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Frasi con saddle (in inglese)

  1. Carl sat in the saddle.
  2. They live in the saddle.
  3. Back in the Saddle Again.
  4. Back In the Saddle - Again.
  5. Jarvis too was in his saddle.

  6. Saddle up and enjoy the ride.
  7. Stokes get Norm in the saddle.
  8. I left the girl in the saddle.
  9. Bess and started to saddle her.
  10. Robert went rigid in his saddle.
  11. She pulled the saddle off and.
  12. Johnny lifted her into the saddle.
  13. He leaned far over in the saddle.
  14. He hopped out of his saddle and.
  15. The rambler shifted in his saddle.

  16. He bent low to her in the saddle.
  17. When you are in the saddle he is.
  18. Must have been the saddle shoes.
  19. Once in the saddle, she turned and.
  20. Seven for the hoss and saddle, total.
  21. This is true even when in the saddle.
  22. In the stable, putting on the saddle.
  23. Yer back in the saddle again!.
  24. The young man shuttered in his saddle.
  25. Yassap turned in his saddle, ‘Say.

  26. He handed me a saddle and bridle and.
  27. And here's the saddle for that weight.
  28. I turned in the saddle to look behind.
  29. She pointed to a saddle, Bring that.
  30. Beard, has been in the saddle with me.
  31. Upper Saddle River, NJ: FT Press, 2011.
  32. Get in that saddle and keep only a few.
  33. Caesar's body moved back in the saddle.
  34. But will this horse bear the saddle?
  35. I am going out for a ride in the saddle.
  36. Autry classic, Back In the Saddle Again.
  37. He felt he was slipping out of the saddle.
  38. He then made a tiny saddle to hold Jesus.
  39. The saddle on Kama’s large parrot was.
  40. This is not to say you enter the saddle a.
  41. Rachel, I found these in your saddle bag.
  42. Where the Pass of Cize was a broad saddle.
  43. Adams cursed and then swung from his saddle.
  44. I leapt to try and cut him from his saddle.
  45. Now, let’s saddle up and get out of Dodge.
  46. He swayed and sat on the side of the saddle.
  47. With someone else in the saddle you will be.
  48. I don't know if he has any saddle trained?
  49. He grips the saddle horn and looks down at me.
  50. Noelene was in the stable, polishing a saddle.
  51. She had been about eight hours in the saddle.
  52. Thomas climbed into the saddle, feeling the.
  53. The Tartars took off the saddle and strappings.
  54. He turned in the saddle and bowed to Melodía.
  55. It’s made by lead carried in the saddle pad.
  56. Her knees tottered as she slid from the saddle.
  57. Leaning forward out of the saddle I kissed her.
  58. A long gun was hanging sideways from the saddle.
  59. My first attempt in the saddle had been an em-.
  60. He's big enough to put a saddle on him for the.
  61. He reeled in the saddle and had to suck air then.
  62. Knight and saddle both went tumbling to the dust.
  63. Enough to knock your soul sidewise in the saddle.
  64. Seth moved off towards his horse’s saddle bags.
  65. The Tartars took off the saddle and the trappings.
  66. Both animals were carrying a pair of saddle bags.
  67. The white saddle cloth nearly touched the ground.
  68. Petr was slumped over in the saddle, eyes closed.
  69. He took the gun and shot Virgil out of the saddle.
  70. A big burr under my saddle is the fact that some.
  71. With that, Rhone swung up in the saddle, and gave.
  72. McLean strapped the saddle and gear back over his.
  73. Pinning of ears when you are cinching a saddle is.
  74. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall Press, 2001.
