction to his sacking.
  12. Protect seeds/seedlings from sun, rain and predators with canopies (fronds or sacking) and.
  13. I pulled the material up and over my head and threw the sacking to the foot of the mattress.
  14. And then I heard him fall, and rise, and fall again, with a sound like the ripping of sacking.
  15. She could endure the sight of her own child in aprons made of sacking and the girls in Ashley.

  16. The sound, mocking and cruel, came faintly to his ears, as though muffled by sand or sacking.
  17. He still could not believe he had been tasked with the sacking of Pyr, and if it came to that, its razing.
  18. Where in the name of all that is holy was the sacking? Always wear the sacking in the presence of the guards.
  19. I whipped off the sacking and burned the cigarette down to the butt in two or three long, lung busting drags.
  20. Three and a half years of college, he recalled, and there he was, at the age of twenty-three, sacking groceries again.
  21. The President then proceeded to waste little time in sacking Admiral Kimmel and General Short for a gross neglect of duty.
  22. Trailing off, Simon stared at the object—a round bundle wrapped in sacking and loosely tied with a cutting of coarse rope.
  23. I wound sacking around my hands because I had to use black-bandorscroll: a horrible, poisonous plant with blistering juices.
  24. He tried sacking more ex-Stalinists, but that just turned the army and police top brass against him (they were all ex-Stalinists).
  25. He had visited it during the day, and had spread some sacking so that we could lie at our ease, and look straight down into the museum.

  26. Before we left, word reached us that Luis de Vera and the rear guard had been surprised by D’Aubigny while sacking a village and routed.
  27. He would drift around, playing pool, easing his solitude with occasional women, sacking the hiding places where Úrsula had forgotten her money.
  28. The warmth of his body helps as it softens the plastic sacking; the chord that Dippa used first was badly tied and loosens along with the plastic.
  29. None of them had ever dared ask for clarification or assistance, presuming that such admissions would reveal a lack of competence and a summary sacking.
  30. As it happens, I had heard about the sacking, and knew that the Governor had disappeared from the scene, but I didn’t know he’d been arrested or why, said the attache.
  31. The brief glimpses of my new home in this subterranean world that I had stored away as I watched and listened through the sacking started to coalesce and form a broader landscape.
  32. This job was the cause of the sacking of the Semi-drunk and another man named Bill Bates, who were sent into the kitchen to clean it down and prepare it for painting and distempering.
  33. On the broad green to the west of the church, hundreds of traders had set out their stalls – then hastily covered them with sheets of oiled sacking or felted cloth to keep the rain off.
  34. Records now reveal that Portal gave serious consideration to sacking Harris but flinched from doing so as Harris had direct access to Churchill, visiting him on a weekly basis at Chequers.
  35. But the later effect of this episode is noticeably troublesome when other colleagues of Jeremy Clarkson have left the job to protest against his sacking giving us a feeling that this behaviour was not a gross misconduct.
  36. The only firm date we have about that period of troubles is the year 878, when an army of rebels led by a Huang Chao besieged Guangzhou and subsequently massacred thousands of foreign merchants living there, on top of sacking the city.
  37. The south wall was made of three sheets of rusty corrugated iron, the east wall a square of moldy carpet tacked between two boards, the north wall a strip of roofing paper and a strip of tattered canvas, and the west wall six pieces of gunny sacking.
  38. I felt rough fibres catching at the corners of my mouth as though I were being force fed a winding sheet, and then, as stars started to explode across my eyelids, I realised with a flood of relief that my head and shoulders were still covered by the sacking.
  39. The chief thing is he is 'a man of business and _seems_ kind,' that was something, wasn't it, to send the bags and big box for them! A kind man, no doubt after that! But his _bride_ and her mother are to drive in a peasant's cart covered with sacking (I know, I have been driven in it).
  40. The chief thing is he is ‘a man of business and seems kind,’ that was something, wasn’t it, to send the bags and big box for them! A kind man, no doubt after that! But his bride and her mother are to drive in a peasant’s cart covered with sacking (I know, I have been driven in it).
