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    1. 3) Unlawful acts are not sanctioned by the church

    2. sanctioned act, is the official line

    3. doubt at all that what he was about to do was sanctioned

    4. That attack, like all actions of the organization, is going to have to be sanctioned by you

    5. The council had sanctioned their marriage… Still, by the time I

    6. I’d be surprised if it’s not eventually sanctioned by the council

    7. sanctioned by church leaders at councils, such as the

    8. There’s nothing wrong with a man and woman making love - as long as it’s sanctioned by marriage

    9. ‘My knowledge of the invaders is based on intelligence gathered through those sanctioned by Central Council, and from my time with the Nine, one of whom is my father

    10. The Council had finally sanctioned what was tantamount to an act of war

    11. It is a (legal) document understood in its ―strictest‖ sense, subject to revisions and amendments by both legislative branches of our government whenever called upon or required or by Referenda and Plebiscites sanctioned by Popular Vote

    12. Officially sanctioned vigilantes the American Protective League proceeded to lock up antiwar protesters, socialists, even Jehovah's Witnesses as well as conscientious religious objectors

    13. The canon of the Bible we know today was sanctioned by the Catholic Church, under Pope Damasus, in the Synod of Rome in 382 AC; and this is the version Saint Jerome translated into Latin

    14. The Court has sanctioned the granting of racial and gender preferences in school admission and in public hiring practices

    15. Might the same courts that sanctioned Terri’s death have found such a prisoner’s fate to be “cruel and unusual punishment” prohibited by the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution? Well, these days we can’t be sure

    16. ards and all sanctioned magic in the lands

    17. for Bombardier but to have Bombardier sanctioned and the actuary

    18. The regular and routine carrying of weapons was not sanctioned

    19. Like all unions, the NEA is a legally sanctioned attempt to mo-

    20. To that end a great assembly took place on Jerusalem in 140 BC and sanctioned the hereditary rule of the descendents of Mattathias

    21. norms for animal and environment, have not ever been sanctioned by the Sanitary

    22. Army action LBJ had so far sanctioned in Laos was not even close to cutting the Ho Chi Minh Trail supply route

    23. "Legit as in on-the-books? Approved? Officially sanctioned?"

    24. But I just can’t believe it’s one sanctioned by the U

    25. I’d already totally rejected the notion that Joey’s murder had something to do with a black government operation----a Black Dragon operation perhaps, but not one known to or sanctioned by the U

    26. Everything I do in this investigation has been sanctioned by Sam

    27. widows as sanctioned by the Hindu faith – eating plain food,

    28. Family relationships not sanctioned by the state were also banned, and family members could be put to death for communicating with each other

    29. be sanctioned by the United States

    30. One of the many functíons served by culturally sanctioned male voyeurism is to keep

    31. This the Jewish leaders refused to accept and were seeking to corner him into admitting that he was an irregular teacher since he had never been sanctioned by the Sanhedrin

    32. Broad rivers, some nearly a mile across and signs warning of Quicksand, Use Only Sanctioned Ferries, Fords or Risk Drowning

    33. societally sanctioned appearance? What does it say of identity and self-concept? It

    34. Ottawa has not sanctioned it

    35. "Lenin and Stalin sanctioned the terror," cried the old man, standing with his hands clasped together as if the whole subject pained him

    36. It was not necessarily an evil act but an attempt to display the atrocities of the relating actions and ideals that brought forth this mentality into the world and lead to the violent death and actions taken in the name of the government who sanctioned and made right, true, or correct the actions of the people for the sake of power

    37. with their overhunting should be sanctioned

    38. gambling involved (state sanctioned and illegal), abuse and

    39. It was not necessarily an evil act, but an attempt to display the atrocities of the relating actions and ideals that brought forth this mentality into the world, which led to the violent death and actions taken in the name of the government who sanctioned and made right, true or correct the actions of the people for the sake of power

    40. It was sanctioned murder

    41. a mandatory act; high officials or nobles were sanctioned for

    42. It was fully sanctioned by God

    43. They also let us down when they allowed a leader to impose tax cuts for the rich, neglecting the less fortunate while a war was going on that they sanctioned

    44. and was sanctioned by a group of ordinary men without

    45. Members of the opposition party in the Government are demanding an inquiry into this apparent suicide mission that was not sanctioned by the MoD, according to a spokesperson

    46. library, and a variety of other government sanctioned job potential

    47. sanctioned, extortion of the population! The ruling elite has

    48. She continued with her lecture, making points that would not pass unrecorded and unreported by the scribes; messages, sanctioned by Warsaw, of great consequence to Moscow and of considerable interest to Beijing

    49. All action of this was, of course, authoritarian sanctioned for

    50. Most surly this fact stood as proof of a government sanctioned

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    approved sanctioned ratified canonic canonical authorized certified allowed affirmed endorsed permitted