  75. Tom painfully clambered into the saddle once again.
  76. Seth leaned forward in the saddle, Go on priest.
  77. Thomas swung down out of the saddle and confronted.
  78. Back in the saddle he shivered a little with dread.
  79. He slumped in his saddle, suddenly weak with relief.
  80. The power of the throw yanked raider off the saddle.
  81. McLean shifted forward in his saddle and prepared to.
  82. Rhone slid out of the saddle and stretched out as he.
  83. Rhone hopped up into the saddle and extended his arm.
  84. The cowboy slid down out of the saddle and packed up.
  85. Exavior lifted the saddle one-handed and followed her.
  86. Gary patted his horse and straightened in his saddle.
  87. I like the looks of that one with the liver saddle.
  88. A Tartar went up to the horse, to pull off the saddle.
  89. McLean sat his left hand on the pommel of his saddle.
  90. Men cast from the saddle lay grovelling on the ground.
  91. Rhone grabbed his saddle and gear off of the wall and.
  92. The man slowly tilted in his saddle away from Holnami.
  93. Here it is on my saddle! Do you want a taste of this?
  94. He helped me up into the saddle and handed me my staff.
  95. The saddle they strapped on was built to absorb shock.
  96. I slipped Dublin’s saddle off and tethered him to it.
  97. He leaned down from his saddle and pulled up a handful.
  98. She hunched own in the saddle as she saw Ant doing and.
  99. She slid from the saddle and held the reins out to them.
  100. They had all learned how to saddle the horses and soon.
  1. Eventually, she spotted her, saddling up a cave-troll.
  2. While Areit was saddling his horse Cassius smiled down at me.
  3. I can still remember the joking and seriousness of the saddling up.
  4. Holt, Bobby, and Jen were already in the pen saddling up five of the horses.
  5. Nostromo feared him as one would fear saddling one's self with some persistent worry.
  6. He’d just finished saddling the last horse when someone shoved him against the stable wall.
  7. The Englishman puckered up his lips, intending to indicate a smile that anyone should verify his saddling.
  8. The Rangers were saddling up select mounts and I saw Arianell and her brother working on two close together.
  9. A short while later he was saddling his white stallion, which lived in a stable at the back of Death's cottage.
  10. A faint murmur arose about the house from the few people who were left there, and there was a saddling of a horse and riding away.
  11. Billy, the bartender, pulled the gate down on the bar, moving towards the back of the group, saddling up next to Myra, a Snitcher.
  12. She felt a little guilty about saddling poor Tee with an illness, but Sierra wouldn’t remotely accept any other excuse that related to Angie.
  13. They saw a group of overseers saddling horses, and decided that now would be a prudent time to return lest they be discovered by the patrol riders.
  14. After they finished grooming and saddling the horses, Jen’s mom came out of the barn where she had been working to formally offer Therese the job and to thank her for accepting it.
  15. The black stockmen, saddling their own horses and making up the bundles for the packhorses in the rain, put her up into the saddle and she was off again for Willstown with Moonshine by her side.
  16. While they were saddling his horse, Levin again called up the bailiff, who was handing about in sight, to make it up with him, and began talking to him about the spring operations before them, and his plans for the farm.
  17. That’s a gap of over $2 million! All because William was able to tap into the awesome power of compounding for an additional 20 years, giving him an insurmountable edge—and saddling him with the family dinner checks for the rest of his life.
  18. Having thus, with hot haste and speed, brought to a conclusion these never-till-now-seen ceremonies, Don Quixote was on thorns until he saw himself on horseback sallying forth in quest of adventures; and saddling Rocinante at once he mounted, and embracing his host, as he returned thanks for his kindness in knighting him, he addressed him in language so extraordinary that it is impossible to convey an idea of it or report it.
  19. To the cost of lost human potential and creativity, the cost in loss of choice and diversity, the cost in global environmental destruction, in saddling future generations with the horrific problems of pollution, landfills, polluted groundwater, toxic waste that cannot be recycled, the cost of future recycling, waste cleanup, the cost of all the gradual environmental degradation which takes years to be noticed, the cost of the poverty and misery of billions of human souls, the cost of comfort-addicted arrogance, smugness, the cost of the total indifference and disconnect between the rich and the poor; just to name a few aspects that must be included into the cost of anything that is manufactured and sold on a mass basis in our capitalistic system.