  41. On the following Monday, after sacking and sending back to the United States the bulk of the sycophantic staff of MacArthur and bringing in fresh blood, General Collins flew to Korea, landing in Pusan to confer with Lieutenant General Walker and to see the frontlines by himself, something that MacArthur or Almond had never done.
  42. Of course, the documents were forgeries circulated by the Government in London, but there remained unease in some quarters that the sacking and subsequent arrest of their colleague, the Finance Minister, for ‘crimes against the State’, might be seen as ill-judged, and could even be interpreted as evidence that the papers might, after all, be genuine.
  1. I wish he had sacked Crass.
  2. I’ve never been sacked before.
  3. Romans sacked and destroyed cities.
  4. Clarence said he had not been sacked.
  5. But it looks like I’ve been sacked.
  6. They were sacked, butchered, and raped.
  7. Funny if they got sacked because of him!.
  8. Waxed garrulous, and sacked a hundred Troys.
  9. Reinstatement of all the men who've been sacked.
  10. The whole of the Cretan Police Force was sacked.
  11. Old-style nationalists and fascists were sacked.
  12. Reinstatement of all the men who've been "sacked".
  13. Yes—a man I sacked for being drunk and fighting.
  14. But you were sacked as master builder of the bridge.
  15. It took him a long time to accept that he had been sacked.
  16. He would be sacked when Gary David found that bloody coin.
  17. His life had been no path of blossoms since he’d been sacked.
  18. In 451 he crossed theRhine and sacked the cities of Belgic Gaul.
  19. Lumumba refuses to be sacked and sacks President Kasavubu instead.
  20. One conquering army in a land of raped, robbed, burned, sacked cities.
  21. And by the time the Visigoths sacked Rome in 410, Rome, as head of a great.
  22. In July, 1630,the city of Mantua was taken and sacked by the imperial troops.
  23. He has sacked several police officers in his former state because of extortion.
  24. She had sacked the old bailiff, who was too slow to respond to change, and she.
  25. He was effectively sacked, and has a chip on his shoulder and a grudge against us.
  26. It was him that sacked me without a character on the word of a lying corn-chandler.
  27. He should have known me better then that from when I sacked of him first time round.
  28. Italy, until the Gauls moved down from northern Italy and sacked the city in 387 BC.
  29. They defeated the Nordic-Nemedians and sacked some of their cities, but did not halt.
  30. They said I would be ‘let go’, which is a nice way of saying I would be sacked.
  31. My co-worker who had taught me so much about pinball machines, was sacked without notice.
  33. He knew that if he was caught interfering with the process he would be sacked instantly.
  34. Sacked! Harold Brinks should have been able to leave with dignity but they didn’t let him.
  35. Based on record found in both Widdion and Leoj were learnt that both countries sacked Calquax.
  36. Sod off, shouted Luke, thinking he would rather survive and be sacked than not survive at all.
  37. The plotters’ cue came when Yeltsin sacked his obstructive, anti-reform deputy president, Rutskoi.
  38. All these areas once were empires… and were later invaded and sacked and colonized by other Empires.
  39. People found guilty of having been members of the communist party were usually sacked and blacklisted.
  40. On the contrary, I often feel we should have sacked her on the spot – both for her own good and ours.
  41. President Kasavubu says he isn’t sacked and arrests Lumumba , but Lumumba arrests him back and no returns.
  42. The stone and wood structure built by the Britons, sacked by the Romans and the same she destroyed in flame.
  43. When Plorse was sacked by orderrans my family tried to flee to this continent, but only I managed to make it.
  44. When this bloke found out David had been sacked he rang him at home, said he could put a bit of work his way.
  45. It turns out he was sacked from the police when he refused to take part in the destruction of a local bookshop.
  46. Will went next door to his bedroom and saw Becky sacked out, completely zonked from a day of running this asylum.
  47. The Visigoths sacked Rome in the year 410, and opportunity existed for Christianity to fill the growing power vacuum.
  48. In 1258, Mongolian hordes from central Asia invaded Persia and sacked Baghdad and the last of the Khalifas was murdered.
  49. Then he regretted it, and on top of everything else he was sacked from the series because he couldn’t stay sober.
  50. Merthin was no longer involved, having been sacked by Elfric, but his startlingly simple method was still being operated.
  51. Rushton's were so busy that they took on several other old hands who had been sacked the previous year for being too slow.
  52. Harris's failure to implement the order to attack oil supplies sooner was a major catastrophe and he should have been sacked.
  53. The Phoenician cities of Byblos, Tyre and Sidon had also been sacked by the Sea People that attacked the Hittites and Egyptians.
  54. Hispania, across the neck of the Mediterranean to Africa and back across the Mediterranean to Italy where they too sacked Rome in the year 455.
  55. He dared to fetch his Find again, cried out against what made no sense and had Me quickly bound and gagged, then sacked and heaved upon his horse.
  56. It was stormed and sacked by the Parisian mob in 1789 on 14 July, now commemorated as Bastille Day, marking the beginning of the French Revolution.
  57. He would, for instance, ask whether so much as related to sacked towns, bombarded cities, ruined commerce, and revolting blacks, had been realized?
  58. Otherwise, he just sacked whoever was prime minister at the time (he got through prime ministers the way most of us get through hankies) and carried on.
  59. Public registries throughout the country had been sacked and burned, that young people couldn’t be located and forced into conscription by either side.
  60. Colonel Aureliano Buendía did not show any sign of anger, but his spirit only calmed down when his bodyguard had sacked the widow’s house and reduced it to ashes.
  61. Right over the town is the ruin of Whitby Abbey, which was sacked by the Danes, and which is the scene of part of "Marmion," where the girl was built up in the wall.
  62. He supposed Simon Smythe must be feeling the strain even more acutely than himself, especially as Melville-Briggs had sacked him, thereby increasing his neighbours' suspicions.
  63. When she had found the messages from Sandy on Jason's phone referencing the information about her that he had sold for thousands of dollars she had sacked her friend immediately.
  64. African Americans who managed to vote were sacked from their jobs or had their State food aid stopped or – and all too often this was the preferred method – they ended up dead.
  65. We saved it from loot and destruction by replacing it with a replica just before the first temple of Jerusalem was sacked by an Egyptian expedition after the death of King Solomon.
  66. For example, I know how furious you are to have been sacked from your previous job, and how you would be only too happy in some way to seek revenge for the way you have been treated.
  67. But the chairmen of the two main banks were arrested, then the Governor of the Reserve Bank was charged with ‘crimes against the State’, and finally the Finance Minister was sacked.
  68. The security-guard, working for Securitas, was ordered by his superiors to shut his mouth about what had happened, or else he would be sacked on account of having left his position unattended.
  69. He couldn’t get any sort of decision out of Churchill but he did get one from Attlee, though it wasn’t quite what he wanted to hear: Attlee sacked Wavell and appointed Lord Mountbatten instead.
  70. A death-like stillness reigned throughout the city; the streets were deserted, and the houses closed, save where residences of Cubans had been sacked by the guerilla, or the walls smashed in by our shells.
  71. But in this sacked and devastated residence, with the three pieces of common furniture huddled up in the middle of the vast apartment, Pedrito's imagination was subdued by a feeling of insecurity and impermanence.
  72. Arthur’s sidekick, similar of shape and appearance but with more pimples, stood and said nervously, ‘You said you wore those little things because if you were naked we might tell our parents and you’d get sacked.
  73. After all Nick’s many years of loyal service he was being sacked within hours of the new owners taking over the business, You’re deadly serious, aren’t you? said Nick with a note of desperation in his voice.
  74. I responded harshly, Father said nothing about taking hostages or bounty money! If gaining wealth had been the goal of this mission do you not think we would not have sacked the city before putting it to the torch?