  1. We are saddled with it.
  2. The three of us saddled up.
  3. See that my horse is saddled.
  4. Stand Calmly While Being Saddled.
  5. Connor saddled up Dublin, he paused.
  6. Underwood’s horses saddled and waiting.
  7. She was saddled with bags but looking very.
  8. Ned and Ted stood up and saddled their horses.
  9. Saddled horses stood behind, held by hostlers.
  10. Washington, is my horse still saddled?
  11. Near one house stood three horses, all saddled.
  12. So they saddled him the ass, and he rode on it;.
  13. When I had saddled one of his horses he mounted.
  14. In the open horse-box stood Frou-Frou, saddled ready.
  15. Conan saddled and rode westward at a more leisurely gait.
  16. So we saddled a few horses and helped our guests to mount.
  17. Yet another thing to feel guilty about: I’d saddled Zia.
  18. Claude Michaud ran to the barn and quickly saddled his horse.
  19. I don't want to be saddled with anything that doesn't help.
  20. I imagined her big, and soon she was saddled and ready to go.
  21. A page waited at the gate with two horses saddled and bridled.
  22. When the coffin was empty enough she saddled up the two horses.
  23. Washington had already saddled an extra horse, assuming that Mrs.
  24. Within a half-hour, they were kitted, saddled and back on the road.
  25. Sam saddled up the Appaloosa mare and helped Donna into the saddle.
  26. There stood the stallion named Flin, saddled and fully provisioned.
  27. Ferdy Chicken, in fact, hadn’t spent much time on a saddled horse.
  28. Together they saddled the gray gelding as he stood patiently for them.
  29. He pictured black horses standing all saddled in the shadows of the.
  30. He turned back around placed his drinks down and saddled up next to me.
  31. The chestnut steed was already saddled and bridled, Ceri mounted in one.
  32. At this Two Rivers stood, saddled his horse, and rode off into the forest.
  33. Tom went to fetch Bess in the stable, quickly saddled her and led her out.
  34. Dungeons & Dragons and its ilk have become saddled with an unfair stigma.
  35. They both had their horses saddled by ten o'clock in the morning and set out.
  36. Silently, he wondered how Athash had managed to get saddled with this madman.
  37. As he adjusted to the light he recognized his own horse, Griff, saddled ready.
  38. Guilt saddled him like a stone yoke—and not just for his behavior this morning.
  39. Karyl and Rob stood between their saddled mounts, just inside the screen of brush.
  40. Your female unit will not be saddled with hand-me-down planes and materiel, Major.
  41. Joachim wobbled in his saddled and roared in pain and surprise, drawing his sword.
  42. The four horsemen then saddled up, and with torches blazing in the glen started off.
  43. Standing in a trading crowd, you generally get saddled with net long summer options.
  44. And with that I wished them well and walked towards the horses that Rolf had saddled.
  45. Phillipe waited in the orchard shadows and we rode his saddled horse into Springfield.
  46. Tom thanked him, and then, as Davidson made his rounds of his property, he saddled Bess.
  47. Saddled horses were standing before the house and the suite were assembling, evidently.
  48. Someone was snoring under them, and around them stood saddled horses munching their oats.
  49. But he wasn’t the most immediate problem, being saddled with an idiot with attitude was.
  50. He saddled the Appaloosa mare and led her out of the paddock, latching the gate behind him.
  51. Then he saddled his own horse and mounted, holding the reins of Ted’s horse in one hand.
  52. And I maintain that, by it, new States without the ancient limits cannot be saddled upon us.
  53. When he stepped out into the sunlight, Thunder was waiting by the stable, saddled and bridled.
  54. In front of one house stood three saddled horses; some boys were holding them by their bridles.
  55. Eliak or one of the boys must have saddled and loosed him before the Zoarinians could intervene.
  56. Horses, still bridled and saddled, ran neighing about the court, Conan's black stallion among them.
  57. Jen and Bobby went inside to wash up after the last horse was saddled and ready for the first trail ride.
  58. There stood the most welcome sight in the world: his hunter, Griff, saddled and pawing the ground, with.
  59. Here are some of the handicaps mutual-fund managers and other professional investors are saddled with:.
  60. I saddled Relentless and went for my saddle bags that lay on the ground a couple of feet away and froze.
  61. Bush irresponsibility saddled the world with an even worse coward and warmonger: his son George Bush Jr.
  62. Jesse insisted on bringing the wagon to ride, but she’d already saddled up her horse when we got there.
  63. The groom led out two enormous hunters already saddled and stamping around in their eagerness to get going.
  64. They walked from the powerhouse quietly, saddled their horses, cinched on all of the equipment, and mounted.
  65. It’s not fair; you are going by yourself, are having the horses saddled and said nothing to us about it.
  66. In the courtyard of the fort a force of lancers stood by saddled steeds, ready to ride at an instant's notice.
  67. In the morning, it was Blackfin that woke me and he had already saddled the birds and had my drink ready for me.
  68. A squad of Klese met me at the door, all men and within the quarter hour, they had four birds saddled and readied to go.
  69. Their horses were saddled ready to begin the two-day journey back to Roland’s residence at Earlscastle, near Shiring.
  70. Having finished his inquiries and extorted from Daniel wished to go hunting), Nicholas ordered the horses to be saddled.
  71. His arrival meant that she would be saddled with a man whose right hand was semi-paralyzed and suffering with chronic pain.