  75. By 1998 Yeltsin’s health was so bad (nearly as bad as the Russian economy’s) that he quickly sacked a few more prime ministers and handed power over to his protégé, the scary Head of Russian Intelligence, Vladimir Putin.
  76. I never know what you’ve heard and what you haven’t, said Will, but in case you didn’t know, I thought I would tell you that the Finance Minister has been sacked, and the Governor of the Reserve Bank has been arrested.
  77. However much he hated his present job, where everybody knew that he had been more or less sacked from Head of Section 11, he still had a good few years to go before he retired, and he didn’t want to get caught up working for the Russians.
  78. Stu had his own business so his time was his own and Spock didn’t really give a shit if they sacked him from his dustbin man’s job, he was fed up with that anyway and Stu said that he would employ Spock, but he knew Stu wouldn’t pay much.
  79. Steve Montgomery, the managing director of First ScotRail has now made a statement, effectively saying that there will be no reinstatement of the sacked employee, whilst, on the other side, Bob Crow, the general secretary of the RMT has also waded in with his side of things.
  80. The hands received this intelligence with mixed feelings, because although it left them safe for the present, it meant that nearly everybody would certainly be stopped next Saturday, if not before; whereas if a few had been sacked today it would have made it all the better for the rest.
  81. The British queen was still the Australian Head of State, however, and after prime minister Gough Whitlam failed to get his budget approved by the Australian Senate in 1975, the Governor General exercised his royal authority and sacked him, which even pro-British Australians thought was going too far.
  82. No one spoke and the Chairman again put the question without obtaining any response, but at length one of the new hands who had been `taken on' about a week previously to replace another painter who had been sacked for being too slow - stood up and said there was one point that he would like a little more information about.
  83. Newman - the man whom the reader will remember was sacked for taking too much pains with his work - had been arrested and sentenced to a month's imprisonment because he had not been able to pay his poor rates, and the Board of Guardians were allowing his wife three shillings a week to maintain herself and the three children.
  84. They had no idea that outside of their sacred, glorious city… that millions of poor humans hated them and had hated them ever since their armies had come into their lands and raped, sacked, pillaged, and butchered them, and taxed them into poverty, and oppressed them, and humiliated them, and spat upon them as things that were not even human.
  85. During the campaign of 634, the entire region between Gaza and Caesarea was devastated; four thousand peasants, Christians, Jews, and Samaritans who were simply defending their land were massacred during the campaigns in Mesopotamia between 635 and 642, monasteries were sacked, the monks were killed, and Monophysite Arabs executed or forced to convert.
  86. Did the screaming Populi of Rome understand why they were conquered and sacked, and killed for hundreds of years… after their city had stopped butchering and raping other lands and peoples for a thousand years? After Rome’s power waned? Do humans ever try to achieve a wider-greater perspective and understanding of their own lives beyond their own noses?
  87. When Saturday arrived the, men working at `The Cave' were again surprised that nobody was sacked, and they were divided in opinion as to the reason, some thinking that Nimrod was determined to keep them all on till the job was finished, so as to get it done as quickly as possible; and others boldly asserting the truth of a rumour that had been going about for several days that the firm had another big job in.
  88. The Lord above knows what the compromising consequences would be to numbers of people, if some of our documents were seized or destroyed; and they might be, at any time, you know, for who can say that Paris is not set afire to-day, or sacked to-morrow! Now, a judicious selection from these with the least possible delay, and the burying of them, or otherwise getting of them out of harm's way, is within the power (without loss of precious time) of scarcely any one but myself, if any one.
  89. Rising from the ground a brown sacked body with no writing on its back, that had remained motionless throughout the ritual, solely proclaims as the assembly processes down Main Street,.