  72. As I said before, college graduates shouldn’t have to be saddled with a loan that will take them twenty years to pay off.
  73. Saddled horses were standing before the house and the suite were assembling, evidently preparing for the Emperor to come out.
  74. The snarling, slavering wolf-beasts charged down the soggy hill with their goblin and orc mounts saddled to their furry backs.
  75. A man saddled with house payments was more likely to remain a loyal employee than someone who could relocate on short notice.
  76. The crowd of unsleeping creatures, saddled upon tall flesh, strode quietly forth into darkness, borne with and all over upon Mr.
  77. In fact, the only thing he can be sure about is that he will be saddled with a house he doesn’t want, that will cost him money.
  78. Even more worrisome, the budget also projected that America would be saddled with trillion-dollar deficits for at least three years.
  79. The hours seemed to drag by, and she made her way to the stables at three o’clock where the horses were already saddled and waiting for them.
  80. I guess I shouldn’t complain about having to work on Sunday when men and women today are saddled with being able to be called into work at any time.
  81. When he was saddled and his feet clean Jess gave Megan a leg up into the hunter saddle and held the gelding while she strapped the helmet on her head.
  82. He ordered his horse to be saddled and, leaving his regiment on the march, rode to his father’s estate where he had been born and spent his childhood.
  83. Tom and Louise saddled five of the horses, one for each of them, excluding O’Hara who was staying to guard the stash, and two extra for their parents.
  84. The sun was not quite up yet when Kay made her way into the courtyard the next morning, but Reese stood there at the ready, both horses saddled and fresh.
  85. I looked out the open dungeon doors and there, as bold as daylight was Rolf strolling over to three horses, which were saddled and tied to a hitching post.
  86. If we ignore this letter and go there to wait for the money, not only that we will not get it, we will be saddled with this thing for the rest of our lives.
  87. He dressed, loaded his gun with bullets, jumped onto his horse which Vanyusha had saddled more or less well, and overtook the Cossacks at the village gates.
  88. I had to stop John and destroy that book! Reaching the hiding spot where I had left Flin, I found him saddled and ready along with the girl and her protector.
  89. The castle was still wreathed in early morning fog as I made my way through it toward the stables where I knew Rolf would have Flin saddled and waiting for me.
  90. Having finished his inquiries and extorted from Daniel an opinion that the hounds were fit (Daniel himself wished to go hunting), Nicholas ordered the horses to be saddled.
  91. I heard Bruton calling out commandingly and before I could believe it over half of the caravan’s camels were saddled with cargo and moving out of the oasis at a fast clip.
  92. They had saddled upon the reorganized finance and industry of the nation heavier taxes than ever, and a vaster and more expensive and more luxurious army of their parasites.
  93. And that I have no intention of asking my men to commit wholesale murder when the only orders I’ve received are verbal ones from someone who’s already had his horse saddled.
  94. He went down into the wainscoted parlor first, and began to consider whether he would not have his horse saddled and go home by the moonlight, and give up caring for earthly consequences.
  95. What had she said wrong? Did he think she expected him to pay for her wedding? Did the prospect of marriage dig up old bones? She watched as he meticulously saddled Ed and tightened the cinch.
  96. He cared that much about the food supply of her people? Maybe she had overlooked him over the past few days! In a few moments the group was saddled and riding the short distance toward the town.
  97. So the ungrateful nation was saddled with, though for a while, by a non-Congress kichdi cabinet of notional netaas headed by Deve Gowda with the backing of regional satraps like Chandra Babu Naidu.
  98. I used my glamour on the creatures in the barn so that not one made a sound as I saddled, bridled a pair, mounted and rode out onto the road that went up over the hill through the woods towards home.
  99. Well now, if Obamacare had had its way, we would be saddled with these and anti-life requirements and other anti-human requirements, such as individual mandates requiring the uninsured to purchase health care polices.
  100. So Abraham rose early in the morning and saddled his donkey, and took two of his young men with him and Isaac his son; and he split wood for the burnt offering, and arose and went to the place of which God had told him.