  1. Nor about the sacks she's woven.
  2. She was lying on a pile of sacks.
  3. We held sacks and bags one by one.
  4. Consider the wife in Oliver Sacks.
  5. They dropped like sacks of potatoes.
  6. The men on the sacks started to sing.
  7. You’ve got forty sacks of wool.
  8. Oliver Sacks is my biggest inspiration.
  9. Then I groped among the sacks and boxes.
  10. The sacks were stacked in a small room.
  11. Around it lay scattered crates and sacks.
  12. As they emptied their sacks, behold, each.
  13. Little boys dragged sacks of corn and potatoes.
  14. The soldiers searched the sacks from the oldest.
  15. Then happily Mack tied up the necks of the sacks.
  16. They tossed sacks in the shell of an awaiting van.
  17. The contents of the sacks went in along with them.
  18. Then they were handed paper sacks with food in them.
  19. She had already started to lower the sacks down a rod.
  20. I found her on the back porch with an armload of sacks.
  21. He found some old burlap sacks stuffed into an ancient.
  22. She dropped one of the sacks as she passed in front of.
  23. True that, said Johnny, tucking his sacks about him.
  24. What Hallucination Reveals About Our Minds: Oliver Sacks.
  25. In Ancient Rome, soldiers were often paid in sacks of salt.
  26. After them, on the carts loaded with sacks, came the weak.
  27. Loose sacks of cloth hanging from their shoulders and arms.
  28. Indians who were used to carry 50 kilo sacks of coffee and.
  29. Her body parts were put in sacks, then stuffed in suitcases.
  30. Beancounter opened the sacks, counted the beans, refilled the.
  31. So there I was lugging sacks of her Majesty's Royal Mail from.
  32. Gold was not carried in sacks to pay for services and products.
  33. A couple of sacks in front of the door had started to smoulder.
  34. No, Aazuria answered, gesturing to the sacks that they held.
  35. Lumumba refuses to be sacked and sacks President Kasavubu instead.
  36. The Beancounter opened the sacks, counted the beans, refilled the.
  37. Between the four of them, they had set up a series of fire sacks.
  38. The heavyset man moved over to the sacks, untying each one in turn.
  39. As he was about to glance at her face, she dropped one of the sacks.
  40. We rode in silence for a few miles, bumping around on the feed sacks.
  41. Everything was dumped into sacks and carried on mule-back to Panama.
  42. They carried heavy sacks, collected from every smithy in the region.
  43. Ten sacks of beans! Why the guys can go right out in this truck now.
  44. The talk was all about sacks, drinking water, and the choice of seats.
  45. He saw sacks of food being piled into the truck, which then left camp.
  46. President Joseph Kasavubu, encouraged by the Americans, sacks Lumumba.
  47. I rose and inspected the sacks, pocketing a few choice beans as souvenirs.
  48. The novices and the orphans were cleaning the treasury, bringing sacks of.
  49. The rear was brought up by the wagons loaded with the sacks and the infirm.
  50. From other sacks she drew rat poisons, mouse-killers, and bug-exterminators.
  51. She didn't answer, but laboriously began moving past the crates and the sacks.
  52. Seaman rearranged the sacks to hide the interior, should anyone open the door.
  53. There were so many sacks of letters; I could barely fit my boots on his desk.
  54. They told Sacks that they saw prime numbers just ‘appear in their minds’.
  55. Tom entered, struggling with the weight of his sacks, and Aunt Polly did not.
  56. He lifted the canvas and started to load the sacks onto the back of the truck.
  57. While his attention had been distracted, the bag lady had taken her sacks from.
  58. In the mail room I found mail sacks floating about while the clerks were at work.
  59. At home, when all sacks and bags were opened one by one, everything was disclosed.
  60. They were wrapped in canvas sacks from foot to neck, leaving only their heads bare.
  61. Their conversation related more to sacks, drinking-water, and the choice of seats.
  62. Father called out, Vicky, come here! I went to hold the heavy sacks and bags.