  1. Chev saddles up to his drums.
  2. She eyed the saddles, and decided.
  3. They pulled themselves into their saddles.
  4. I will leave her and retrieve your var's saddles.
  5. The children sat on the seahorses with leather saddles.
  6. After this I had to make saddles for all the principal.
  7. There was a healthy stock of saddles, bridles and riding.
  8. The horses were panting; the leather of the saddles creaked.
  9. Off came the saddles, on went the harness to pull the plows.
  10. Alex handed me the two bridles, while he carried the saddles.
  11. By afternoon the saddles will be hot enough to raise blisters.
  12. Aesa and Tandrick sat on their horses, slumped in their saddles.
  13. Ned and Ted had practically thrown their saddles onto their horses.
  14. Zherkov and the staff officer bent over their saddles and turned their.
  15. They looked dejected; slumped in their saddles, all conversation died out.
  16. Alex disappeared for a few minutes, returning with the saddles and bridles.
  17. At length the new postilions are in their saddles, and the old are left behind.
  18. One by one I sent them toppling from their saddles with savage strokes of my sword.
  19. Zherkóv and the staff officer bent over their saddles and turned their horses away.
  20. Sounds of creaking leather from saddles, and the bleating of sheep were scarcely heard.
  21. Slowly, stubbornly, sullenly, the grim knights fell back, counting their empty saddles.
  22. His brothers were more casual, throwing their reins over their saddles and walking away.
  23. Each of the warriors climbed into their saddles and departed the labyrinthine structure.
  24. Once in the tunnel, Willard had three large rabbits, fully equipped with saddles and ropes.
  25. A dozen Lykanthros rushed through the trees with Stalactite Goblins and Orcs at their saddles.
  26. Their horses, bridled and with high saddles, stood near them and there too the dogs were lying.
  27. A handful of the missiles hit their intended targets, knocking their riders from their saddles.
  28. The room was a tight space, and he shared it with various saddles, pieces of harness, and bridles.
  29. The prisoners were more burdensome to the escort than even the cavalry saddles or Junot’s baggage.
  30. Saddle: A number of saddles in your dream signify a number of unwanted visitors you will soon receive.
  31. He rode by and we all turned in our saddles to see him go, giving him a rousing cheer from the ranks.
  32. The Wood Kin and Guardians raised their Lukrorian Bows from their saddles and began to unleash arrows.
  33. Suppose you were to bet on a six-horse race in which the horses carried varying weights on their saddles.
  34. She attached cameras to saddles for equestrian events and floated them on pontoon boats for swimming events.
  35. The two riders first went to the barn of the ranch, to take the saddles off their horses and feed and water them.
  36. He waited for his friends to climb down from their saddles before he said, I will speak with Orion and Tobin.
  37. There were six troopers and six of us, so it was a close thing, but we emptied four of their saddles at the first volley.
  38. Clothes, saddles, reins, were all wet, slippery, and sodden, like the ground and the fallen leaves that strewed the road.
  39. The horses, with their riders mounting without saddles or even bridles, adopted a smooth trot to avoid accidental dismounts.
  40. I went quietly back to the river-bed, and found that most of the fellows had dismounted and were "cinching" up their saddles.
  41. Activating their hidden directed gravity drives, the agents seemingly floated up instead of jumping up to sit in their saddles.
  42. Since the others did not have saddles, they rode bareback with rope halters Timmy made by sacrificing his good calf roping rope.
  43. The ex-slaves were then lifted onto the second seats attached to the back of the saddles and had safety belts fixed around them.
  44. Enraged Lykanthros devoid of saddles gnawed and slashed at the invasive bolts only to be thrown back by the explosive power of the Lore Masters.
  45. Perched in elaborate saddles they were suited in full battle armor, lustrous black, and they wore polished red helms styled as the head of a Montar.
  46. Gradually these things faded into a dreamy unwakefulness in which the clink of hoofs and the creak of saddles were like the irrelevant sounds in a dream.
  47. On those evenings—such as tonight—the Horseman takes his blackest, strongest horse, and saddles it with a golden saddle carved by the rays of the sun.
  48. He then signed to Heyward to assist the sisters into the saddles, for he seldom deigned to use the English tongue, unless urged by some motive of more than usual moment.
  49. The sisters resumed their saddles; Duncan and David grapsed their rifles, and followed on footsteps; the scout leading the advance, and the Mohicans bringing up the rear.
  50. Three of the goblins were knocked unconscious from their saddles and two more guided their steeds erratically as their entire bodies became awash in a pattern of electric sparks.
  51. Fifteen hundred prisoners and thirty-eight guns were taken on the spot, besides standards and (what seemed most important to the Cossacks) horses, saddles, horsecloths, and the like.