  63. Take that back to the factory and load up the sacks that are ready and rope them.
  64. Alan also had several large sacks, rolled up tightly and tied with string in a bundle.
  65. There were sacks and old papers here, too, and he felt fairly sure that Rowsby spoke.
  66. The most difficult part was to force a way, when laden with sacks, through the crowd.
  67. Presently they came back into sight, bearing casks of liquor and leathern sacks of food.
  68. For fifty copecks, or a silver rouble each, they could buy as many sacks as they wished.
  69. As we helped unload these endless bags and sacks, Andrew almost lost his gift of speech.
  70. He and Tom rolled it up while I went for two black plastic sacks to put over the ends so.
  71. It can also be very large, I use on average 60 gunias (sacks) of fertilizer in any one year.
  72. In the evening, I saw that father had brought a lot of hefty stuffs in two big sacks and bags.
  73. As the truck moved along the men on the bean sacks stood up and took off their hats and bowed.
  74. The sacks were filled with rationed food, knives, clothing, medical supplies, and useful tools.
  75. The peering orbs were only just visible amidst boil-covered sacks of fat which hung from her face.
  76. He traveled with a companion, Jade I guessed, and they had several animals with them bearing sacks.
  77. The sacks, as they pass, seem strange: they look as though they have been sculpted out of gray clay.
  78. I made out by groping that the walls were lined with boxes and barrels and sacks of some heavy stuff.
  79. They sprang eagerly upon the sacks, seized a few pounds of flour and bore it off to gorge themselves.
  80. While Johnny dug and Nigger got in his way, Mary walked two and fro with two calico sacks in each hand.
  81. As a young child, she lived with her grandmother in poverty, often wearing dresses made of potato sacks.
  82. This makes no sense, how was he able to fake his death? Who put these sacks of potato’s in here?
  83. Entering the hold Grailem examines the packing cases, boxes and sacks that fill it from floor to ceiling.
  84. As an afterthought, Colling purchased a dozen sacks of potatoes and threw them in on top of their luggage.
  85. There were numerous sacks heaped against the walls, and a pile of round things in the middle of the floor.
  86. There were around six or seven men picking some of the ripe heads off the plants and putting them in sacks.
  87. Courage is as common as young men with more sperm in their sacks than sense in their skulls, Karyl said.
  88. Shortly after, they returned with two sacks full of wooden cups, which they had found in a provision carriage.
  89. What they found were several plastic bags that once contained ten pound sacks of potatoes, now dry and dusty.
  90. There were sacks of compost stacked against one wall, and a row of rusting gardening implements along another.
  91. Last, they piled the ten sacks of lima beans on the front of the truck bed and took their places on the sacks.
  92. Then they took out the three sacks of gold from the hiding place which was known only to them and their victim.
  93. Sacks of ammonium nitrate were dropped into the blast holes, which were topped off with gallons of diesel fuel.
  94. I couldn't open the latter, and the sacks seemed to be full of things like dog-biscuits that smelt of cinnamon.
  95. Securing the ankles the same way he starts to tie two sacks together; �What are you doing?� asks Curly Pete.
  96. Ndareda smelt of the maize stored in guniyas (hesian sacks) in what could have otherwise passed as a dining room.
  97. After the coldest shower of my life, I’m standing in a line where meals are being served from brown-paper sacks.
  98. So they moved on, their legs like sacks of sand, their arms leaden and with eye lids that could barely be kept up.
  99. With fourteen sacks of the quarterback last year, he’s a player that you have to know where he is, all the time.
  100. Dippa retrieves the roll of black plastic rubbish sacks from where they had rolled under the table and peels one off.

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1. I am here to sack.
2. More of a sack of.
3. Take that old sack off.
4. He fumbled with the sack.
5. I put these into the sack.
6. He took the sack at once.
7. Smith drew the sack closer.
8. You can’t just sack us.
9. Cairo sat on the empty sack.
10. This sack is the result.
11. And boy, did I hit the sack.
12. She just arose from the sack.
13. She jerked on the sack again.
14. Azura put her sack on her bed.
15. The sack shifted in his hands.
16. The old man with the sack said.
17. Frank is a lying sack of crap.
18. Guys, I’m hitting the sack.
19. I like this sack and wooden.
20. A Solid Eight Hours in the Sack.
21. For White Castle it was "Sack,".
22. The old man with the sack laughed.
23. A creature leaped out of the sack.
24. My mother hit the sack at 11:15 P.
25. They were just in a grocery sack.
26. Into this sack would go the horns.
27. Akstyr threw the sack on the table.
28. Amigo, whats in this sack?
29. He is the true lying sack of shit.
30. What’s in your sack there?
31. I promise not to sew you in a sack.
32. Fuit Ilium! The sack of windy Troy.
33. He still carried the sack of water.
34. He carried a gunny sack in his hand.
35. Lu Yixian lifted his sack and laughed.
36. We saved the feathers in a flour sack.
37. I stared at the gray sack in his arms.
38. I stared at the grey sack in his arms.
39. The in pace replaced the leather sack.
40. The sack and dog moved about two feet.
41. Holy Pete's tap-dancing sack of crap.
42. A sack was standardized at 364 pounds.
43. And then a heavy sack fell over my head.
44. Willie blushed and backed into the sack.
45. The sack wriggled again and a muffled.
46. When that"s done, I"m hitting the sack.
47. The sack fell to the ground with a thud.
48. Am I pooped! Let’s put it in the sack.
49. A sack of bone china, cast before bulls.
50. Don't sack your boss till you have the.
51. That’ s fourteen shillings a sack, so.
52. They may give him the honors of the sack.
53. In the evening I sprinkle a sack full of.
54. Perhaps the sack would be more fruitful?
55. I just wanted to hit the sack for a good.
56. But he can't see there--inside the sack!.
57. I felt the sun’s warmth through the sack.
58. Wisht I had a sack a Durham, he said.
59. I’m going to give them a sack of grain.
60. Great was the competition to obtain a sack.
61. They’re nothing but straw and sack cloth.
62. But he can't see there—inside the sack!.
63. You can save the egg sack and cure it later.
64. She pulled out a small black sack from her.
65. Joey took the nuta’s sack and blew into it.
66. He started pecking at the inside of the sack.
67. Mine is a sack made of a sheet and some rope.
68. Rose offered Master Joe a small sack of seeds.
69. Douglas turned and Tom held up the burlap sack.
70. Jack put the duck in the sack to carry it home.
71. Then they hurried, and each man took his sack.
72. The content of the sack appeared rather agitated.
73. Guzkat slammed the sack against the arch of the.
74. Clean your own house, then! Sack the cleaners.
75. I dropped to the street like a sack of wet sand.
76. It was a rough cloth potato sack with a frayed.
77. She settled her shoulders back against a sack of.
78. We didn’t hit the sack until quite late though.
79. They would also attack port cities and sack them.
80. And you don’t have a sack big enough for me.
81. Boglehob’s sack head went tumbling down the ramp.
82. Would this involve that sack you mentioned?
83. An old sack with crude human features cut into it.
84. The Red Widow threw him in a sack and drowned him.
85. He got out bearing a paper bag and a plastic sack.
86. The car drops evenly paced with the rug sack, the.
87. He looked back to the sack and knelt to examine it.
88. He clutched a greasy sack that read Curi’s Bakery.
89. Grane guessed that she wouldn’t just get the sack.
90. One moment, the burlap sack was hanging on the porch.
91. Amin entered the room heading for the sack of wheat.
92. He slipped the sack off again for another inspection.
93. He suddenly threw his sack on the ground and lamented.
94. An ugly sack face with a twisted slit of a smile….
95. He caught sight of Willie standing by a sack of flour.
96. You lying sack of shit, Melvin said with a smirk.
97. One day, she found an old sack at the back of the shed.
98. So, we hit the sack thinking that the game was indeed.
99. He put his hand into his sack and when he drew it back.
100. Credit heard the shatter of glass from inside the sack.