  52. And Cathleen Calvert said some of the troopers went off with the black Hah! They promised all the black wenches silk dresses and gold earbobs—that’s fools behind them on their saddles.
  53. We could see their rifles hanging down from the rear of their saddles encased in holsters and their scabbard sabres hanging down the front near their knees waiting to be drawn when they charged.
  54. I followed Alex back into the stable and through another door, this time into the sort of room I had imagined: filled with saddles of various sizes, bridles of varying design, reins, brushes and leads.
  55. I was doing a presentation with an out-of-state manufacturer who was thinking of opening a factory in my district, to manufacture a type of shock-absorbing gel, used in vests and saddles and shoe inserts.
  56. To Peter and his friends, this was truly an adventure; as they looked around, the place featured cannons that swept millions of miles down, and there were people flying large birds with saddles on their backs.
  57. She stood with her horse between them, watching over its back to hide her smirk as she explained, in a voice that conveyed no awareness of Kevin’s plight that they should loosen the saddles while they rested.
  58. There they lifted out the corpse and (though the horse shied) laid it across one of the saddles, mounted, and rode at a foot-pace along the road past a Tartar village from which a crowd came out to look at them.
  59. That morning, Cossacks of Denisov’s party had seized and carried off into the forest two wagons loaded with cavalry saddles, which had stuck in the mud not far from Mikulino where the forest ran close to the road.
  60. That morning, Cossacks of Denísov’s party had seized and carried off into the forest two wagons loaded with cavalry saddles, which had stuck in the mud not far from Mikúlino where the forest ran close to the road.
  61. Where vacant lots had been a year before, there were now factories turning out harness, saddles and shoes, ordnance-supply plants making rifles and cannon, rolling mills and foundries producing iron rails and freight cars to.
  62. Senora Gavilaso de Valdes rolled by, handsome and dignified, in a great machine in which she used to travel to and from her country house, surrounded by an armed retinue in leather suits and big sombreros, with carbines at the bows of their saddles.
  63. Hawkeye waited until a signal from the listening Chingachgook assured him that every sound from the retiring party was completely swallowed by the distance, when he motioned to Heyward to lead forth the horses, and to assist the sisters into their saddles.
  64. Lying between Atlanta and Dalton was the city of Rome with its cannon foundry and its other industries, and Etowah and Allatoona with the making pistols and saddles, tents and ammunition, but also the most extensive rolling largest ironworks south of Richmond.
  65. For a while we posted on a hill and watched the land in the haze of summer, and it grew so hot we stripped off our mail shirts and packed them away on our saddles, drank from our water-bottles, ate camp biscuits and saw quiet fields of crops growing away into the north-east.
  66. His staff was happy with the style and got into it, especially when they found there were good wages involved so there were now some creative artists turning out some really beautiful saddles using some of the exotic plumes that come from the tails of many species of local animals.
  67. Before following the clew, he communicated his success to his companions; and while the latter were consulting on the circumstance, the youth reappeared, leading the two fillies, with their saddles broken, and the housings soiled, as though they had been permitted to run at will for several days.
  68. They understood that the saddles and Junot’s spoon might be of some use, but that cold and hungry soldiers should have to stand and guard equally cold and hungry Russians who froze and lagged behind on the road (in which case the order was to shoot them) was not merely incomprehensible but revolting.
  69. Further along the beach we see a carousel turning, with children all aboard the beautiful horses all white and red and gold, with precious stones embedded into their saddles and stirrups, the jingle jangle of some strange melody, Alyoshka, for I see it is him, running on ahead and getting on a horse, the owner waving me over with his arm.
  70. It promised well for the Fiscal at first, but ended very badly for the squadron of lanceros posted (by the Fiscal's directions) in a fold of the ground into which Hernandez had promised to lead his unsuspecting followers They came, indeed, at the appointed time, but creeping on their hands and knees through the bush, and only let their presence be known by a general discharge of firearms, which emptied many saddles.
  71. Presently notorious democrats, who had been living till then in constant fear of arrest, leg irons, and even floggings, could be observed going in and out at the great door of the Commandancia, where the horses of the orderlies doze under their heavy saddles, while the men, in ragged uniforms and pointed straw hats, lounge on a bench, with their naked feet stuck out beyond the strip of shade; and a sentry, in a red baize coat with holes at the elbows, stands at the top of the steps glaring haughtily at the common people, who uncover their heads to him as they pass.
  72. Saddles, but Betty refused to do the flatulence scene which I, as the director,.

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